50+ Free Ways to Make Money Online From Home

Sure there are numerous ways to make money online, but the catch is to get the legitimate path. With the easy access of hi-speed internet, it’s now easy to earn some extra bucks from the comfort of our home. From stay-at-home moms/dads to students to retired personnel and even disabled folks can use their free time to make a living, even with minimal investment. That is why I am bringing you the list of 50+ ways to make money online:

Below are the some Lucrative ways to make money online

1. Write Articles Online: –

If you are good with words and have a flair for writing, then you should definitely try different freelance websites for writing articles online. It is a great online job to make money utilizing your skills and knowledge. Websites like UpWork, Contentmart, iWriter, TextBroker etc comes to a great help to get online article writing job.

2. Write and Sell an e-Book:

These days, a great number of people feel comfortable in reading eBooks using Amazon’s kindle program or Apple’s iTunes Connect. They are not interested to stand in a queue and buy printed books from store. If you really enjoy writing and have an expertise in any area, you can write informative eBooks and sell them for profit. You need not to invest a lot but to work hard for promotion of your eBook.

3. Build an Online Store:

It has been a trend to purchase goods online instead of going to stores or shopping malls. Amazon, Flipkart, e-Bay are the best examples of online stores. You can take the advantage of technological progress and ease of using internet by starting your own online store. Its start-up cost is low and you don’t have to bother about physical inventory, employees and other expenses. But it gives you the opportunity to make full time income.

4. Domain Flipping Business from Home:

Domain flipping business has the potential to make impressive bucks using a few simple techniques. Websites like Flippa.com, Namejet.com and others auctions domain names when it expires. You just need to buy a good domain at lower price and sell it back with a good margin of profit.

5. Start a Business on eBay: –

e-Bay is one of the biggest online selling markets. You can works as an e-bay trading assistant and earn commission for the items sold by others on this platform.

6. Make Money from Online Surveys: –

Before buying any product online, people at first check the surveys and reviews of the product. That is the reason why there are many companies who pays good on surveys taking online. There are numerous legit online survey sites like Swagbucks.com, Toluna.com, MySurvey.com etc. You just need to register with them and put all of your screener information there. They will send emails for surveys opportunities and you can make money by giving your opinion.

7. Selling Photos Online: –

If you have a great collection of photographs or have the hobby of photography, then you can sell those easily in online market and get a great return from selling photos online.

8. Become a Freelancer: –

Becoming a freelancer is one of the most profitable and easiest ways to make money online. In whatever area you have the expertise, you can work as a freelance and work online for your clients. Web designing, programming, translating, internet marketing, writing are a few popular freelance positions that are well-paid but bit competitive.

9. Earn Online Money from Youtube: –

Love to make videos? Don’t waste it just by storing it your hard disk. Become a Youtube partner and upload user-friendly videos. Now you need to monetize your channel by connecting with Adsense. You can earn great for each of the views you get. It is a nice income stream generated when you get enough views for your uploaded videos.

10. Make Money from Facebook, Instagram: –

You can also use your social media site to earn money online by putting ads on them. You will get paid for every click or generated sales from them.

11. Start Your Own Blog:

Are you comfortable with words? If you have attractive English writing skills, then start your own blog as it has no other alternative to make generous amount simply by sharing your knowledge, thoughts and experiences. Starting a blog will cost you very less like 150 to 200 Rs per month, but if you can create attractive content it will give you a great return.

12. Start Affiliate Marketing:

Do you have a website or blog or even social media account? Then it’s easy to make generous amount with affiliate marketing. Not only that, you can earn more than Google Ad sense. You need to be systematic and fulfill a few technical requirements. Targeted traffic is the prime factor that guarantees your speedy income. No doubt, it is one of the most profitable ways to make money online with low investment.

13. Start Building Mobile Applications:

Different mobile applications and games have become a craze among the Smartphone users. If you have the expertise and creativity in the area, you can earn money online by creating mobile applications.

