Make Use of Your Expertise Starting a Computer Repair Business

starting computer repair businessStarting computer repair business is highly rewarding in the present scenario when almost every household owns at least one PC and all the businesses, irrespective of their size and nature, greatly depend on the computers. Computers are used in every part of the world. As it is a machine, it often goes out of order and needs some repairing services. I think a majority of the world’s total population have already taken the services of a computer at least once. However, if anything goes wrong with the computer, it is not compulsory that an individual must be familiar with the ways of fixing it. This condition gave rise to the new business concept of computer repairing.

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If you are adept in computer repairing or at least have an interest in computer hardware or software, then it is possible for you to earn a living. It simply allows you to make impressive amount by providing your valuable services to the private customers and companies who are not capable enough to solve the issues regarding the computers. On the other hand, certification is not mandatory for starting computer repair business; however it grants you the authority that can be tough to get otherwise.

Starting a Computer Repair Business- Sample Business Plan

If you are thinking about starting a computer repair business, you’ll need to do a thorough research and later create a specific business plan for your computer repair business. It will definitely increase the chance of getting success in this venture. The below are the steps that need to be followed if you want to begin a computer repair business on your own:

Determine the Type of Repair Services

The first main step is to decide what kind of repair services you want to offer to your clients. Are you going to provide regular hardware repair services or to offer the services related to the system set up, virus elimination, data retrieval, software upgrades and other facilities? You should decide it at the very first stage, depending on your expertise and experience in the related field. You should also determine the OS (operating systems) with which you will start working because there are significant differences among the repairs of a computer running on Windows XP or Windows 7 or a version of Mac OS X.

Get Certificates in Computer Course

You must attend the courses related to the computer repairing in order to get prepared for the certification tests in your specialization areas. The examples of these certifications comprise of the CompTIA A+ qualifications for repairing computer hardware, a Microsoft Qualified Professional certification for operating the Microsoft OS as well as programs, etc.

Select Your Ideal Clients

Now, you will have to figure out your ideal clients whom you want to work with. There is certain computer repairs trade that focuses on assisting their clients in managing their computers, whereas some others businesses are more concentrated on domestic customers. You must be aware of the characteristics of your target clients in advance. Are your clients all belonging to a specific industry or do they all use same version of Windows? If you choose a specialty area in relation to your skills, it would definitely help you to settle your marketing and sales strategies in the direction of those customers.

Evaluate the Business of Your Competitors

You need to evaluate the strategy of your competitors in order to see that how many of them are targeting the similar client base in your zone. You should try to discover out their price offered, the facilities that they deliver as well as the certifications which their experts hold. Then, it can be easily decided that on what viable and reasonable price you will work that you will work for as per your expertise level and qualifications.

Apply for the Business License

The next step is to apply for the business license or authorization. You have to file with a ideal name for doing the business as after the registration process you will be allowed to work under the same name. Then, buy a liability insurance plan in order to safeguard yourself from the litigation that might occur if you damaged the client’s computer.

Fix on Your Rate

computer repair business planAs you will be investing your time and money in running your computer repair business, you should settle on a fixed rate for the services you offer and you should do it in the early days of your business. The rate should not be too low to maintain uninterrupted services and at the same time if your rate is high than the present market rate, then you will be losing clients and it would affect your reputation as well as the client-provider relationship. While setting on your rate, you’ll need to look at your local competitors and make inquiries how much they are charging.

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Market Your Business

The next thing is to promote your computer repairing business through advertisements. You shall make a website regarding all the relevant information about your services, prices along with the certifications you earned. You can also advertise with the help of brochures and or placing local ads in the newspapers or magazines.

Prepare a Spreadsheet

You are also required to make a spreadsheet regarding the customer data so that you can simply check the past computer issues of the same clients. This will help to understand the actual cause of the problem. You must save all the important info about your clients at one place.

Keep an Eye over all the Revenue and Expenditures

The last step of the computer repair business plan is to keep an eye on all your earnings and payments for the income tax purposes. You must pay all the tax on time to evade any kind of penalties in future.

After following all the above steps of the plan, you can easily and successfully start a computer repairing business. However, one more important thing which you need to remember is that you should offer the best quality of service to your clients always as it can create a big difference among a business flourishing and a failing business. So, the client satisfaction must be your first priority as it will help you in building a long term relationship also.

I hope this article suffice your purpose of knowing the ways to start a computer repairing business. Please let us know if you have any reviews regarding this or if you have any other business ideas also.

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