Complete Analysis of Starting an Umbrella Manufacturing Business

A heavy downpour of rain or scorching heat from the sun can be easily avoided with a good quality umbrella. In most of the parts of India, the climatic condition offers both the rain and heat and thus provides a great market for umbrella manufacturing business. You can easily start a manufacturing business of umbrella on a small scale with very less investment and later on grow the business and profit as the per the increasing demand of the same.

Market Demand of Umbrella Manufacturing Business

The demand for good quality umbrella is very high in India. There are many factors which provide a huge market for this business. Few of them are: –

    • Climatic Condition: In India, other than few days during winter, you will need umbrella every time you walk out of the home. Due to this, there is a huge demand for the same. The summer stays for almost 4 to 5 months and monsoon for 2 months. So, in this period, you will need an umbrella for more than half of the year and thus resulting at a higher market demand.
  • Population: India has over 1 billion population and is also the second largest populated country after China in this world. This massive number provides a great number of customers to any kind of business and umbrella being one of the primary requirements has got a huge demand.
  • Economy: The Indian economy is developing at a rapid pace. Due to this, the demand of basic and luxurious amenities is also increasing in a higher rate. A developing economy provides a great boost to the different kind of business opportunities.

So, these are the few basic factors which provide a great demand and market to the umbrella manufacturing business.

Umbrella Manufacturing Process

For starting the business, it is important to learn the manufacturing process of the umbrella in detail. With the help of the internet service, it has become very easy to gather any kind of information in the world. You will find different articles and videos on the internet that can provide you with the detailed knowledge on the manufacturing process.

I have tried my best to collect as much information as possible about the same. Below are the different steps of the umbrella manufacturing:

  • Raw materials: The use of “U” shaped steel rods for the ribs of the umbrella was invented in the early 1850’s which made the umbrella lighter but stronger. The basic required raw materials are: –
  • Fabrics, nylons are most commonly used.
  • Steel Ribs
  • Plastic handles of various designs
  • Notches
  • Ferrule cups
  • Spring ball cups and others.
  • Equipment: The umbrella manufacturing process is labor oriented. So, there is no need of any kind of machinery. You will need basic hand tools like measuring tape, scissors, chisel, hammer, punches, etc along with sewing machine.

There are basically two types of umbrella available in the Indian market. One is the simple one fold umbrella and the other one is three fold umbrellas. The manufacturing process is simple as you need to assemble the different parts of the umbrella in a systematic order. These are usually done by the skilled labors and they have the complete skill and training of umbrella manufacturing.

Capital Requirement for Starting an Umbrella Manufacturing Unit

Being a manufacturing unit, the need of the capital will be a bit high in comparison to the other small scale business ideas I usually discuss. But it is also not as high which can’t be managed. Below is the detailed analysis of the capital requirement of starting an umbrella manufacturing unit on a small scale: –

Reason of ExpenseExpenditure (Per Month in Rs)

Rent for location


Machinery and equipment (One time)


Salary and wages


Raw Materials


Electricity and water


Packaging and transportation


Promotion and other misc expense




This is an approximate figure for the required capital. It may vary according to the scale of the business and the area of operation.

Arrangement of Capital

It is always suggested to begin any business in a small scale and grow the same accordingly. But along with starting the business, you will also need to have working capital and some extra money for providing salary and purchasing raw materials for a period of time as the business will not be able to yield profit for the day of commencement.

You can take a business loan from financial institutes by providing a well-crafted business plan. As per the new government policies, you can even get a loan without submitting any kind of collateral.

Tips to Run a Profitable Umbrella manufacturing Business

Quality and price are the two basic factors for the success of any kind of business. If you can manufacture good quality umbrella and provide the same in a reasonable price, then it will definitely bring success to the business.

Applying new designs and models also attracts more business, like feminine base of customers will like trendy design and kids will like colorful designs or with animations. So, you need to implement new designs and styles to capture the existing market and give a tough competition to the other umbrella manufacturing business.

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Complete Analysis of Starting an Umbrella Manufacturing Business
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Complete Analysis of Starting an Umbrella Manufacturing Business
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