Top Affiliate Programs to Make Money

“No” will be the most common answering if you ask anyone if he or she is satisfied with their job. Most of the service going people wishes to work for their own instead of taking orders from others. So, if you have the credibility and patience, this article can guide you with the huge number of options to make money through top affiliate programs.

What is Affiliate Programs?

It is a program where an online merchant or business pays commission to affiliate websites for attracting traffic. Here the affiliate websites host the link of the merchant site and get paid as per the agreement which may vary like the number of attracted traffic or generated sales and other options. In simple terms, if any affiliate brings any kind of business to the merchant site through the hosted links, the merchant site then pays the affiliate site according to the agreement.

So if you have a website or blogs, you can easily make money with affiliate programs.

Below are the 15 top affiliate programs:

1. Amazon Affiliate Programs:

Amazon is the world’s largest online market and it is easy to earn a fortune through promoting Amazon products and over that Amazon offers an attractive commission for the each generated sales or traffic.

2. Click Bank:

If your website or blog is related to digital products, then this one is the best to choose an affiliate program. It is considered as among the top affiliate programs due to its timely payment history and the huge number of vendors and over million affiliates. It offers a high rate of commission along with the option to promote over six thousand products.

3. Rakuten (formerly LinkShare):

Linkshare was the part of the affiliate program business since early days. Delayed payment is one of the disadvantages of this program; however, it has many different and unique features which can be experienced only after using like the automatic rotation of ads and many others.

4. Commission Junction:

Anyone who has worked in the affiliate marketing platform is of sure aware of Commission Junction or CJ affiliate as it is one of the biggest and among the top affiliate programs. Mostly all the online merchants have affiliate programs on CJ. It also offers timely payment each and every time.

5. Google AdSense:

You can get approval from AdSense or better known as Google AdSense even if your website has less traffic but with quality content. Over that this is the part of the search engine giant Google making it the best and among the top affiliate programs.

6. Freelancer Job affiliate:

Get a high rate of commission with each completed job by the referrals. This one is a great option if your site or blog is related to job-based program.

7. Indeed Job Advertisements:

This one is the most visited site related to jobs on the web and it pays through check for every promotion related to indeed job offers.

8. Udemy Affiliate Program:

This program is run in the LinkShare network and a great option to promote the most demanded product online i.e. thousands of online courses in hundreds of categories and a chance to earn a generous amount of commission with each sale.

9. ShareASale:

This one is among another top affiliate programs which are operating on this platform since last 16 years and has over 3800 merchants on their list. Average Commission, Average Sale Amount, Reversal Rates and Earnings per Click are the various agreement options available for the affiliates.

10. Viglink:

The best part of Vigilink is that even if you don’t have any blogs or website, still you can earn money promoting affiliate links through social media sites like facebook, twitter and others. It is a great platform which offers thousands of affiliate programs.

11. Hostgator Affiliate program:

With Hostgator, you can earn up to 3000 Rs per sing ups and it is considered as one of the best hosting affiliate programs.

12. eBay Partner Network:

Just convert your shares to sell and earn money with eBay partner network and you can even do this with you social media accounts along with your blog or website. The payment is safe and swift here and with eBay you get the option of promotion millions of products from several categories.

13. Web-Set Babylon Affiliate:

Get the opportunity to earn up to 40 % or even higher with each sale from the recommended visitor to Babylon. It’s a huge option to earn a good amount of commission.

14. Codecanyon Affiliate Program:

Best option to earn up to 30 % and more referral commission on the sale of cheap WordPress themes, scripts, tools, website and others.

15. iTunes Store Affiliate Program:

What can be a better option than promoting Apple products like iPhone, iPad or Mac Apps on your website or blog. It is considered as the best and top affiliate programs due to the higher quality of product and is one of the highest revenue generating affiliate program.

So if you have a website or blog, you can easily use it for earning some extra bucks using the top affiliate programs and there are no rules that you can’t use different affiliate programs at the same time in your site. This can be a life-changing decision as if this can be done properly and delicately, you may not need to wear the office suit again.

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15 Top Affiliate Programs to Make Money from Home
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15 Top Affiliate Programs to Make Money from Home
A guide with the huge number of options to make money through top affiliate programs. You can easily earn some extra bucks using this guide.
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