Start Earning Money by Making Incense Sticks at Home

In India and other neighbor countries like Sri-Lanka, China, Nepal, Bhutan etc agarbatti or incense sticks are intensively used in every residence. It is more or less used in a daily basis as a part of rituals. It is said that the aroma of incense sticks have insecticidal and antiseptic properties. It comes with various colors and with various fragrances. Depending on the quality and size, these incense sticks may burn up from 15 minutes to 3 hours.  Since it is the indispensable part of all communities and cultures, making incense sticks at home is a very profitable business idea. Agarbattis manufactured in India are also exported to more or less 90 foreign countries.

If you are interested in making incense sticks at home, then it would be a lucrative business as it doesn’t involve high level of technology, machinery moreover it has huge market potential. Isn’t it a great idea to take a share in the big market of agarbatti making business?

Can Agarbatti Making Business be started at Home?

Agarbatti making business is mainly based on cottage industry. 75 % of the total agarbatti manufactured in India is made from home or small scale business. Making incense sticks at home is a great way to add income source by just working from home. With a place of around 150 to 250 Sq ft, you can easily start making incense sticks at home.

Capital Requirement for Making Incense Sticks at Home

The need of investment depends on the size of the business you are going to setup. You can start making incense sticks at home with a mere investment of Rs 25,000 to higher investment. The agarbattis also get exported to other foreign countries, but those are very high-quality products and need higher investment for the manufacturing procedures.

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Required Types of Machinery for Making Incense Sticks at Home

You can manually make incense sticks at home, but taking the aid of machinery will help a lot in getting higher quantity with minimum effort and time. There are various machines that can be used for making incense sticks at home, you can choose the once which suits your need most: –

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Manual Agarbatti Making Machine:

It comes in two different types- single and double pedal. This machine is very convenient to operate and give high production in a very low cost. These machines are much durable and require no power to operate.

Automatic Agarbatti Making Machine:

 This machine provides high volume output. You can get 180-200 sticks per minute. You will get good quality product from this and can use both round and square sticks in this machine.

High-Speed Automatic Agarbatti Making Machine:

This one is the best choice for large-scale manufacturing units. You will get different types of fully automatic machines which will cut down the need of manpower for production. You can get production of 400- 450 sticks per minute in this machine.

Drying Machine:

 There are different models of drying machines available for agarbatti making. It will cost a maximum of Rs 5 per kg while the machine is used commercially. You can easily get 160 kgs of production in 8 hours.

So from the above machines, the manual agarbatti making machine is the best suitable one for making incense sticks at home. As gradually you increase your business you can also take new machinery.

Procedure for Making Incense Sticks at Home

There are two types of agarbatti which is produced in India- perfumed agarbatti and masala agarbatti. Perfumed agarbatti’s are made up of artificial perfumes which can lose its aroma if not packed properly or over a period of time and masala agarbatti’s are made up by mixing various solid scented ingredients into a paste and the essence last longer than the perfumed agarbatti’s.

However, perfumed agarbatti is the most common type used for making incense sticks at home as it is easy to process and cheap quality raw materials are used.

The required raw materials for making perfumed incense sticks are charcoal powder, sticky powder, raw bamboo sticks, nargis powder, water, different types of oils, aromatic essence, flower essence, rose petals, natural and chemical aromatic ingredients, sawdust, sandalwood powder, gelatin paper for packing etc.

  • All the required ingredients are made into powder form and mixed will in proper proportion with water to make a thick paste so that it can stick to the bamboo sticks.
  • Then the pastes are applied to the bamboo sticks by rolling on the wooden planks with hands uniformly. You can use machine also for this.
  • The sticks are then dried; you can manually dry them or use the dryer machine.
  • Need to make a solution of perfume by mixing the raw perfume with white oil or diethyl phthalate in a ration of 1:3.
  • The dried sticks are then dipped into the solution.
  • Then they need to be packed immediately and properly in butter paper bags or polypropylene bags and finally in a printed cartoon.

So you can guess that making incense sticks at home is a very easy job. You can hire few hands for assistance.

Legal Formalities:

The best part of agarbatti making business is that it is not ISI standard for the making incense sticks at home. The legal formalities are also very simple but useful to get customers.

Potential Customers

Every household in India is a potential customer of incense sticks. Almost all the religions use agarbatti at home and it has great demand in pilgrimage places. In temples and religious places, you may have noticed that high quality or expensive incense sticks are very rarely used which creates a huge opportunity for business to making incense sticks at home.

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Start Earning Money by Making Incense Sticks at Home
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Start Earning Money by Making Incense Sticks at Home
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