14. Stock Trading:

You can earn money by doing online share trading. Although, you will need to have a good knowledge and skill in the area of share market. You can also start your own stock trading business.

15. Offer Gigs On Fiverr:

It is one of the globalized marketplaces where you can showcase your any kind of talent and earn money in return. Signing up is free; just create and set up your gig. Now you can offer your gig to millions of customers and make money.

16. Virtual Assistant:

In this you can provide a range of service to your clients by working online. You don’t need to be physically present for this work. There are list of works that you can do as a virtual assistant like marketing, website maintenance, proofreading and others.

17. SEO Consulting Business:

The complete online thing is based on SEO. If you have a good knowledge and expertise in the area of SEO, you can provide SEO consultancy service. It has a great demand in online market.

18. Earn Money with PTC sites: –

In this you just need to click and view the advertisement posted and earn money in return. It can fetch you around 12,000 Rs per month easily if you can dedicate even few hours every day. Isn’t it an attractive ways to make money online and that is also with very less effort.

19. Micro-working:

Websites like mTurk, MicroWorker, GigWalk and others provide the opportunity of micro-working. There are many ways to work in micro-working like reviewing and survey of websites, research, writing small articles and many others.

20. Make Money from Google Adsense:

If you have lots of content and a good number of traffics in your blog or website, then you can make money from Google Adsense. It is the top revenue sharing website that gives you the opportunity to make money from various ads posted by the advertisers. You can earn through each clicks or successful sell from your reader.

21. Become a Captcha Solver:

This is also among the easiest ways to make money online. Here you just have to read the captcha and type the correct captcha image. You need to be very fast in this process.

22. Copy Editing Business:

Want to be your own boss? Start your copy editing business if you have proficient knowledge in the language of English. Here your job is to rectify the errors like grammatical mistakes, typo errors, punctuation and others before the content is finally published and made available for the readers.

23. Earn Money with GPT sites:

There are many GPT sites which pay you to take survey, play games, watching videos or much other stuff. You need not to invest any amount as everything is free of cost. PrizeRebel, ClixSense, SwagBucks are some of the best GPT sites to make online money.

24. Freelance Web Designing:

There is numerous numbers of businesses getting originated in every single moment and maximum of them try to have an online presence by creating their own website. So if you have the requited skills, you can work as a freelance web designer. In this way, you can help others by creating websites, banner ads, logos, mobile apps etc and earn your livelihood.

25. Earn Money by Installing Apps:

Google and many other websites pays you back for downloading and installing their apps on your Smartphone or PC. So if you have an unlimited internet connection or free wifi, it is the best way to make money online and that is also without much of trouble.

26. Website Testing:

Before the final launch, every company wants to test their website. You just need to surf around and provide the necessary feedback and get paid for website testing.

27. Write E-Books:

E-Books are the latest trends. If you have a sleeping author inside, create new stories and publish them as e-books. One single bestseller will give you enough to rest in the rest of your life.

28. Create Audio Books:

This is not much popular yet, but it is quickly coming in trend. It is simple, you need to record a story and publish accordingly.

29. Podcasting:

If you have a wide range of experience in different area of life, then you can earn huge by podcasting. But here the content needs to be informative and attractive. It is not a job for the amateur.

30. Earn with URL Shortener service:

Google URL shortener or Bitly etc are the ways to make money online by shortening the URL and distribute the same with the help of various means. You can earn with each individual click on your generated shortened URL.

31. Marketing with News Letter:

You need to send bulk newsletters to the clients along with a sales pitch. You can get paid as per the terms and conditions of the company you are working for. Additionally, if you run your own site, then newsletter can be a great source for generating revenue. In fact, advertisements positioned within the newsletter will fetch you income.

32. Coding Service:

It is also one of the most popular ways to make money online. There is a huge market for the coding service, but you need to have proper knowledge about the coding job.

