Step by Step Guidance about Starting a Vermicelli Making Business

Did you ever think of vermicelli making business can be a good option to dive into?  Well, as we all know vermicelli is one of the most favorite snacks in Asian and other continents. This protein enriched food is preferred by all people, irrespective of their age, caste or religion. In India, vermicelli making business is a great small scale business option to earn a lucrative profit from the same. As it is very easy to prepare and luscious to eat too, vermicelli is a popular food item in both urban and rural areas. From the business standpoint, the product is of low-cost and can be prepared using extrusion machine. Most importantly, the manufacturing process doesn’t involve much skilled labor. So, if you want to step into a micro or small scale manufacturing business, then the vermicelli making business is a great idea to venture into.

What is Vermicelli?

Vermicelli also known as Sevai in India is a popular instant food product. This is basically made up of wheat flour and sometimes groundnut, soya bean or tapioca is also added into the composition. This makes vermicelli a protein and carbohydrate rich food item. It has a great demand due to its nutritional values and low cost. Vermicelli is also found in different forms like:-

  • Crushed vermicelli
  • Powdered vermicelli
  • Brocken vermicelli
  • Dried Rice vermicelli

All of these have a good demand in the Indian market. A proper research will help to select the most suitable business niche from the same.

Market Potentiality of the Vermicelli Making Business

Five main features of vermicelli make it a highly demanded product in the market: –

  • Ready to eat
  • Easy to prepare
  • Nutritious
  • Tasty and
  • Low Cost

It is one of the most preferred ready to cook item in both Indian and foreign markets. With the rapid urbanization and growth of the economy, the demand of healthy and easy to prepare food products has reached sky high. This makes the vermicelli making business an ideal business opportunity to grab on as the demand for the same is in a highly growing trend. During Ramzan, the demand reaches at the top as kheer made of vermicelli is consumed all on a daily basis after daylong fasting. However, in compare to the other foreign countries, the consumption rate of vermicelli is comparatively low, thus there is a huge opportunity to grow and capture the market.

Vermicelli Manufacturing Process

The manufacturing process of vermicelli consists of 5 different steps which include: –

The manufacturing procedure of vermicelli is a quite simple one. Wheat and other flours are mixed in the desired quantity with 25 to 30 % of water in the mixer for nearly half an hour and the dough is prepared.

The dough is then put into the vermicelli extruder. The vermicelli making machine uses extrusion principles which changes the dough into the vermicelli threads. There are small holes in the bottom of the machine, whose diameter can be changed and adjusted according to the desired size.

The dough is passed through the extruder machine and long threads of vermicelli come out from the extruder with the required die of 0.5 mm to 1.6 mm. The long rods of the vermicelli are then cut into the desires length.

After that the vermicelli is placed into the dryer for drying. The vermicelli is then dried for 1.5 to 2 hours in a temperature of 55 to 65 c.

The final step includes weighing of the vermicelli and packing the in attractive plastic bags.

Steps to Start the Vermicelli Making Business

So, as you now know about the potentiality of the vermicelli manufacturing business and the manufacturing process, let’s find out the different steps to start the business: –


A thorough research about the business helps a lot in operating the same in a successful way. The research helps to gather more detailed information’s about the business along with the different pros and cons of the same. This helps in taking prior steps and planning to avoid the lying obstacles in the path of the operation.


To start a vermicelli making business, you don’t need to have highly qualified or educated. Dedication, hard work along with smart management of the business is what all you need for the same. However, it is suggested to take some training about the process of operating the vermicelli making machine.

Arrangement of Capital:

The required amount of capital will depend on the scale of the business you are going to start. The machinery will need the maximum share of capital. You will need an average capital of 15 to 20 lacs to smoothly run the business. You can apply for loan from the bank by submitting a well-crafted business plan to arrange the need of capital.

Registration of Business:

There are few legal procedures that you need to follow and take to register your business. Contact your local administrator to get the details about the procedure of the same.

Quality Control and Standards:

The Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS) has set down an IS number for vermicelli and it is IS 1484:1993. Since you are going to start vermicelli making business, you need to apply for such quality control licenses.

Clearance from Pollution Control Board:

There are as such no pollution issues relating to this field. Despite that, you may need a clearance certificate from the State Pollution Control Board. It would be better if you could visit their office for detailed guidance.


Marketing and promotion is one of the important steps for the success of any business. As you will be starting a new vermicelli making business, you need to take extensive steps to promote your business so that every potential customer in your market knows about your business.

The vermicelli making business has a great potentiality to give a high profit return. Starting this business is a great way to start an individual career in business with a bright future.

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Step by Step Guidance about Starting a Vermicelli Making Business
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Step by Step Guidance about Starting a Vermicelli Making Business
Vermicelli making business has a great potential to flourish. Learn how to start a vermicelli manufacturing unit and make it profitable.
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