Useful Tips on House Cleaning Business – A Low Cost Business Idea

house cleaning businessDo you enjoy cleaning your home? Can you work hard? If your answer is yes for both the question, then you may think about setting up a home cleaning business that brings substantial income but requires very low start-up investment. There are quite a few service-oriented businesses that involve zero to minimal establishment cost and house cleaning is one among them. You can start providing cleaning services with a few basic cleaning supplies. As you know cleaning is an unavoidable job and requires lots of time, effort and physical strength. Residents with spacious house and apartments and also the working people often hire professionals to carry out their extensive cleaning tasks. So if you are not lazy and if you want to make some real good money, then you can undoubtedly get on with your own house cleaning business.

Services Provided to the Clients

Basically, as a cleaning professional, you need to make your client’s home neat and clean from top to bottom. The following are the cleaning services provided to them within the basic cleaning rate.

A List of Basic Services

  • Dusting and sweeping the entire house
  • Mopping the floor areas
  • Cleaning and disinfecting all areas of bathroom
  • Wiping up all furniture and home appliances
  • Wiping up mirrors, pictures and other wall hangings

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There are some other services which are not included in the basic list but you may provide those services and charge an extra fee.

Additional Services:

Getting Trained

You might feel that cleaning is a fairly laborious job which doesn’t require any specific skills. If you believe in that then you are wrong. Cleaning as a profession requires some knowledge if not skills. When you are attending to your clients, you never know the kind of mess you will be working on. Certain stains and dirt require certain specific cleaning solutions that may not be easy to find. This is where you require some training. There are several online and offline certification courses that offer essential training on house cleaning business.

Choose Business Location

You can operate the business from your own home with a few equipment and cleaning products. It is more feasible and flexible option for an individual with limited working capital. Starting a home based house cleaning business not only reduces your over-head expenses but retains all the profits. After all, you have to go to your client’s house to provide the services, not your clients come to your facility.

Required Start-up Capital

starting a house cleaning businessHouse cleaning business is comparatively easy to start and continue as it does not demand huge start-up capital. The capital is mostly spent on getting public liability insurance and purchasing basic cleaning equipment and supplies. A small portion is used to secure a business license and registration. The minimum amount with which you could launch your business would be $500 approximately. If you decide to give it a big start, you can invest in a vehicle and other costly equipment like vacuum cleaner, sweeping machine etc. In order to incorporate more professionalism in your business, you should pay attention to house cleaning business forms. It helps in making your business easier and more organized.

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What to Charge

In the beginning, don’t think much over the pricing. It is really a tedious job and sometimes difficult also to set the price for the services you provide to your clients. You can either charge on hourly rate or determine a fixed rate on square foot basis. In order to make a solid client base, you need to settle on a competitive pricing. In fact, you should consider various related issues including volume of work, the frequency of services, number of dwellers, location etc.

How to Start a House Cleaning Business?

Once you start working as a professional cleaner, you might be facing all sorts of challenges. You might be in charge of cleaning a very dirty house, garage, basement or attic. In such cases the cleaning might go on for several days. Understanding the challenges of a house cleaning job is essential before you actually start the business. It would be helpful if you join some house cleaning company for some experience before you start your own service. You should also acquire a license that allows you to start your own house cleaning service in your city.

Hiring Other Workers

Although it is true that starting a house cleaning business is fairly cheap, there are a few areas that require some limited investments. If you wish to make your business successful then you would definitely need some workers to help you with your cleaning assignments. Some of them would argue that they can carry out the job on their own. While this may be true, the fact is that if you are alone, certain house owners may not consider your service as a reliable one. An experienced house cleaning business always contains 3 to 4 members. When you are getting clients, you should hire one or two staff depending on the funds and the volume of your business.

Promoting Your Business

In this profession you need not spend a huge sum on ads or posters in order to get some attention. There are certain cheap promotional techniques like distributing pamphlets that can serve the purpose. You can also conduct some online promotion which is entirely free. Make use of networks like Facebook and Twitter to be popular in your locality. Also refer to online contents on how to start a house cleaning business and how to promote it. This will help you a lot in gaining more customers.

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Useful Tips on House Cleaning Business - A Low Cost Business Idea
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Useful Tips on House Cleaning Business - A Low Cost Business Idea
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