Top 20 Exciting Business Ideas for Stay-At-Home Moms

Even though being a stay-at-home mom can be a job on its own, today we would like to share some of the most exciting business ideas for stay-at-home moms. Gone are the days when moms were totally engaged in bringing up the children and household works. In today’s world, they are competing with others in every aspects of life specially in bearing the financial responsibilities of their families. Money is a necessity and it is not possible to maintain a superior lifestyle and to give our children the best education with earning a single income. The good news is that stay-at-home moms still have many different home business opportunities to make some extra cash on the side and contribute it to their family income.

Business Ideas for Stay-At-Home Moms

There are many benefits that a home based business holds-from being able to spend more time with your children, husband and loved ones; to having a flexible schedule that allows you to set your own working hours. If you take the benefits offered into consideration, it becomes clear that starting and running a business from home as a stay-at-home mom is both lucrative and exciting.

In this article, we are going to share the top 20 most exciting business ideas for stay-at-home moms. This includes many different opportunities that you can invest your time, money and effort in to build something really amazing.

1. Business Plan Consultant & Writer

The first option in our list of business ideas for stay-at-home moms is to become a business plan consultant and writer. This is the perfect option if you have any kind of business experience and know how to set up an organized structure to help a business rise to the top.

As a business plan consultant, you will meet up with clients and discuss their business plans with them. You will then take notes and collect data from them, which you will convert into a professionally written business plan.

2. Music Teacher

If you have a musical talent like playing the piano or you know how to rock it with a guitar, then becoming a music teacher from your home might be a good idea. Music teachers can specialize in any type of music – be it instruments, theory or vocals. Simply decide on which areas you peak in and offer your services to tutor clients for a fee.

3. Graphic Designer

Graphic designers have really great jobs. They have the freedom to use their creativity in order to craft a masterpiece that will help their clients have a more professional and catchy corporate identity.

If you are creative and know your way around software such as Photoshop and CorelDraw, then you should consider becoming a graphic designer. You can brush up your skills by taking a couple of online courses, or by searching for more professional courses offered by your local college or education center. [The Essentials to Get Started As a Freelance Graphic Designer]

4. Massage Therapist

Stress is part of our everyday lives. This also means that, in reality, everyone needs a good massage every now and then. Taking a professional course to become a massage therapist could be one of the most rewarding investments you can make.

Massage therapists charge high prices and they offer professional services which can be performed from home if you own the right equipment and have a spare room to convert into your consultant room. [How to be a self-employed physical therapist?]

Exciting Business Ideas for Stay-At-Home Moms

Exciting Business Ideas for Stay-At-Home Moms

5. Interior Designer

If you know how to make any room look better in an instant, then becoming an interior designer might be an opportunity you do not want to miss. Interior designers are creative people who can easily make something great out of old, worn-down spaces.

Many colleges, both online and offline, offers interior designer courses at affordable rates. Simply get a certification behind your name and launch your new business helping other people organize and decorate their rooms in a more creative (or professional) way. [Become an Interior Designer and Unleash Your Creativity]

6. Career Couch

Many people struggle to find the right career for themselves. That is why so many people turn to a career couch when it comes to making this type of decision – both people starting out their lives, and people thinking about changing careers.

Becoming a career couch means you will meet up with clients, collect data from them and then advise them on what the best possible career choice for them would be. This job requires a lot of knowledge and skills in order to properly examine a client’s skills and dreams, and then to advise those on what would best suit them. On the other hand, this type of career can also be very profitable.

7. Licensed Day Care Operator

Stay-at-home moms who love to work with children can also open their own licensed day care center from their own home. The process involves a bit of legal steps, but once you have registered yourself and received a license, you will be able to earn money for looking after children.

8. Handmade Seller

Some people are smart with figures and data, while others are good with their hands. If you’re one of those people who can craft anything with their hands, then you need to consider crafting content and then selling them for profit. Sites like Etsy can help you with this by offering you a convenient service that allows you to sell your hand-crafted items to clients from all over the world. [Paper Jewelry Making | Small Home Business Idea]

9. Online Course Instructor

If you know a lot about something specific like marketing, business management, blogging, etc – you can become an online course instructor and earn money for offering your knowledge to help others.

A platform such as Udemy offers convenient services that allows you to create a course, upload it and then sell it across their entire platform. They also give you access to your students (people who buys your course) so you can communicate with them at any time you want.

This will give you a more professional approach and will most likely get your students to buy your other courses should you publish multiple courses on these platforms. [Become a Tutor- Help Others Academically and Make Extra Income]

10. Freelance Writer

If you have a passion for writing, then becoming a freelance writer is also a good option. Freelance writers have the ability to write when they want, and get paid for doing so. You can choose to write about specific topics, specific genres or even offer “ghost writing” services for fictional books.

