Tea Bag Manufacturing – An Innovative Small Business Idea

Tea bag manufacturing is a trendy business idea and profitable too. There is a growing demand of tea bags in recent times both in domestic and international market not only because of its accessibility but tea bag has got huge promotion by a large number of small business owners. Tea bag making is a small scale business initiative that anyone can take without having much knowledge about tea processing industry. Moreover, it requires moderate start-up capital. The manufacturing process is not as much complicated as it might seem. If you are enthusiastic and have interest in this industry, it is not a big deal to understand and learn the business operation and variables of making tea bags.

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Tea has a worldwide acceptance and it is the second most popular beverage after coffee. It is usually prepared by adding hot or boiling water over the tea leaves. But tea bag is the easiest option of tea preparation in which a tea bag is immersed in the boiling water and after few minutes the bag is removed with the help of attached piece of thread and paper label, no need to discard the leaves with a strainer. A tea bag comes with a variety of tea; some comprises of regular tea (leaves or fanning) and some include herbal tea. Tea bags are basically prepared from filter paper that is partially a vegetable fiber and partially of wood. Sometimes, tea bags are also made of silk.

If you start your tea bag manufacturing business with proper planning and preparation, it can reap huge profits. Big hotels, restaurants, coffee shops, railways, etc can be your potential clients. In fact, when you are getting prepared for this business, you should contact various other tea bag manufacturers who are running successful businesses. It would help you to get a clear picture of the process how tea bags are manufactured and packed from loose tea leaves. I have tried my best to provide you all the necessary information about this trade so that no state of confusion remains in your mind.

Important Things to Consider

Market Research

Before starting the tea bag making business, you must conduct a viable market research as the product you are manufacturing is not an everyday item. So, try to find out the companies which require your tea bags as an additional product. These companies can be your potential buyers for long term period. The research might include all the important data and information about the companies and also in what way you can impress them with your product. You should check the strategy that is followed by your competitors in this field.

Compile a Detailed Business Plan

To get success in any business venture, you need to compile a comprehensive business plan, whether it is a small-scale or large-scale business. After performing a feasibility study on the market, you should prepare a plan including all the vital information regarding the growth of the business like business structure and its registration and legal compliance, business strategies and implementation, start-up expenses, source of funds, profit margins etc. I recommend you to compose a customized project report based on your capital investment and production capacity.

Registration of Your Business

The procedure of starting a tea bag making company is not at all complicated as you just have to fulfill all the requirements that are asked in your state for company registration. First, you need to select a legal structure and ownership of the business. You may go with one Person Company if you are a sole proprietor of the business and decide an appropriate business name with your manufactured item. Now it’s time register your business and submit application for Sales Tax registration. Pan card is mandatory for this purpose.

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Raw Materials of Tea Bag Manufacturing

There are two main components of tea bags, loose tea leaves and porous paper bags or food-graded plastics. You should buy good quality tea leaves directly from the tea auction or can buy from large tea suppliers in your locality. As I have said earlier tea bags come with a variety of tea like Darjeeling tea, green tea, herbal tea etc. So, it is essential to select the type of tea that you will use to produce tea bags, cautiously based on your market research. You also need to find reliable suppliers of filter papers in your city as you need to purchase rolls of filter papers in large quantity. There are other packaging materials such as thread, paper tags, small boxes and card board packets. You can print your brand name in the tags.

Tea Bag Making Machines

The machines which are used in the manufacturing of the tea bag make the entire procedure stress-free and quicker. These machines might include a tea bag making machine which produces knotted/staple less tea bags from the roll of filter paper, attached with a thread and tag. There are different types of tea bag making machines available in the market which are fully automatic and environmental friendly.

Connect with Potential Buyers

The most important thing is that you should contact all the potential clients of your business through the way of proposals. In the proposal, you can send the sample of your tea bags and also ask them to provide any customized design if they have in their mind. The rates and the prices at which you supply your product must be reasonable or at discounted rates so that the client can become your regular customer. Your proposal must be presented in such a way that this client company gets ready to leave their old supplier quickly.

Hope the above mentioned points may help you in running a tea bag manufacturing business successfully in the current competitive environment. It will be advisable that after conducting the proper study and getting all the relevant information about this business, you can start this trade. Initially, you can begin the tea bag making business at the small scale but later on after the success you can expand it on the large scale.

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Tea Bag Manufacturing- An Innovative Small Business Idea
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Tea Bag Manufacturing- An Innovative Small Business Idea
Tea bag manufacturing is a trendy business idea and profitable too. Find out the important points to be considered when preparing for the business.
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