Teach Music Lessons from Home

The world of music is thriving. More and more people are rising up and showcasing their talents to the entire world whether it is through a YouTube video or by participating in music reality shows like “Sa Re Ga Ma Pa”, “Indian Idol” etc. Are you a vocalist or an expert in any musical instruments? You can share your love of music with the others who are interested to learn. You can think about teaching music lessons to kids and adults from the comfort of your own home.It would justify both of your artistic talents and teaching skills. This is a lucrative opportunity where you can make a stable income from your passion –singing or playing musical instruments and passing your skills on to students. Here I are going to take a quick look at the steps that you should take in order to teach music lessons to students from your own home.

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Benefits of teach music lessons from home

There is an array of benefits and advantages that comes with this business model. While it is not considered an actual business until you set up a music school, it can still be a great way to make money while having fun. Many famous musicians are also teaching one-to-one music lessons in private in order to gain a sustainable income while having the ability to pass their skills on to others by arranging group classes. Before going to the steps you should take to become a private music teacher, let us first look at some of the benefits that come with this career-choice.

  1. You can start teaching music lessons exclusively from the comfort of your own home. You may choose either your living room or any separate room for teaching purpose.
  2. You can teach music lessons in your spare time while being at full time profession. This will increase your income and help you lead a better lifestyle.
  3. You can choose the location of the class. If a student wants you to come over to their place for a private lesson, then you could charge the student a higher rate. Otherwise, you may teach students in group classes at your home.
  4. You can set your own rate and have the complete right to keep all of the income you make. No need to share with a studio.
  5. You can decide whom you want to teach. If you enjoy the companions of toddlers, you may target them for teaching music lessons. If you have no such preference, you may pass on your skills to everyone who is interested to learn from you.
  6. Since you teach independently, you have the authority to terminate lessons at your own discretion. If anyone creates problem during the class or doesn’t meet the standard, you can easily let them go without giving any explanation to the superior why you cannot work with them.
  7. You can decide what types of instruments and music lessons you want to teach. If you are only into guitars or piano, then simply offer private lessons for those. If you specialize in multiple instruments, then tell students about all your skills.

Getting Started

If you want to teach music lessons from home, then it is relatively easy and simple to get started. A dedicated space is usually the best way to go, but some people even use their living room for teaching music. If you are a vocalist, you will give voice lessons to the students. If you teach to play instruments, you will also need a selection of instruments – you need the instruments which you are going to specialize in. You can choose to have a set of each so you can provide an instrument to students for teaching purposes, or you can choose to have students bring their own instruments. This choice should be noted to all students.

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These are the basic requirements. If you meet them, then you should be ready to get started. The next step is to get your “personal studio” sorted out and to advertise your services.

Getting Ready For Teaching

If you haven’t played an instrument for a while, you should first start by brushing up your skills a bit. This is essential and you need to have excellent musical skills if you want to teach students. Once you’ve brushed up on your skills, you should prepare your “studio”. Simply ensure everything is in place and you know how you are going to teach your students. Some teachers like to prepare a “class” beforehand. This makes things easier and speeds up the entire process. Many students also find this type of “prepared classes” more useful.

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Promoting Your Services

Now you need to gain your first few students. This can be a tough time, but with an adequate amount of promotion, you can expect to get calls in as little as one week. There are different ways through which you can promote your services:

  1. Print flyers and hand them out at shopping centers and other places buzzing with people.
  2. Ask local music shops to place some flyers or business cards on their desks. Many people who go to these shops are still inexperienced and needs some guidance.
  3. Print business cards and always have them with you. You never know who you will meet.
  4. Print posters and place them on community and notice boards.
  5. Contact local newspapers and place an advert in each newspaper. If your startup budget is limited, you can ask for an advert in the classifieds section.
  6. Visit online classified ad posting sites and place adverts in your local area.

These are all great ways to get your first few students. Be sure to add your address and contact number so potential students can easily find you.

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Final Words

There are many people who teach music lessons from home just because they love music want to be with music all the time while others are simply doing it for the income opportunity. No matter what is the reason for your music lesson services, it is a lucrative opportunity that will allow you to make money by doing something you love. Getting started is quite easy and there are many opportunities available to promote your services.

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Teach Music Lessons from Home
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Teach Music Lessons from Home
Are you a vocalist or an expert in any musical instruments? You can think about teaching music lessons to kids and adults from your own home.
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