Starting an Etsy Business – Useful Tips and Tricks to Follow

Getting prepared for starting an Etsy business? If you are an artist or making handcrafted items or designing jewelry or clothes, then Etsy marketplace would be the best platform to reach to millions of customers online and sell your products. By starting an Etsy business, you can avoid the hassles of setting up of a physical storefront as well as can omit its’ various operating expenses.

Days are gone when customers have to visit individual stores to buy a product, in this century, with the help of e-Commerce and m-Commerce; businesses are reaching out to the customers to increase their sale and business. Selling things on Etsy is also one of the approaches which are rapidly being accepted in worldwide. There are over 29 million customers around the world who are waiting for your products.

So, if you want to sell anything, be it handicrafts or others, Etsy is the best peer-to-peer e-Commerce option to select.

Starting an Etsy Business: Points to be Noted

There are around 2 million active sellers on Etsy who are offering over 40 million items to sell on the platform. So, whatever produce or manufacture, you will get a customer base millions by starting an Etsy business. Below are some tips to sell successfully on Etsy:

1. Choose proper niche:

If you think that, by starting an Etsy business you can sell anything you wish, that it will be the biggest mistake that you will make. You can’t sell anything of proper use and demand. So, select your business niche properly. Do a thorough research before starting your business which can give a high return of profit and has got a proper demand in the market.

2. Give a proper description:

Like direct selling, you don’t have to describe your products every time to the probable customers while selling things on Etsy. So, provide a proper and crisp description of your product. It should not be too short either too long to bore anyone.

3. Take proper pictures:

First impression is the last one, so use a high-definition device to take pictures of your product and upload the same. The proper picture of your product may speak more than the product description. The pictures of the products should be taken in such a way that, the potential customers can get all the required information like size, price, quantity, quality etc.

4. Create brand value:

In this highly competitive business, it is very important that your product is having a proper brand value. Give a proper and attractive brand name and logo to attract and increase the brand value.

5. Take and reply customer’s feedback:

We all feel special when we get a proper and quick reply to our suggestion. Along with this, we also feel important when some actions are taken on our feedbacks. So, whenever any customer leaves any feedback or suggestion to your business, don’t delay in replying the same and take necessary actions on the feedback given to them. This will create a connection between your business and the customer and thus, the customer will trust you more henceforth. It is a great way to increase the bonding between you and your customers.

6. Promote your business:

By using some of the SEO processes, you can easily get a higher ranking for your product in the Google search. This is one of the simplest ways to promote your Etsy business. You can also use any social media platform to promote your business free of cost.

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7. Effective use of shop announcements:

At the top of your shop page, you get the area for shop announcement. So, don’t leave the area unutilized, use the same to give news like sales, discounts, offers and other important announcements regarding your business. The shop announcement area helps a lot to grab the attention of the probable customers.

8. Have your own website:

Starting an Etsy business doesn’t mean that you will not need a website for your business. However, it is not mandatory, but having a website is beneficial to the business. Having individual website is an added advantage that you get with the e-Commerce business. You can link your website with your Etsy business so that customer can easily refer to your website for more information about your product and business.

Other Required Information for Starting an Etsy business

The best part of starting an Etsy business is the simplicity of the process and the charges. You get access to millions of shoppers around the world with Etsy. You just need to pay US$ 0.20 for getting your business listed on Etsy which will be around Rs 13 as per Indian currency.

Along with this, you need to pay 3.5 % of transaction fees in every successful sale. The listing of products expires in every 4 months or as they are sold. You will be paid back with the PayPal payment processing after deducting the processing fees.

Thus, starting an Etsy business is a great way to boost your sales and get a greater access to millions of customers from worldwide.

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Starting an Etsy Business- Useful Tips and Tricks to Follow
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Starting an Etsy Business- Useful Tips and Tricks to Follow
Getting prepared for starting an Etsy business? Find out the essential info before going to sell your handmade things on Etsy and make it a grand success.
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