Useful Tips to make money using Amazons Affiliate Program

Amazon is considered one of the largest marketplaces online. This is the main reason why I started to focus on Amazon when searching for an affiliate program. Many bloggers use the affiliate program to take advantage of selling opportunities. For example, they may have a detailed article review on the iPhone 6S Plus Soft-Plex case they just purchased a few weeks ago. When this phone first came out, people had trouble finding these cases in the store because most of the cases were sold out. With this in mind, how many people do you think flocked over to Amazon to purchase the phone case? With this in mind, there is a huge opportunity when it comes to advertising Amazon products on your blog or website.

The affiliate program will pay you up to a whopping 15% for each sale you make. Imagine if someone buys laptop or makes a few smaller purchases combined. All you need to do is write an informational article on a particular product. As for payments, you need to choose any of the three payment options they offer. For most of the countries they offer direct deposit excluding India. For those of you who love to shop on Amazon, it would be best to select the Amazon gift card. Here are a few useful tips to make money using Amazons affiliate program.

Useful Tips for Make Money Using Amazon

Create your own website

Useful Tips to make money using Amazons Affiliate Program

Useful Tips to make money using Amazons Affiliate Program

You can create your own website if you plan on becoming a reseller. All you really need is a domain name and hosting if you don’t have this. A few good places to register domains are Godaddy, Namecheap, or Hostgator. If you currently have an existing one, it is easy to add Amazon products. The majority of people use WordPress so an easy way to integrate products is by adding a widget.

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Choose a specific niche

Instead of trying to nail all the possible products, focus on only one niche. For example, if you are a pro when it comes to electronics and gadgets, you can dedicate a site to this. Your main topics would be about laptops, cameras, games and so on. It´s easier to write about a product you know about and obviously, it will reflect in your writing.

Make sure your website is easy to navigate through

Have you ever visited a website that was impossible to look through? You probably left within a few seconds to find another website that wasn’t that difficult. In reality, visitors have a short attention span. Make sure everything is organized through drop down menus or you can even have a sidebar menu on the left. Each product on your articles should be aligned to the right side, directly in the middle of the article. The reason why is because some visitors will not read the full article. They may skim through it only.

Choose article titles that buyers would use

Let’s say someone is wants to shop for smartphones online. They are specifically looking for smartphones under $200. Instead of having an article that say´s “Smartphone reviews” it should say “Smartphones under $200” instead. A buyer is more likely to click on this since the article suggests that they will be presented with a list of phones within their budget.

Include long tail keywords

Include long tail keywords

Include long tail keywords

Each article should have long tail keywords. This way your visitor is more likely to click on your article since it is specific. These articles are more likely to show up higher in the search engines which is good for you because the visitor usually clicks the first three places they see. Even if long tail keywords have a lower search volume, you are still guaranteed a few visitors and you won’t have too much competition with other websites.

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Disclose your affiliate membership

The Easiest Way to Find Low-Cost Products to Sell

Let readers know that you work with Amazon as an affiliate. This is required when you work in the U.S.A with Amazon Affiliates Program. It will also earn the trust of your readers. They are also more likely to click on a link through your website if they know you will be compensated for what they buy through Amazon. It’s like a way of saying thanks for all the information you put together for them.

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