The Scope and Benefits of Starting a Ticket Booking Agency in India

In this competitive market, everyone is not so lucky to get a job with lucrative pay package and job security, be a government service or a private one. But that doesn’t mean that all the roads are closed, business is an option which is open for everyone and success is guaranteed if done with intelligence and hard work. Business or work from home is the new trend, working people are also going for this option and a ticket booking agency is one of the best options to earn from home. The business is lucrative as there is an ever-increasing demand of railway reservation tickets, flight tickets and also bus tickets. You can earn a standard rate of commission from the leading airlines and IRCTC for selling tickets and give them business.

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Scope of Ticket Booking Agency in Market

Millions of people travel every day maybe for business or for leisure purpose and the days are gone when standing in the lone queue in the railway station or bus stands were the only option to get a ticket. Now a day’s more and more people are dependent on ticket booking agency for the ticket allotment. So there is a huge opportunity to grab the open market and establish an agency for ticket booking.

Requirement to Start a Ticket Booking Agency

As booking ticket is a serious job, that’s why the authority is not been given to everyone, there is a systematic process to apply and get the authorization. So to set up a booking agency the basic things that one needs are:-

1. Capital Requirement

Like educational degree and experience is the most important thing to get a job, capital is the most important factor for the setup of a business. However, the need of capital to start a booking agency is very less in compare to other setups. It is suggested to invest a minimum amount at the beginning. Apart from infrastructure, a maximum capital of 30 to 40 K is enough including the equipment to start the booking agency.

  • PC or Laptop: – 20,000 to 30,000
  • Internet Connectivity: – 2,000
  • Printer: – 6,000
  • Misc Charges: – 10,000 (Registration cost, etc)

2. Infrastructure

There is no bounded rule to have a specific designs or location to start a ticket booking agency. If you want you can start the same in your house also and if you are already having any setup with other alternative business, then you can start the same from that location also.

3. Knowledge

You don’t need to know about rocket science to start a business; high energy; higher interest and bit of intelligence and common sense are the key to success in business. Regarding knowledge, as ticketing is related to computer so knowledge in Basic English is required along with some basic training in computer operation and internet usage.

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4. Legal Formalities

Here comes the critical part, Indian railway doesn’t provide the authorization to book ticket to everyone and to get the authority you need to follow some legal formalities and have some of the basic things like: –

Capital in cash, credit or debit card or net banking facility: –

This will be required to make the payment for the booking of the ticket. The amount of the ticket will be deducted from your account and you will collect the cash from the customer. A percentage of commission will be given to you for the transaction.

Computer or laptop: –

You need to book the ticket from your computer or laptop.

Printer: –

You will need a printer to give a hard copy to the customer, with which he or she will board the train or the respective medium.

Internet Connection: –

Internet connectivity is required to process all the procedure.

Required Documents: –

  1. Photo id proof (Voter card, driving license, passport, adhar card etc)
  2. Address proof (Voter card, driving license, passport, adhar card, electricity bill etc) Both of the above documents needs to be attested
  3. 2 copies of passport size photograph
  4. Application form
  5. Shop license
  6. Scan copy of payment proof

All the documents will be verified properly and then the authorization will be provided and this whole process may take up to 7 working days and the approval solely depends on IRCTC

Other Benefits of Starting a Ticket Booking Agency

Getting a license of ticket booking agency will open the gate of various other opportunities. Other than railway ticket booking you will get various other complimentary services like: –

  • Booking of Flight Tickets: You will have the option to book flight tickets instantly through online service for both domestic and international flights.
  • Booking of Bust tickets: From AC, Volvo, Deluxe to sleeper or private, you can book online ticket for the widest range of bus service.
  • Utility Bill Payment: You can also make payments for various other services like electricity bill, telephone bill etc.
  • Recharge: Along with the ticket booking you can also do recharge online for mobile operators or DTH services also.
  • Holiday Package: A ticket booking agency can also offer the best domestic or international holiday packages.
  • Hotel Bookings:  You can also book hotels in various domestic and international locations.

So along with railway ticket booking, there are various other services that you can enjoy if you start a ticket booking agency and for every service, you will earn a lucrative commission with a very little investment.

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The Scope and Benefits of Starting a Ticket Booking Agency in India
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The Scope and Benefits of Starting a Ticket Booking Agency in India
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