Learn the Essentials of Starting a Small Jam-Making Business

Small Jam-Making BusinessDo you get compliments from your friends and family members for the jam and jellies you made at home? Do you come up with new jam making recipe ideas every day? If your passion is to experiment with various fruits and flavors in making your own jam and jellies, then it is high time to turn your obsession into a rewarding venture. Start a small jam-making business from your home kitchen and make a good income by selling all these homemade stuffs. Your consumers, who are used to eat jam and jellies available in the grocery store will get a chance to experience a more tasty and healthy option. They will definitely appreciate your creations.

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Starting jam and jelly business is not only profitable but can also be started on a small scale with very less investment of capital. These homemade products are a healthier substitute to the items that are available in the market consisting of artificial colors, flavors and preservatives. Fruit jam is basically thick in nature as it is prepared after boiling fruit pulps with sugar and preservatives. It is available in various fruity flavors like apple, mango, and orange, mixed fruit, pineapple, etc. whereas Jelly is a clear and transparent recipe that is prepared from sugar, fruit juice, and at times pectin also.

Market Potential of Jam and Jelly Making Business

Jam and jelly are the two indispensable items for our breakfast table. These are mostly used as a spread over the bread and sometimes as a filling substitute in cakes or cookies. Jam and jelly both have demand in household and also in cafe and bakery. We, the urban people mainly consume jam and jelly but these days the popularity of these products go on increasing in other part of the country with the changing food habits.

Jam and jelly making is one of the major concerns of food processing industry in India. Though India is producing a wide variety of fruits and vegetables and hence secures a second position in the world, it is a matter of great regret only 0.5 t 1% of raw products are processed, no such government enterprises undertaken to pick up the pace of production, processing and marketing of these fresh fruits and vegetables. The industry was almost ignored. Time has changed and now the government policies are much more favorable for food processing industry. The Government of India is also providing grants and subsidies in order to develop this industry.

According to a recent study, quantity of processed fruits and vegetables is almost 15 lakh tonne per year. Out of this, about 27% of the total production is fruit juices and pulps whereas nearly 13% is for producing ready-to-serve beverages and pickles. Only 10% out of this is accounted for jam, jelly and marmalade. From the estimate, it is cleared that the business of these processed fruits products will continue to grow for a long years. The reason is simple; there is a drastic change in food habits of the young generation. People like to have jam and jellies with the bread and other convenient snack foods.

Before starting a small jam-making business, an appropriate planning, as well as strategy, is required. You can begin this business from your home only.

Steps for Starting a Small Jam-making Business

Even if jam-making business sounds very easy to set up, still you must be aware of some essential steps that are required before beginning this trade. The following are the list of steps that should be followed for establishing this small business:

Study the Market

mixed fruit jam and jellyThe first important step is to study the market in which you are going to launch your products. You have to check that how new business entrants are welcome in this field. You are required to conduct a test among the people that which type of tastes they preferred the most in jam and jelly. It helps you in making your product better and different from others and you also come to know about that which segment of the people you should target.

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Register your Company

Before registering your company, you have to give a suitable and attractive name to your business. It must replicate your trade as many people get fascinate towards the company only with the unusual name. Once you finalize the name of the company, you are required to register it with the authorizing authority in order to obtain the valid permit and tax identification number to legally run your business.

Check the Legal Formalities of Your Country

Now next step is to check the zoning as well as food production laws of your area if you are working from the home. A household setup might save a lot of overhead expenditures; however, you have to get approval for the household production from the concerned authority. If you do not get approval for your kitchen, you can get a small kitchen of a restaurant at the rent that can be used at night.

Meet the Licensing Requirements

Now, need to contact the Health Board or equivalent Food and Drug Administration office in order to fetch the required licenses and certificates that will allow you to run jam and jelly business. It is one of the essential documents that are needed for starting a business legally.

In India, you will need to register your business under the Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI) and apply for a license. It would be better if you get registered as SSI Unit (Small Scale and ancillary units). The products need to comply with FPO and PFA Act.

Follow all the Necessary Guidelines

You should follow all the necessary guidelines associated with the health. There are several departments in the country that lays down various sets of rules and laws that are related to the health of the people. So, it becomes your duty to follow all those commandments and regulations strictly.

Pick Up the Raw Materials

The fresh Juicy fruits are considered as the main raw materials. A variety of fruits like orange, pineapple, mango, guava, strawberry, raspberries, peach etc are required for the production of jam and jelly. Sometimes, single fruits are used to make jam of the particular flavor whereas assorted fruits are taken for mixed fruit jam and jelly. You should purchase fresh fruits from the local farmers. Try to develop a close relationship with them for getting good quality of fruits.

The other materials used here are sugar or sometimes its substitute like high fructose corn syrup, citric acid, preservatives, pectin, color, common salts and some flavorings such as cinnamon, vanilla, bourbon etc. You can easily get these items in the local stores.

Arrange the Machinery

If you intend to start jam-making business at a small scale, you will need to have following machinery.

  1. Pulper
  2. Juice Extractor
  3. Mixer/Grinder
  4. Slicer
  5. Cap Sealing Machine
  6. Bottle Washing Machine
  7. Carton Sealing Machine

You will require several other resources like cutters and graters, stainless steel utensils, hand-gloves, weighing machine, storage racks, working tables etc.

Display the Nutritional Content and Info

Next step is to display all the nutritional content of your jams and jellies over the labels of product that are governed by FDA. You must have to include the weight of the product, the list of constituents, the name of your product along with the full name and address of the manufacturer also. The shelf life of the product must also be showed. A buyer must be aware of everything related to your product.

Fix an Affordable Price for your Product

You have to fix a price for your product that is not only reasonable but also makes you to earn profit. In starting, you should keep the price of your jams and jellies to the lowest (after considering the cost of ingredients, labor charges, packaging cost, etc) as compare to the available options in the market.

Advertising and Distribution

In the end, you are required to advertise your products so that people can become aware of it. You can utilize social media also. After advertising and promotion, you must do marketing and distribution of your jams and jellies to the local supermarket, restaurants, eating joints, etc.

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Do you have more useful points starting a jam and jelly business? Please share with me by commenting below. Your different viewpoints will help me in improving the article so that the readers can get the full benefit from it after reading.

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Learn the Essentials of Starting a Small Jam-Making Business
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Learn the Essentials of Starting a Small Jam-Making Business
Starting a jam-making business is profitable and also low-capital intensive venture. Find out the essential steps with which you can start your own jam jelly making business.
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