Starting a Beauty Blog Can Fulfill Your Creative Dreams

Starting a beauty blog can be a wise decision if your passion and interest lie with beauty, cosmetics, make-up, style etc. No matter if you are a homemaker or stay-at-home mom or a working woman, you can become a successful beauty blogger with your passion and hard work. Days are gone when people used to spend the whole day doing household work or only concentrating on one single job. People are now like to use their creativity and skills to have their own business or source of income. Likewise, starting a beauty blog is one of the easiest ways to share your expertise, knowledge and also creativity in this area and make a decent income.

For many people, blogging becomes a habit or hobby after sometimes, as it allows you to express your viewpoint to the mass of people and also let you get connected with thousands of peoples from around the world. Along with this, starting a beauty blog doesn’t require to spend huge and you can also make extra money from the same.

Can You Make Money by Starting a Beauty Blog?

People may hear many a kind of myth related to maintaining a permanent blog post and can you actually earn from writing blogs. So, don’t worry, all your queries will be answered as you continue to read on.

Can you make money with blogging? Definitely, you can, if you have the skill and talent of presenting quality content and a bit of knowledge related to SEO, then making money from blogs is an interesting job. In western countries, people from the age of 14 or below start their own blogs according to their area of expertise and make huge money out of it.

In India too, blogging is quickly getting the required popularity and exposure and a lot of people are starting their own blogs. The advancement of the digital media has also given a great push to the work of blogging in India.

Different Myths Related to Blogging

Myth 1: Blogging is expensive

A lot of people assume that starting and maintaining own blog is very expensive, but it is not true as a self-hosted blog can be easily maintained at just $4 a month which is around Rs 240.00 per month. There is no need of going for expensive options than this. Websites like BlueHost offer the services at the most reasonable price along with free domain too. So, before starting a beauty blog, do a thorough research on the same.

Myth 2: It’s confusing and hard to maintain

Blogs can be easily maintained and can be managed by people who are less computer-savvy too. So, starting a blog is not a complicated thing. Here in this article, you will find the complete and easy process of starting a beauty blog.

Myth 3: You can’t earn with small blogs

A self-hosted blogs provide you the independence to monetize it. Along with this, you can surely make more than you spend. In the beginning, it may not be huge but as soon as you start putting more focus on the work by promoting it and giving quality content, it will start giving a good amount of return.

So, these are some of the examples of the myth that people have in mind related to blogging. So, if you have at least an hour or two every day, then starting a beauty blog is a great idea to share your experience and knowledge and make money from the same.

How to Start a Beauty Blog?

So, below is the complete guide for starting a beauty blog of your own. The options given here are the best examples, however, you can select others alternatives too, whichever you feel comfortable in.

BlueHost Sign up:

BlueHost is one of the most user-friendly and popular web hosts. They offer the web hosting at a free cheap rate along with free domain name. The basic package cost you around $3.95 per month.

Select the Best Domain Name:

Try to select the perfect domain name which is easy to remember and unique also. Try to go with .com name, however, whatever suits the best, go for the same.

Select the different features that you need to taken and wish to pay. It is recommended to go for the domain privacy to keep your information hidden.

Install WordPress:

The next step is quick and easy, install WordPress in your system. You will get the option to install WordPress in your BlueHost account only, go to cPanel and click on “Install WordPress”.

Once the installation and other signup process is completed, you will get the WordPress login information via email. After that, go to and sign in there.

Make it Presentable:

It is the last step of setting up a beauty blog. Install a theme to make your blog look presentable and attractive. Don’t use the too much glittering theme as they are useful for onetime usages. Use some soothing themes. Now your blog is ready to become online. Wait a moment before posting any content! Get prepared for the next important step which is blog branding.

Select Your Blog Topic:

This step is very crucial for your blog branding. You need to create your own brand identity as it helps you to make your beauty blog unique and authoritative. To stand out from the crowd, make a logo and write a tag line that relate with the topic of your blog.

In case of selecting a niche, you need to go with your skills and interest. For instance, if you are passionate about cosmetics, you could focus on cosmetics. Say, you are an expert on aromatherapy, you can write about aromatic beauty products and remedies. If you love to do nail arts, it could be your blog topic. You could also focus on beauty tips and home remedies, beauty product reviews, makeup artistry. A focused blog does well in the long run.

So, this is the complete guide for starting a beauty blog. You can start a blog in any field as per your experience and expertise; just follow the process along with the proper promotion of the same to get the attention of the people.

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Starting a Beauty Blog Can Fulfill Your Creative Dreams
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Starting a Beauty Blog Can Fulfill Your Creative Dreams
Starting a beauty blog helps you to share your knowledge and skills in this area and make a decent income. Learn how to start a beauty blog in simple steps.
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