The Check-list of Starting an Office Food Delivery Business

The ‘Dabbawala’ Chain in Mumbai is one of the finest examples of successful office food delivery business. However, their way of operation may be different, but if you want to start a business of your own with a high profitability but in low investment, then you may try online food ordering and box lunch delivery to office. Young and enthusiastic people, even women can start this business if they have good organizational skills and potential clientele in cities or urban areas.

The food business in India is a multi-million dollar industry. You will find restaurants and fast food centers in every corner of Indian streets and market. However, it is neither possible for all the employees to afford meals from restaurants on a daily basis nor they can carry their lunch before leaving for the office. May be they are in hurry or need to commute a long. Naturally they are always in search of healthy food that suits their budget. Thus office food delivery has a great potentiality to be a successful business opportunity.

Requirements to Start an Office Food Delivery Business


Your knowledge, talent, skills in the field of the business are the main factors to decide the fate of the business. For running a business successfully you need to have different skills.

  • Firstly, you should have the basic knowledge and skills of cooking. Although, you can hire labors for the job, but being an owner you need to have the information about the production process.
  • Secondly, you need to have a great managerial skill. For a successful office food delivery business you need to manage a wide range of factors on daily basis like purchasing of quality raw materials, managing the labors, transportation, management of accounts and others.
  • Third, but not the last, you need to have a great mind to grow the business along with running the same in a profitable manner. You need to plan your future steps to grow the business.


Be it social networking or your talent on creating your personal network, it is very important to build a strong customer base for the success of your business of office food delivery. Until and unless people know about you and your business, you will not get proper amount of customers.


The business needs a moderate investment even to start in a small scale. There are various departments where you need to spend a good amount of capital like: –

  • Purchasing of raw materials.
  • Equipment
  • Labor cost.
  • Transportation cost
  • Marketing and Promotional cost and others.

Source of Capital:

If you start with a low capital investment, then you can even start the same with an investment of 2 lacs. But it will not give proper return from the investment. For that, you need to invest at least 5 to 6 lacs for a moderate business. You can take loan from banks by submitting a proper business plan. But still, you need to have some liquid cash in your hand for the daily expenses.

Selection of Location:

This one is one of the important factors for the success of the business. The business of box lunch delivery to office cannot be a successful one if you start the same in a rural area or in any location which doesn’t have many offices. Urban and metropolitan cities are the best location to start this business. With the booming private sector industry, it has given a great opportunity to expand the business. The perfect location will give maximum exposure to the potential clients along with also save the transportation cost.

Steps to Start the Office Food Delivery Business

Above are the few things that you will need before commencing the business. Along with the above points, you also need to do a thorough research about the business to know the various aspects of the same. Below are the steps that you need to take to start the same: –


As it is a food related business, there are strict guidelines and regulations that you need to follow to get the legal license for the same. Contact your Municipal Corporation and Food Office for the required information regarding the procedure.

Hire Staffs:

Cook plays one of the most important roles in the work of office food delivery. For that you need to hire an expert and professional cook along with an assistant cook. The cook should have the skill to cook different cuisines.

Along with cook you also need to hire other staffs like cleaners, delivery boy, drivers etc. When your business grows you can hire a supervisor and accountant.


It is very important that people around the city of your operation knows about your business. Take all kind of steps to promote your business like: –

  • Posters around the city.
  • Ad in newspapers and local magazines.
  • Handbill distribution and others.

You can also approach the modern steps of promoting the business like creating a website or mobile app through which customers can order their meal and even make payments.

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So these are the steps that you need to take to start an office food delivery business. For a successful future of the business, it is very important that you maintain a high-quality production with a reasonable price.

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The Check-list of Starting an Office Food Delivery Business
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The Check-list of Starting an Office Food Delivery Business
Office food delivery is a profitable business opportunity for young entrepreneurs who have interest in food industry. Explore the idea with details.
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