Earn and also save the Mother Nature with Vermicompost Business

Do you want to start a business of your own and want to avoid the daily 9 to 5 job? Are you looking for some best business ideas with minimum investment but a higher return? Then you have landed in the best place. In this article, I am going to discuss vermicompost business. It is a natural fertilizer manufacturing business and the name is derived from vermi which also means earthworms. Sound interesting? read below for more details.

What is vermicomposting?

Vermicomposting is the process of creating a highly nutrient-rich natural fertilizer called as vermicompost or worm casting. Usually, organic compositions are decomposed by worms, bacteria and fungi only, but in the process of vermicomposting the processing speed is increased to break down the organic matter.

Procedure of vermicomposting

Vermicomposting is a natural way of producing natural fertilizers which are high with nutrients value and is a great soil enhancer. In this process, worms are used to digest the organic wastes like kitchen or garden waste and after digesting the waste is transformed in the vermicompost.

Benefits of vermicompost business

There are numerous benefits of starting a vermicomposting business, the first and foremost is that you don’t need to wake up early in the morning to reach your office or you can add additional finance in your bank by including this business as your part time job. Other benefits includes: –

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  1. Less Investment
  2. Can be done both indoor and outdoor and doesn’t need a huge place.
  3. Doesn’t produce a bad odour.
  4. A liquid worm casting is produced during the process which is a natural pest repellant.
  5. Like other forms of natural organic fertilizer production, it doesn’t produce methane ages which is a green house gas and thus saves the environment.
  6. Natural process may take 2 to 4 months, but with vermicomposting, it can be done within half of that duration.
  7. The vermicompost is the most nutrient-enriched organic fertilizer.
  8. You can even sell the worms to vets for fish food or even for fishing. It multiplies naturally so you are getting additional benefits with the same.
  9. And last but not the least but the most important one, it just take 10 to 20 minutes of maintenance in a week. Isn’t that great?

Steps of vermicomposting

I assume that till now you have grown some sort of interest in the vermicompost business idea. So let’s find out the detailed steps, but before that let’s see the equipment needed: –
Tools: – Any kind of shovel, spading fork, strainer and gloves (Don’t forget this one)

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Ram Materials: –

  1. Earth Worms or vermi
  2. Food wastes, fruits peels, kitchen wastes, garden wastes like dry leaves and stems, animal manure.
  3. Earthworm bed with a minimum dimension of 2*1*0.3 m
  4. Black plastic bags and plastic sacks with a capacity of 50 kgs.
  5. Shredder (Optional)

So above are the few raw materials that we need to start our vermicompost business, let’s see the steps of production now: –

Step 1: –

Get about 200 to 400 gms of worms, the best is the red wigglers which is usually found in our gardens, but you can also get the same from any pet store or organic gardening stores.

Step 2: –

Prepare worm bedding in the earthworm bed by tearing useless papers into long strips. Newspaper is the best source. You will need a lot of tearing as you need to fill the bed.

Step 3: –

Moisture is the best friend of worms so moist the bed of the papers strips with water by pouring it directly into the box.

Step 4: –

Add a handful of soil in the box

Step 5: –

Put the worms in the box and close the lid, make sure that no light enters inside the box. Don’t put any food on the same day. Keep it as it is for a day.

Step 6: –

Next day put some food waste into the box and close the lid tightly to avoid any flees or odour. After some day you can again add more wastes.

Step 7: –

Within few days like 20 to 30 days, your worms will digest the waste and produce castings. When there is a good amount of castings, remove the worms from the castings.

Step 8: –

You can keep the casting for later use.

Step 9:

– Remove all the worms and provide them with fresh beddings.

Step 10: –

Repeat the process again.

If you find that the worms had multiplied, so nothing to worry about, that’s natural. You can move some of them to a new box and start another production.

Vermicompost business is one of the best business ideas which can be done from home and earn a good amount of profit with very little investment. You may need to follow some of the legal norms as per your country or state laws to begin the business.

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Earn and also save the Mother Nature with Vermicompost Business
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Earn and also save the Mother Nature with Vermicompost Business
It is a natural fertilizer manufacturing business and the name is derived from vermi which also means earthworms. Learn the steps how can you start Vermicomposting Business.
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