Water Refilling Station Business – Profitable Small Business Idea

Water refilling station business is a promising venture because of the growing demand of clean and drinkable water. It is nevertheless to mention that water is the prime necessity of life; it is essential for the survival of all creatures. In our country, a great number of people are deprived of clean drinking water. They have to depend on ponds or rivers as the source of water for drinking and other household activities. Naturally, diarrhea, cholera and other water-borne diseases are very common here. The fundamental aim of any business should be to solve a problem or meet the demand in your community. By setting up a water refill station, you can take the challenge of solving this problem as well as reap the benefits and rewards waiting for you.

Uses of Water

As you already know that water is needed and useful in the following ways:

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a. For drinking and cooking

Water is needed for drinking in order to quench your thirst and for the proper digestion and assimilation of digested foods. The body needs it to bring our blood levels into equilibrium and a good distribution of food nutrients throughout our systems.

b. Bathing and laundry

You bath with water in order to maintain cleanliness and improve your wellbeing. Dirty clothes and other household items could be washed and cleansed using water.

c. Animal husbandry

If you rear animals, you will also acknowledge that water is essential for the wellbeing of those creatures. They need water for drinking, bathing, and even swimming.

d. Watering of plants

Plants need water for proper growth and development. They absorb water from the ground through their roots. However, during dry season and in arid places, you need to water these plants to maintain their wellbeing.

The Necessary Steps to Establish Water Refilling Station Business

Water refilling station business doesn’t demand huge capital; you can expect a good return on small capital investment. Moreover, it’s easy to manage and operate without having any prior experience. So, if you are determined to dive into water refilling station business, I advise you to follow the steps mentioned below before investing your money.

Conduct a feasibility study about the business

This entails conducting a proper research before embarking on your water refilling station business. Carefully make enquiries about the viability and profitability of the business you want to engage in before making a venture into it. During this study, you will be able to know your prospective and potential customers, the materials you need, how to secure them at affordable cost, and the ways to maintain them easily.

Locate a proper place

You need a good location to set up your business. It should be accessible to the customers and close to your target market. Moreover, the environment should be clean and suitable for water production.

Get Registered and Approval By the Authorities

In order to operate your water refill station effectively, you need to register it with the authorities. This will give you access to any form of assistance, grants, or loan facilities from the government or other statutory bodies. They may want to conduct screening and examination of the place before you commence operations. In addition, they could be visiting your business premises for periodic supervision to ensure you maintain approved and required standards.

Purchase the necessary materials and equipment

Endeavor to buy the original and quality materials that can last for a longer time. Some of the items and water refilling machines you need for this project are pressure tank with pump, gallons, water purifier, storage tanks, funnels with filters, tankers and delivery trucks, magnetic flow meter, granular activated carbon, chlorine, automatic wash with stainless steel jackets, and other necessary and recommended substances for water distillation and maintenance.

You must drill a borehole

The borehole must be deep and up to the approved standard, if you want to get to a clean and drinkable water level. You need the services of an experienced borehole drilling company to get to the main waterbed under the soil. It is really expensive to drill a borehole but the benefits will last for a lifetime. As a beginner, you should consult various borehole drilling companies for negotiations and pricing. This will help you to compare the prices and choose an affordable rate.

Imbibe safety consciousness

There are recommended health, sanitary, and safety conditions every water refill station must imbibe if they want to continue in business. This is very important because contaminated water could cause an endemic disease to the consumers. Therefore, you must ensure higher standard hygienic conditions in your environment. You could attract fines and other penalties from the authorities like the public health department of your state if you compromise the sanitary standards. Furthermore, embark on frequent chlorination and routine cleansing of the storage tanks and delivery trucks.

Advertise your business

When you have commenced operations, it is time to market and advertise your water refilling station business. This is aimed at popularizing the business and driving in the funds needed to run it. You could visit places like schools, homes, companies, public facilities, laundry and cleaning organizations to inform them about the quality and uniqueness of your water.

Conclusively, remember your water could sell without aggressive marketing and advertising. In order to achieve this, you need to have the right mindset and attitude towards the business. Then, ensure that the quality of your water is good and the packaging and branding unique.

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Water Refilling Station Business | Profitable Small Business Idea
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Water Refilling Station Business | Profitable Small Business Idea
Water refilling station business is easy to set-up and maintain. Learn how to start this business and make it your source of income.
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