Starting a Window Cleaning Business: An Essential Checklist

Starting a window cleaning business wouldn’t give you much stress as it doesn’t demand huge capital investment and the technical knowledge to get started. Within a short period of time, you can make good amount of money by making the windows sparkling clean. Do you think cleaning windows of multi-storied commercial buildings has life-risks?

Not at all, it is now a safe and hazard-free job. With the advancement in modern equipment, you can clean the windows efficiently and safely from the ground. For your information, window cleaning business is no longer restricted to ladders and chamois leathers; Reach & Wash systems have been introduced to clean the windows of high rise buildings in safety.

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To make sizable profits, you need to target commercial property owners as your clients as they require thorough window cleaning services preferably once a week. Since you are intended for starting a new window cleaning business, you shouldn’t focus on them, rather it would more feasible to concentrate on the domestic clients or the small sized building owners, having just two or three floors. Here you will need basic equipment but for multi-storied buildings, you will require scaffolds and other advanced tools that are much costlier and difficult to arrange easily. Moreover, a maximum number of multi-story office centers possibly has commercial cleaning agreements with bigger window-cleaning firms. So, if you are a new entrant in this type of business, then you must start from the small size buildings. Here I have jot down the essential information that you should have before starting the window cleaning business.

Benefits of Window Cleaning Business

The following are the few benefits of starting a window cleaning business:

1. Stress-free to start as a solo cleaner

You can easily begin this window cleaning business on your own even if you are a solo cleaner. You can provide your services to the smaller buildings or apartments.

2. Outstanding cash flows at the start-up phase

You can also have good earning in the early starting phase of the window cleaning business without making any large amount of investment. If you are rendering your services on the small scale then there is no requirement of making any big outlay in this type of trade.

3. Recession-proof trade

The window cleaning business is a recession-proof trade. It means during anytime if recession arises in your country, then it will never affect your business at all. People who are getting your services will keep on receiving it without incurring any type of loss for your business.

Personal Skills Required for Starting a Window Cleaning Business

If you are planning to start a window cleaning business alone, then there are few things that must have:

1. Good communication skills

The main important thing in this business is that you should have good communication skills in order to interact with your precious clients. If the clients get impressed with your words and attitude, then they might hire you for the long term purposes. So, you must convey all the minute details about your services along with the reasonable price rates.

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2. Branding and marketing

You must possess a skill of perfectly branding and marketing your business so that a maximum number of people get aware about your trade. Marketing plays an important role nowadays so you can either use the traditional methods or can utilize the medium of social media.

Must be physically fit

Of course, if you want to operate the business solely, then you must be physically fit to continue the cleaning services regularly. You may find the job hard, especially in cold and windy weather. If you are in sound health, then only you can offer the good standard of service to your clients.

Start-up Expenses

The start-up expenses for a window cleaning business are quite low and you are not required to invest much in this business. Like any other businesses, it is always a good job to write a window cleaning business plan in advance. You just required a vehicle (either purchase it or get it on lease) along with the appropriate equipment, training for the services and the insurance to cover any mishap. Your main investment will be incurred during the marketing and branding of your business which can be done while making company’s logo, printing promotional tools, etc. However, the customers are getting more in touch with the social mediums of advertising, then you should also try this mode for promoting your business, this also saves your lot of money.

Insurance and Training

You cannot ignore the health and the safety issues during rendering your window cleaning business services as it might be risky and dangerous for your business. For this, you have to get training related to the health and safety from the concerned institute or organization. In some countries, without getting this training you are not allowed to start a window cleaning business as there you have to fetch a license from the authorized department. The insurance of the window cleaning business companies could be costly but if you follow all the safety rules then you can reduce the amount of premium which you need to pay to the insurance company.

Option of Franchise

If you want to open a franchise of a renowned company who is already in the window cleaning business, then it will also be a beneficial option for you. Being a part of a famous company, you will easily get a ready-to-use business model of a recognized brand name. There are quite more chances that franchisees can easily succeed in this business as compared to the new start-up but for getting a franchise you might have to invest more money for getting it. So, if you are thinking about this option, then you must explore all the terms and conditions of the company thoroughly.

So, after getting familiar with all the information about the window cleaning business, you can now easily start this venture without any worry. This is one of the easy income earning businesses at present.

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Starting a Window Cleaning Business: An Essential Checklist
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Starting a Window Cleaning Business: An Essential Checklist
Starting a window cleaning business is easy, safe and profitable. Read our checklist to be aware of all details related to this business.
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