Learn the Secrets of Running a Successful Dog Breeding Business

Are you in search of business ideas whose main focus is on dogs? In my earlier post, I have mentioned dog grooming business. Today I am going to discuss about dog breeding business. It is no doubt a fun business since dogs are the foremost priority of this business. If you have passion for dogs and enjoy working with them, then you may think of starting a dog breeding business. However, producing healthy dog breeds and selling them for money, both the tasks demand a significant amount of time, motivation and professionalism from your end. You must have to imply a lot of patience, effort, dedication, as well as your precious time in order to develop your affection for dogs into a truthfully money-making business.

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People like to keep dogs at home mainly because dogs will be their all time companions and they enjoy spending time with the pets. There are some other folks also who want to have dogs for security reasons. Nevertheless the type of dog breed you are interested in and choose to produce, you can get your clients who will pay you top dollars for genetically-healthy dogs. There is a potential market for every dog breeds. These days, US economy is gaining back its strength and people have becoming interested to own dogs at home. A recent study revealed that 44% of US households own dogs and the number of dogs residing here is around 87 million and among which, 22% of dogs were obtained from local breeders. So, starting a dog breeding business can be extremely rewarding and offers you a stable source of revenue. Most importantly, you must have a detailed understanding of a particular breed you want to breed for profit.

Write Your Dog Breeding Business Plan

Like for any other business venture, you need to brainstorm various possibilities and answer all those questions that come to your mind. It would help you to stay motivated and have positive spirit. Thereafter comes the most significant part of starting a dog breeding business and that is the writing of a dog breeding business plan. Even if you need not to arrange funds externally, a well-strategic business plan always guides you to reach your target without facing any difficulties. The quantity of knowledge and research that you possess in advance will help you in setting a realistic objective for this business.

So, the below are some important steps that must be followed while compiling a business plan:

Choose a Specific Category of Dogs

First you need to select a specific category of dogs you want to breed. You may consider family dogs like Pomeranian, Hoddle Poodle etc. You can easily reach the market targeting women and small house owners. You may also choose security dogs or sporting group as there is a growing demand of these dogs with the rising crime rate all over the world. Whatever dog breeds you decide to breed, you have to remember that different dogs have different requirements and need the diverse form of training also. The breeding of the dogs is also influenced by the type of environment in which you are living as well as the market demand.

Continue Study and Investigation Relating to Particular Breed

In order to become a successful dog breeder, you need to do well-research and study about the breeds of dogs, their inheritances, the past, characters, parentages, and nature. You should also be aware of the adequate health care, breeding and mating methods of dogs. You can easily get this information over the internet or you may contact the other people who are already indulged in this business.

Examine the Market Segment for Selected Breed

Now, the next step is to research the market for the dog that you are going to breed. You must check its popularity and availability in the market and what kind of people generally buys them. You should know your competitors as well if you want to survive in the particular breeding segment. This will help you growing more effectively in the dog breeding business in the long run.

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Calculate your Funds

Obviously, if you want to dive in to this business, you need to invest moderate amount of money. You just not have to buy few dogs but also have to take care of them by providing extra facilities like the veterinary doctor, injections, food for dogs, etc. You also have to spend some money while registering your dog, setting up your business’s name, marketing of your dog breeding business, etc. You can also earn some additional income if your male dog is strong enough to do more mating i.e. you can charge other dog owners for this service of mating.

Once you have done your planning, it is time to kick start your business by completing the necessary actions. There are lot of must-to-do tasks such as getting business licensing and other legal formalities, building accommodation for dogs, purchasing dogs and dog supplies. I have note down the following actions that you must fulfill in order to establish your dog breeding business successfully.

Register your Business

When your dog breeding business starts growing, you must decide a business entity and register it accordingly. You must also possess all the relevant papers related to the kennel registration as it affects the price of the dog during the sale.

Get the Business License

You should apply for general business license as you will run a business. It is required if you are applying for funds from banks. Additionally, there may be some special licensing requirements for dog breeding business in your city or state. Check the website of the Department of License and Inspections of your city whether you need to take a special permission for the breeding dogs and keeping them in you place.

Purchase Dog Breeders Insurance Policy

In the dog shows, if your dogs become sick or poorly injured or in case they bite other dogs or individuals presents in the show, you will get coverage under the dog breeder’s insurance policy. It will cover the losses if any accident happens with your dog.

Build a Shelter or a Kennel for Dogs

In starting, you have one or two dogs; you will not find it difficult to accommodate them. But as your business grows, you will need more space to give accommodation of these dogs. You can’t allow the dogs to be left in the open. You need to acquire comfortable kennels so that you can keep the dogs and puppies safely.

Buy the Dogs

It is that important step you should give maximum concentration. Obviously, the prime important issue in this dog breeding business are the dogs themselves. So, you need to purchase mature dogs of your selected breed that meet the specific breed standard. A great number of people generally start the business with own personal dogs. If you do not own dog at your home then you have to buy them from the market or another place to start this business.

Select the Mates Carefully

The step is quite important for producing healthy breeds. You should find the mates for your dogs keeping their size, age and temperament in mind.

Contact with Veterinarians

Since you are starting this business as novice, you should keep contact with the vet near to you. It is very important to make a good relationship with him as he/she will soon visit your kennel on emergency and can help you by providing valuable tips and advice on how to look after the breeds.

Keep Contact with Other Breeders

Meeting with other breeders in your locality would be really helpful for the beginners like you as you can increase your knowledge base from their experiences.

Promote Your Business

Now it’s time get customers whom you can sell the breeds for profit. Make your business online by creating a business website with the pictures and information of the breeds you produce. Don’t forget to put your contact details. The prospective customers will check the details before making contact with you. You should promote your dog breeding business on massage boards and various popular social media sites like FaceBook, Pinterst, etc. The other best way to increase the number of clients is by attending the events or the carnivals related to the dogs. Some of the people lend their dogs for breeding in return of small amount, so you might also contact them.

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