Start Popping Money and Profit by Starting a Popcorn Business

During childhood, popcorn was the first thing that used to strike when the word of cinema used to come in our mind. The tradition of eating popcorns during movies is still going on. From black and white screen to 3 D, the cinema has transformed a lot, but still the old traditional of popcorn during movies is a must. The magical effect of popcorn is still to be substituted which makes the popcorn making business a lucrative option for small scale business. Starting a popcorn business is a profitable idea to have your own source of income and that is also in a good amount.

Market Opportunity of Popcorn Making Business

The best part of starting a popcorn business is that there is the need of very less investment to start the business on a small scale and the opportunity of earning profit is higher. The margin of profit is huge in this business that you can only find out after entering the same.

Popcorns are sold at very high prices in exalted places like shopping malls, multiplexes, restaurants etc, so many families prefer to enjoy the same at home by getting the same locally. So local shops and retails outlets also add up to the market opportunity.

The target customer base: –

  • School kids
  • Restaurant and hotels
  • Shopping malls and movie halls. You can get a huge market with multiplexes.
  • Religious places or fairs
  • Offices etc.

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Basic steps for Starting a Popcorn Business

Business Plan : –

Make a simple but systematic business plan of your business. It is useful for starting any business as it helps in forecasting various unavoidable circumstances.

Arrange capital : –

You don’t need a huge capital for starting a popcorn business but if you can run the business well, you can earn a huge margin of profit. The equipment will have the maximum share of your capital.

Legal Formalities : –

As it is a food business so it is very important to complete all the legal formalities. Contact your local office and get the details of the requirement of the legal formalities and complete all the requirements.

Branding : –

Give a brand name to your business as it will help you to create your own customer base and market and it will also differentiate your products from others.

Business Type : –

Now you need to choose the type of business you want to start. You can choose from the below business types like: –

  • Supply to local shops: – You can manufacture your popcorn at your place and supply it to the local retail outlets in your area or city. This is the best option to start at the beginning as it will help you to create your customer base and the brand goodwill.

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  • Single outlet: – You can have your own outlet supplying your brand of popcorn. It is a small scale business idea which will need very less margin of capital investment.
  • Start different units or branches: – You can have different branches of your business at different places. Here the need of investment may be high but you can capture a huge area and the different branches will help you to balance the margin of profit.

Below are the basic requirements to start a Popcorn Making Business

Raw material Supplier : –

You will need various materials to produce the popcorn. So do a proper research about the various raw material suppliers in your area. The list of required materials are : –

  • Bags of corns: – As corn is the main raw material so you need to find the best supplier for the same. If you want to start with the general quality of popcorn then you can choose local suppliers but for a higher quality of production, you may need a supplier who imports top quality corns from other countries. You may order the same online also. You can get the other ingredients from the local suppliers.
  • Sugar, salt, butter: – You will need this to add taste to the popcorn. Find out some local suppliers who can supply you with this in a large volume. Do a price analysis first like compare the price of different suppliers and select the one with the most cost effective rate.
  • Nylon bags: – Brand is something which differentiates your product from other competitors. So if you want to make it large, get a top quality nylon bags with your brand and details printed on them. The look of the packaging needs to be attractive to generate more sales.
  • Other ingredients: – You can also make a different quality of popcorn by adding different other spices or ingredients to give a different taste like cheese, different masalas, aroma etc. But for this, you need to have the training of mixing the correct proportion of ingredients.

Equipment : –

You may need two different machines depending on your type of business:-

  • Popcorn Machine: – It is also known as popcorn maker. The size of the same will also depend on your business type like if you want to distribute or sell popcorn from one location then you will need a bigger machine then if you have different branches. The popcorn maker usually starts from 18,000 to 20,000. Get the machine from a reputed supplier and check the servicing offerings.
  • Sealing Machine: – This one will be needed if you are giving packed popcorns. In case you sell in cardboard cups you will not need the same.

Addition to your energy, stamina and patience, these are the steps and requirements for starting a popcorn business. If you don’t have the experience of popcorn making or business, it is suggested to begin from a small scale business. Create your customer base and goodwill to your brand, earn some experience and expertise in the area and you can easily expand your popcorn making business.

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Start Popping Money and Profit by Starting a Popcorn Business
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Start Popping Money and Profit by Starting a Popcorn Business
popcorn making business a lucrative option for small scale business. Starting a popcorn business is a profitable idea to have your own source of income and that is also in a good amount.
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