Have Fun and Profit with Dog Grooming Business

pet groomingAre you looking for an exciting business idea in pet care and service industry? Do you enjoy spending time with your pets? You can start your own dog grooming business. If you are passionate about dogs, you will find fun and satisfaction in providing them thorough care. Not only that, you can earn a living being their groomer. In today’s busy schedule, individuals have no time to pamper their doggies so they choose to outsource these tasks to professional dog groomers. They love their four-legged companions as the family members and they are ready to spend money on premium pet products and grooming services.

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Market potential of Dog Grooming Business

You will be surprised to know that in the U.S roughly 70000 pet groomers are working on the pets to change their overall appearance and behavior. American pet grooming and boarding industry is growing consistently as more people are buying pets. The numbers of pet owners have increased from 56% to 62% between the years 1988-2010. The industry is also booming because of the increased expenditure per pet. Dog grooming business is an old category small pet care business that has tremendous popularity and demand among the dog owners till date.

Benefits of Stating a Dog Grooming Business

  1. Anyone who is true pet lover can start this business. Love and affection for animal is the prime requirement for this type of pet related business.
  2. There is no need to have previous training or education.
  3. This is not at all capital intensive business. The start-up expenses are fairly low.
  4. The over-head costs are comparatively low.
  5. It can be a perfect home-based business if you have ample space at your home.
  6. You can enjoy all the benefits of working at your home.
  7. You may choose to become a sole proprietor of the business and get tax benefits.
  8. The pet industry is thriving as with the growing numbers of pet owners. So the grooming services will always be in-demand.
  9. As your experience grows, you may broaden your grooming services to other pats also.

Service Type

Before starting dog grooming business you should think about the way of service you are going to provide. You may run a mobile dog grooming salon or go for a formal storefront in a rented commercial place for providing grooming activities. If you have enough space, you can convert a section of your house into a dog grooming studio. You should make your license clear to hold on the fame and popularity of your business and make your profit secure. The most important requirement is the fresh water supply. It is being said so because it is the cleanliness which will attract the customers. You must have a quick system to clean up the dirt after the completion of grooming for one dog.

The List of Services You Should Provide

As a professional dog groomer, you need to provide a variety of grooming services. You should have a discussion with the owner which type of services he would prefer for his dog. Here is a list of grooming services for the dog.

  1. Warm-water bathing
  2. Washing with shampoo and drying the dog’s coat
  3. Brushing the coat
  4. Shaping the hairs into specific styles
  5. Trimming the nails
  6. Ear Plucking and Cleaning
  7. Brushing the teeth to maintain clean and shiny look.
  8. Breath freshening
  9. Massaging cream into nose and pads
  10. Pawdicure which includes nail clip, nail grind, light feet trim, fragrant spray, application of nail polish and nail stickers etc
  11. Sanitary trimming
  12. Providing treatments against fleas, parasites etc.

Required Skills and Attributes

dog groomingAs I mentioned before, you need not to complete any training or education to start the dog grooming business. However, in recent times, the nature and style of grooming services has changed a lot and a number of specialized services and related equipment have been included herewith. To attain such advanced skill-set and lend your business to next level of professionalism, you should join a professional training program. The formal dog grooming courses usually include 300 hours of study covering the skills and attributes to run a new grooming business smoothly.

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In addition to completing a grooming program, you will require the following skills and attributes to become a successful dog groomer.

  1. Understand and thoughtful to animal welfare.
  2. Handle dogs with care, affection and confidence.
  3. Experience in take care of dogs and keep them safe during grooming sessions.
  4. Be physically fit to stand for a long period
  5. Capable of doing labor-intensive work
  6. Must have patience and maturity
  7. Need excellent communication skill
  8. Require a basic level of business acumen

Purchasing Supplies and Equipment

You will need to purchase a variety of equipment including professional grooming tables, bathtubs, cages, dryers and washing machines. You should buy a large number of basic supplies like clipper, scissor, comb and brush, shampoo, conditioner, nail clipper, sprays, fragrance, ear cleaning products and styling tools also.

Apply for Insurance

You should apply for public liability insurance as you will be dealing with some other’s pet. Sometimes, situations would not go in your favor especially when a dog goes hurt or picks up an illness in your care. The pet owner can take legal action against your business. Here liability insurance would give you a full coverage. Professional Indemnity insurance is also required for deal with these types of unexpected situations legally.

Meet Your Customer’s Expectations

Ultimately you have to satisfy your customers with your professional services and personal traits. The dog owners are your customers and you should provide them better services. There are some issues with which quality and professionalism is very much related. If you take care of these quality issues, you will definitely meet the expectations of your customers. These are as follows:

  1. Discuss with the owners and identify their grooming needs.
  2. Decide suitable grooming patterns and styles according to the age, breed standard, coat condition and also the health issues
  3. No entry for “short cuts”
  4. Always handle dogs with care.
  5. Never apply any sedatives as it is harmful for dog’s overall health.
  6. Provide the dogs a healthy and stress-free grooming session
  7. Give advise the dog owners how to continue bathing and brushing at home to keep their dog’s coat healthy and shiny.
  8. Always purchase quality grooming supplies.

Hope I am able to provide you a clear picture of starting a dog grooming business. If you have further queries, please feel free to ask in the comment section. I will try to solve your queries and make you happy.

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