The Best 15 Paper Business Ideas | Low Cost Small Manufacturing Business

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Paper Business Ideas

Today I am going to present a list of 15 exciting paper business ideas. If you are really interested to work with recyclable material like paper and willing to start your career with it, then these opportunities will definitely lead you to gain financial stability as well as establish you as a green entrepreneur. Actually the paper industry in India is booming and so as the employment opportunities for the local population.  The industry is not restricted to produce newsprint only; diversified products like paper bags, paper cups and plates, handmade paper boxes, albums and diaries are manufactured and exported all over the world. Do you want to invest in paper products manufacturing businesses? Indian government has made it easier for individuals to operate on a small-scale basis as either sole proprietors or joint ventures. This is a contemporary economic trend in the nation because of its viability, productivity, and usability.

Due to much utility of paper products as domestically and commercially essential commodity, there is a great demand for these products. Some of the products you can get from paper production are packaging boxes or cartons, paper jewelries, paper bags, paper cups, exercise books, paper plates, invitation cards, tissue papers, face wipes, envelops, files,and more.

You need to register your business with the ROC (Register of Companies) and get a trade license. There is also the Udyog AadhaarMSME (micro, small, and medium entrepreneurs) online registration, Vat registration, and BIS certification.

Let us carefully study the fifteen paper business ideas you can conveniently and profitably start in India.

Paper Business Ideas

Paper Business Ideas

1. Paper bag making business

The disposable nature of paper bags has made them essential and much demanded packaging materials in the market. Traders and vendors prefer to use them in packaging their goods for sales, due to the ban on plastic bags inIndia and abroad. The manufacturing of these bags involves the application of simple technological processes. Some of the machines you can use are paper bag making machine, stereo press, stereo grinder, rolls slitter motorized machine, eye letting machine, bag cutting machine, and scale or testing instrument. Moreover, the fuel consumption is minimal and the water utilization is moderate. Learn More About: Paper bag making business

2. Paper jewelry making

You can also use papers to make jewelries using your fine skills. Some of the jewelries you can make with paper are necklaces, bracelets, brooches, and bangles. The raw materials you need to make these products are tissue papers or other recycled paper stripes, a needle-like tool, glue, acrylic paints and other basic jewelry making material. You can create a good livelihood by selling these paper jewelries. Learn More About: Paper jewelry making Business

3. Paper cup making business

Are you ready to make extra income with your talent and abilities? Paper cup making business is an opportunity for you to realize your dreams. The cup is a disposable item made with plastic linings to prevent the liquid from leaking out. You can use the PE coated paper roll for this production. Learn More About: Paper cup making business

4. Envelop making business

Envelopes are needed in offices, academic institutions, and even in the homes. You can run this business as a sole proprietor on a small-scale basis using manual or automatic machines. The raw materials you need to make your envelopes are papers, glue, and gum. The types of papers you need to handle this project effectively are scrap of papers, map litho papers, and useless papers.The GSM of paper you utilized determines the quality and output of envelops you will produce. You can make colored envelopes, envelopes printed with details on it, and plain envelopes. Learn More About: Envelop making business

5. Exercise book making business

You can begin this business with little capital and it is very simple to operate. As an office and educational stationary material, there is an increasing demand for exercise books and notebooks. The materials you need in this manufacturing process are printing ink, cover sheet, grey board sheet, gum, and stitching wire. The machinery involved are semi-auto paper cutting machine, disc ruling machine, book pressing machine, three knife trimming machine, perforating machine, and book stitching machine. Learn More About: Exercise book making business

6. Paper plate making business

This is a business you can do in order to be making some extra income regularly because paper plates are needed to serve foods in parties, picnics, and other occasions. You can make different shapes, sizes, and designs. The materials you need to produce your plates are layers of paper, polythene sheets, dies, and machinery that operate using hydraulics. Learn More About: Paper plate making business

7. Packaging box manufacturing

You can start this small-scale business with little capital. Moreover, there is a huge demand for packaging materials all over India. Learn More About: Packaging box manufacturing

8. Tissue paper production

There are wide range of tissues you can produce like paper towels, facial tissues, and tissue papers. You need some simple machinery like band saw cutter, rewinding machine, embossing and perforating units to make this cost effective and profitable household paper.

9. Hand Made paper making

Generally, handmade paper has a great demand among the students as they make various crafts and project works with this paper. Examples of this paper are drawing sheets, watermark, and filter paper. If you are from rural India, you can start this handmade paper making business easily since most of the raw materials are naturally abundant and there is Rural Employment Generation Program under which the government sanctions loans to promising entrepreneurs to start their small handmade paper units.

10. Invitation card making

If you are creative and talented in design making, this is an avenue to convert your creativity into money making venture through the production of invitation cards.

11. Waste paper recycling

Waste paper recycling is a productive venture that does not require huge capital investment. You need to locate the source of your waste papers like sports arenas, paper vendors, and recreation clubs. Then, locate another source that could accept the waste papers for processing and recycling.

12. Paper shredding business

This is regarded as a section of paper recycling business. You can make a living through paper shredding as a start-up or already existing entrepreneur. The equipment you need are a shredder, paper baler, pallets, pallet jacket, paper bins, truck or a van that can help you to be move around. You do not necessarily need an office for this business.

13. Mini paper mill

You can make fortunes through this business, although it needs huge capital investment. The location of your business is very important because of the source of raw materials, which are basically forestry products.

14. Paper flower making

Do you know papers flowers that you make in your spare time can give you a stable source of income? You can achieve this by investing in paper flower making business. Some of the items you can produce with this creativity are wrist corsages, bouquets, paper roses, and more. Learn More About: Paper flower making

15. File manufacturing

With the aid of simple mechanisms, you can start up a file manufacturing unit. Files are needed in offices and educational institutions. You have the flat file and cover file with band on it.

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All the above paper business ideas are profitable enough if started after doing a thorough market research. Depending on your skills and interest in a specific niche, investment capacity, availability of the raw material and finally the market demand of the end product, you should choose a paper business idea. Hope this post will help you to achieve your goal in paper business.

Best 15 Paper Business Ideas | Low Cost Small Manufacturing Business
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Best 15 Paper Business Ideas | Low Cost Small Manufacturing Business
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