Once you’ve found your “niche” to target, you should think about whether you want to publish your own content or find clients to write specific content for. Many freelance writers choose to do both.

For publishing your own content, you could start a blog or use Kindle’s Self-Publishing Platform. If you want to find clients to write for, then a website such as UpWork or Guru might be more appropriate. [Fiverr, the modern business platform to make a decent buck]

11. Home-Based Food Business

We’ve reached the middle of our collection of business ideas for stay-at-home moms.

Baking and making great food is something a lot of stay-at-home moms enjoy. They have to provide for the family by preparing breakfast, lunch and dinner. This builds a lot of skill and experience, which could be used to start a new business doing something you’re already doing every day.

If you have a passion for baking and making great-tasting food, then you should considering starting a home-based food business. You can sell all kinds of goodies from home and keep all the profits to yourself.

12. Wedding Planner

Wedding is a magical event that people remember for many years. If you have good organizational skills and you know how to create magical moments, then you should consider becoming a wedding planner.

As a wedding planner, it will be your responsibility to create a magical event for your clients to help them have a wedding that they will remember for the rest of their lives. [Becoming a Wedding Planner is a Real Challenge]

13. Pet Related Services

If you love working with dogs and cats and all other pets, offering a pet related service from home can be a great opportunity for yourself. This could be as simple as offering to walk someone’s dogs for them, or as advance as being a fully equipped pet nanny. [How to start a Doggie Daycare Business]

14. Fitness Trainer

Moms that enjoy going to the gym and working out can consider becoming a fitness trainer from home. You need to have to skills and knowledge to help others lose weight, get ripped and stay fit.

Your job would be to discuss each client’s daily routines and diets with them, and to work out a special plan that’s personalized for them to help them with the problems they are facing – whether they need to lose some weight, gain some weight, build muscle or simply get fit to be healthier. [How To Become A Yoga Instructor]

15. Fashion Consultant

Many people have an eye for fashion, and at the same time many people seek advice and help when it comes to deciding on a “persona” for them. If you are a person that can easily throw together a perfect outfit, then you should consider a career as a fashion consultant.

A fashion consultant meets up with clients and then plans out a completely new and improved wardrobe for their clients. You will also be responsible for taking into account the ideas and personality of your client, and craft the perfect fashion style for them. [How to Start a Fashion Boutique]

16. Cake Decorator

Cakes are used everywhere, at weddings, birthday parties, celebrations and more. If you are good at baking and decorating cakes, or you have an interest to do so, a cake decorating opportunity awaits you.

There are thousands of bakeries that offer cake decoration courses where you can bulk up your skills. Learn the basics and then use your creativity to craft amazing decorations for clients.

17. Bridal Consultant

It’s a bride’s duty to look at her best on her wedding day. If you know the ins and outs of being a great bride, then being a bridal consultant could be a dream comes true for you and your career.

As a bridal consultant, you will help clients choose the best wedding dress for their special day. You will also help them achieve the best shape and look at their best on their wedding day.

This career choice goes hand-in-hand with being a wedding planner.

18. Virtual Assistant

Being a virtual assistant is both one of the easiest, and one of the most lucrative opportunities in our list of business ideas for stay at home moms. This can be done from the comfort of your own home.

A virtual assistant usually takes care of a large variety of tasks for their clients – like sending emails, typing letters, doing research, posting to social media, and more. You work remotely with your client and can charge by the hour. [Learn Everything about the Profession of Virtual Assistant]

19. Online Tutor

Being an online tutor offers a lot of flexibility and the ability to work closely with students. If you are good at any subject like Mathematics, English or any other, then you can become an online tutor
and help students from all over the world better understand their work, and score higher marks.

20. Social Media Consultant

We’ve reached the final item on our list of business ideas for stay at home moms. This is probably the most rewarding opportunity and can bring in thousands of dollars every month.

A social media consultant is responsible for planning out the perfect social media marketing strategy for their clients, and then to help the client execute the plans to reach a wider audience on social media.

Final Words

We’ve reviewed 20 different business ideas for stay-at-home moms. Now it is up to you to consider which opportunity or opportunities will suit you best. Once you’ve decided on an opportunity to take on, you should start taking action immediately. The sooner you start your new home-based business, the sooner you will be able to make more money and have a more flexible schedule.

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Top 20 Exciting Business Ideas for Stay-At-Home Moms
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Top 20 Exciting Business Ideas for Stay-At-Home Moms
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