Wind Chime Making – Profitable Low Cost Business Idea

Have you ever thought of starting a wind chime making business from your home? As you know a great number of people are using wind chimes as a home decor especially in the balconies, backyards and other recreational areas of their houses. A wide variety of wind chimes are available in the market.  If you have interest in these beautiful creations, you too can make unique pieces your own and later sell them to customers at a good price. Wind chime making can be a highly profitable business if you can operate it in a proper way. In this article, I am going to share all kind of necessary details to start this business. I will also share few tips to run a profitable show along with how to grow the business. After being a small scale business idea, the wind chime making business has a lot of market potentiality in both domestic and international market.

What is a Wind Chime?

The wind chime is a decorative artifact which is made up of metal, glass, wood and others. A string of wire helps to hang the items together, so that they can create a sweet sound when the wind blows.

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  • Different Uses of Wind Chime: –
  • The wind chimes are also believed to keep the evil eye away from the house and the sweet sound brings fortune.
  • The wind chime also works as a great decorative item in the house too.
  • It works as a very attractive item to gift someone.

Thus, due to its so many advantages, the wind chime making business has got a lot of potentiality in the market.

Wind Chime Making Process

You can use a different kind of metals and tools for the manufacturing of wind chimes. Below is the list of basic equipment required during the process of wind chime making: –

  • Pipe cutter
  • Strong string (To hang the material)
  • Pipe (metal or of bamboo)
  • Electrical wire
  • Plastic lid (Colorful)
  • Bells and other decorative items
  • Hacksaw
  • Hole puncher.

The basic purpose of making a wind chime is to create a soothing sound. So, you can use a wide range of materials for the making, just test the sound created by them once.

Ideas for Making Unique Wind Chimes achievement

There is a huge competition in the wind chime making business. So, to compete with them, you need to introduce unique and innovative designs of wind chimes. I can help you with some ideas of making unique wind chimes, but of the rest, you need to do the research on your own.

  • Seashore wind chimes: These wind chimes are made with items collected from th seashores like the shells. So, just visit a beach and collect whatever strikes your creativity. You can also purchase a lot of items from the nearby market in the beach to collect attractive items.
  • Recycled wind chimes: You can use recycled items in the wind chime making like the cans, strings, springs and other. Have a look at your attic or your garage; I am sure you will get a lot of items to use.
  • Bamboo chimes: Bamboos usually have a great elegance. With your expertise in the creativity, you can use bamboos and different ways to make a wind chime.

So, these are the basic ideas to create the items. The rest is left to your skill of creativity. You can also take the help of the internet to search for new and attractive ideas of designs for wind chime making.

Tips To Have a Successful Homemade Wind Chimes Business

Any business ideas, be it small, medium or large requires strategic planning to have a successful run. Below is the list of few basic tips to operate your business in a successful way: –

  • Creativity: –As mentioned earlier, due to high competition, you need to bring creativity and offer something new from your business. People are always attracted towards new things, so you need to keep creating new and trendy designs.
  • Price: Maintain a stock with a wide range of price like from cheapest to the best. This will give the customers a wide range of choice so that he can choose according to their requirement and the capacity of the pocket too.
  • Quality: If someone is going to gift a wind chime to their loved ones, they will not care for a small difference in the price if the quality is high. So, try to provide a wide range of quality items in your business.

By integrating these few things in the process of wind chime making, you can have a good demand for your business. But there are two more important steps that you need to take for making a profitable venture from your homemade wind chimes making business i.e. marketing and promotion.

Marketing and Promotion of Wind Chime Making Business

As told earlier, there is already a huge competition in the market. So, you need to capture the market with strategically planned steps for the promotion of the business.  Wholesale is a big market to sell quantity products. Along with this, you can also create your own market with online marketing.

You can sell your products via online business like Flipkart, Amazon, e-Bay and others. After you have a success in the business, you can start your own website and sell your homemade wind chimes directly to the customers.

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Wind Chime Making – Profitable Low Cost Business Idea
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Wind Chime Making – Profitable Low Cost Business Idea
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