Tomato Sauce Manufacturing – A Small Manufacturing Business Idea

Tomato sauce manufacturing can be a profitable business venture if started with proper planning and preparation. As you know it is one of the most widely used taste enhancers in all over the world. We can’t imagine several Chinese and continental dishes without adding tomato sauce. India, being one of the largest producers of the tomato provides a great market for the tomato sauce manufacturing. Homemade tomato sauce also has a great demand in the market due to its quality and unmatched taste. If you can come up with your own recipes of tomato sauce, then it would surely be a successful venture.

Market Demand of Tomato Sauce Manufacturing Business

The demand of tomato sauce is huge in India. It has got an annual growth of over 20 % per annum. As the tomato sauces come in different kind of uses, that is why the demand is also very high in the market.

  • Different Uses of Tomato Sauce:
  • It is used in the household along with snacks.
  • Used in restaurants for coloring and seasoning of foods.
  • Used by railways and other transportation modes that provides food services.
  • Street food dwellers.

So, these are the basic usage of the tomato sauce. As, usually Indian people love to eat, especially the spicy and fried ones, the use of tomato sauce is also very high.

Demand of Quality Product:

The tomato sauce can also be made in the home and without using of preservatives. These products are usually of high quality due to its greater taste and can be sold in the market even at a higher rate.

But, due to the less use of chemicals and preservatives, the homemade sauces don’t come with longer expiry dates.

Demand of Quantity Product:

The quantity products come with a lesser quality in comparison with the homemade products. These products also has a great demand in the market as most of the roadside dwellers use this sauces in their food as they are cheap in price and suffices the need.

These kinds of sauces do have only one kind of customer base which is the road side shops.

Choose the Business Niche

You can choose quality or quantity in your tomato sauce manufacturing business. The cost of manufacturing quality products will be a bit high but you can sell them at a higher price also in the market and for higher quantity production, the quality is compromised and the items are sold at a much cheaper price. But due to the higher volume of selling it balances the equilibrium.

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Tomato Sauce Manufacturing Process

The manufacturing process of tomato sauce is a very simple one as most of the work will be done in the machine only but except the purchasing of the tomatoes and the raw materials of course.

Required Tomato Sauce Making Machine

In the tomato sauce manufacturing procedure, there are different machines which play an integral part in the manufacturing process. The list of machines used in the process is: –

  • Pulping Machine costs around Rs 30, 000.
  • Steam Jacketed Kettle costs around Rs 50, 000.
  • Exhaust and Process tank with motor costing around Rs 90,000
  • Semi-automatic bottle washing machine which will cost around Rs 21, 000.
  • Hand operated filling machine will cost approximately Rs 10, 000.
  • Spice grinding machine will come in around Rs 28, 000.
  • Crown corking machine in about Rs 8, 000.
  • Hand operated label gumming machine will come with approximately Rs 10, 000.
  • Assorted aluminum or stainless steel vessel will come in Rs 6, 000.
  • Testing equipment and others will cost around Rs 12, 000.

So, the approximate capital required for purchasing the machines will come around Rs 2, 65,000.

Requires Raw Materials

  • Good quality tomatoes.
  • Sugar
  • Other spices as per individual choice
  • Preservatives, colors and others.

Process: –

The whole process of tomato sauce manufacturing includes different steps like washing, crushing, concentrating, homogenizing, flavoring and packaging. As per the set Indian standards for the tomato sauce manufacturing, there should be the use of good quality ripe tomatoes with over 25 % of soluble weights.

Packaging: –

Glass bottle, tetra packs, sachet or plastic bottles can be used for the packaging purpose. It will contain the brand name of your business to differentiate from the other products.

Tomato sauce business plan

A business plan is a key ladder for the success of any business. The required capital for starting the business will be a bit high as the machinery will only cost you around Rs 3 lacs. Thus, a well-crafted business plan about how you are going to operate the business in a profitable way will help you to get financial assistance from the banks.

Being a food related business, the legal guidelines will be a bit strict and strong and you need to follow each and every step according to the law. As there is already a huge amount of competition in the market of tomato sauce products, it is a better idea to focus on the quantity products which will be available at lower prices. There are many reputed brands operating in the market of tomato sauce manufacturing and being among the multinational companies, it will be a tough to give them a fight in the market.

So, focusing on the smaller scale of the market is the best possible way to run a successful tomato sauce manufacturing business. For more information please check this.

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Tomato Sauce Manufacturing- A Small Manufacturing Business Idea
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Tomato Sauce Manufacturing- A Small Manufacturing Business Idea
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