33. Freelance Translating Work:

If you have the knowledge about any foreign language or any other language rather than English and Hindi, you can work as a translator. Many companies look for translator’s of different languages to promote their products or write about the description of the same.

34. Earn through CPA:

CPA means Cost Per Action. Here you can earn by making others sign up or register for any particular website, submit an email etc. The all you need to invest a small amount on a domain and a hosting and of course get approved by a CPA network.

35. Online Teaching:

Teaching is a respectable profession and if you find it motivating to share your knowledge with others and help them in their studies, then you may start online teaching. It is a nice way to make money online while using your knowledge and skills. A vast knowledge on a particular subject or field along with a great command over English language can make you successful as an online tutor and bring good income. In this, you need to teach students from all over the world via Skype or other medias. Website like Tutor.com can help you finding such jobs.

36. Data Entry Jobs: –

It is one of the proven ways to make money online. In this, you have to write in a word file from a given image with a required accuracy and need to complete the job on time.

37. Transcription Job:

– It is an easily available job in online market. In this, you need to write from one medium to another. Legal and medical transcriptions jobs are the most popular ones and also pay well.

38. Columnist:

There is a great demand for online columnist for newspapers. You can get paid for every word you write.

39. Designing Jobs:

If you have the knowledge in designing, then 99 designs or Envato Studio and others are a great ways to make money online by working for them. You need to design covers of magazines or other publications in this work.

40. Sell Courses Online:

– In whatever area you may have expertise in; you can use that to earn money. Create a course about the same and sell in online. It can be in any area like cooking, learning about foreign language or others.

41. Sell Books Online: –

If you have a large collection of books or novels, you can sell them online on different websites. You can also buy second hand school books and sell them online with a margin of profit at the session end.

42. DTP Business:

The Desktop publishing business needs specializes knowledge in area of work but it has a great potentiality and demand in the market. So, if you have the skills and looking for online money making, DTP is a great business idea.

43. Online Consultation:

You can start your online consultation business in your respective skill set. If you are in marketing or advertising or have expertise in grooming or anything, get paid for providing the consultation online.

44. Sell Items online:

You can earn by selling different items that is no more of use for you. Websites like e-Bay, Quicker, OLX etc are a great platform to sell them.

45. Online Advertising Agency:

Promotion is an essential part of every business. With your online advertising agency, small and big business from worldwide can contact you to promote their product either online or in other mediums.

46. Create an Online Portal:

Offer a range of services. Here you don’t have to provide the service, but you will have the required contacts for that. In between the transaction you can earn commission.

47. Resume Writer:

A resume is the first priority for applying for any job and an attractive resume is definitely an eye-catcher. If you have the skills to create different formats of resume, you can provide the service online to earn.

48. Earn Through MLM:

MLM or Multi Level Marketing may not be a popular or liked business option, but it is among the best ways to make money online. You can join from hundreds of Indian or Global MLM companies and earn by referring people.

49. Social Media Consultants:

There are many high profile people like ministers or celebrities who don’t get the proper time to maintain their social media account or website and that’s why they hire a consultant for that job. The pay scale is very attractive in this job and it also comes with a great responsibility too. Start your career as a social media consultant

50. Outsource Freelance Jobs: –

If you have enough of experience in freelance content writing and other works, now you can move on. Take orders from different clients and outsource them to different people with the expertise in the area. You will have the total control of the earned profit.

Above are the different ways to make money online. Most of them are free of cost and don’t need any cost, but it is always suggested to do a proper research about the same before starting on that. The best part is that all of the above-mentioned ways to make money online can be done just by sitting at your home. So, enjoy online earning.

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50+ Free Ways to Make Money Online From Home
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50+ Free Ways to Make Money Online From Home
Sure there are numerous ways to make money online, but the catch is to get the legitimate path. With the easy access of hi-speed internet, it’s now easy to earn some extra bucks from the comfort of our home.
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