Starting a Tour Guide Business – Low Cost Business Idea

Do you have the hobby of traveling and knowing about the history of different places and you yourself have a good knowledge about the history of wide range of places, then why not use your skill and hobby for an attractive business opportunity i.e. starting a tour guide business as a job or business is always interesting if the sector is of interest over that a tour guide business is a small scale business which needs very less amount of investment.

Steps of Starting a Tour Guide Business

Commencing any business is easy, but the difficulties come to manage and run it successfully as after you start a business, you become aware of the different kind of obstacles which you might not have imagined. So it is essential to think many times before starting any business as taking time is a better option than to repent later on for the decision.

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First Thing you Need to do is a Complete Research

Whatever the business you have chosen to start, do a complete and thorough research and that is also strategically. Find out different things in your research like: –

  • Competitors: – How many competitors you have in your market and how well or bad they are performing. Try to figure out the strategies they are using and the ways they are managing the business along with the quality and price of the service.
  • Required Skills:Starting a tour guide business will need a good hold on knowledge of historical information and culture of the place you will be providing the service. If you want, you can take courses in tourism to brush up your skills.
  • Location: – Find out the proper location to set up your business. If you want to start the same from your home, you can also do that it will save a lot of investment for renting or buying a place.
  • Capital Requirement: – Although starting a tour guide business doesn’t need a huge capital to invest, but through your research find out the different sectors where you need to invest and the amount of the needed capital.

Secondly, you Need to Create a Good Business Plan

A business plan is a key to success for any business. If required, take the assistance of professionals to create the same. A business plan should contain everything about the business like the financial requirement, different strategies to run the business in a profitable way and how to get the return on the investment.

A perfect business plan also helps to get financial assistance from the banks to run the show.

Third is to Select the Business Niche

While starting a tour guide business, you will have various options to choose as the business niche. So you need to select from different option and choose the best one. Below are the different tour guide business options: –

  • Complete Tourism Option: – In this, you need to provide all kind of services like from transportation facility to arrangement of accommodation along with all kind of requirements like the arrangement of tickets, hotels, food and a professional guide to the service for 24*7. This will mean that the tourist will completely dependent on you for every aspect. This is a profitable business option but needs a lot of hard work too.
  • Transportation Service: – In this, your responsibility will be only to provide transportation services to the tourist to take them from one place to another. You can also add the service of the professional guide along with this.
  • Accommodation: – Here, your area of concern will only about arrangement of hotels or guest house or other places for accommodation. You need to have sources in different places of your locality to provide the service. Ensure that the places you provide for accommodation are 100 % safe for the tourists.
  • Tour Guide: – In the tour guide option, you will be providing the service of professional guides to the tourist who will help the tourist to travel in different places.

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Fourth is to Market your Business

Once you have chosen your business type, the next step is to promote your business. You can use social media for promotion of the business without any cost and can also take other ways of promotion like digital media or even the traditional ways of marketing like ads in newspaper, billboards and others.

Promotion of a business is very important so that people come to know about your business.

Fifth is Registering the Business

For starting a tour guide business, you need to register the same with your local administrative office. Get the trade license for the same and complete all the legal formalities.

Tips for having a Successful Tour Guide Business

You alone cannot run the business for a long time, so when hiring staffs, ensure that they have the required expertise and are professional in the field. As it is a department of hospitality, your service needs to be always polite and professional.

Starting a tour guide business is a profitable business venture, so if you want you can start with a small business like select any single business type mentioned earlier and later on move to the first option.

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Starting a Tour Guide Business - Low Cost Business Idea
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Starting a Tour Guide Business - Low Cost Business Idea
Do you have the hobby of travelling and knowing about the history of different places? then why not use your skill and hobby for starting a tour guide business?
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