How to Start Your Own Nail Polish Line – Low Cost Manufacturing

To turn your passion for nail polish into a money-making venture, you can start your own nail polish line on a small scale. It doesn’t require huge capital investment and has got a huge market to make the business a successful one. Nail polish (a kind of lacquer or enamel) is a color cosmetic used to decorate our fingernails and toenails. These days, its popularity is sky raising because of its wide usage, easy availability and low price. With your skills in color mixing and creativity, you can easily taste success by starting your own nail polish line.

Market Potentiality of Nail Polish Line Business

Nail polish is one of the most common fashion accessories used in today’s life. we, the ladies like to apply nail polish that matches with our dress.  We carry at least 4 to 5 shades of nail polish. Moreover, nail art is very much in trend and teenagers and young ladies , Thus, if you can produce a good product, it has got a huge market. So, start your own nail polish line to capitalize on the huge market of the business.

Nail Polish Manufacturing Process

There are many processes to manufacture nail polish, you can select from the simplest ones or whichever suits your style of business. You may want to experiment with the colors to create new and attractive shades. The training will help a lot to select the manufacturing process.

Raw Material: –

Nitrocellulose cotton is the basic ingredient required in the manufacturing process of nail polish. It is a film-forming agent. You will also need resins and plasticizers, solvents along with coloring agents. The steps of manufacturing include: –

  • Step 1: – With the help of two-roll differential speed mill the pigments are mixed with nitrocellulose and plasticizer. It produces a fine dispersion of color.
  • Step 2: – After the mixing, the mixture is removed from the mill in the sheet form. After that, it is broken into small chips to mix with solvent. Stainless steel needs to be used for the mixing as nitrocellulose is highly reactive to iron. After that, the mixture needs to be cooled.
  • Step 3: – After that, different ingredient are mixed.
  • Then the finished products are poured into smaller bottles.

How to Start Your Own Nail Polish Line from Scratch

Even as the nail polish business is an attractive option, I suggest you to start your own nail polish line in a small scale at the beginning. It is always better to start with little investment and create your own market and then grow your business because as being a beginner, you need to learn a lot from small mistakes to have a successful business. So, here are the steps that you need to follow to start your own nail polish line: –

Learn the skills: –

You may have a great knowledge and skills in color mixing; however, creating a nail polish line is completely a different cup of tea. You need to have practical experience in nail polish production.

Online Courses: –

You can check different online videos about the steps to manufacture nail polish and you can even enroll for the online courses. It will give you a great idea about the steps of manufacturing nail polish and will also help to enhance your creativity.

Take Internship: –

It is one of the best ways to have a practical experience in the process of nail polish manufacturing. You can apply internship or training in the top nail polish manufacturing companies to get all kind of practical experience and knowledge about the process.

Create business plan: –

The next step should be to create your own business plan about the same. It should contain your plans and what goals are you aiming for along with your planned steps to achieve the same. Your business plan will help you to share your vision with others which will persuade them in helping you to achieve your goals. Like with a business plan, you can get financial assistance from the bank or even attract an investor.

Research: –

This is one of the most important steps for starting any business. The fate of your business depends a lot on how properly you have followed this step. In your research, you need to find every possible aspects of the chose business niche and act accordingly. You need to find information about your competitors, market trend, new technologies, etc and make proper planning accordingly.

Register your business: –

To start your own nail polish line, you need to register your business with the local authorities. Give a small but attractive name to your company and brand and register the same as per the set guidelines.

Choose Suppliers: –

You will need different kind of raw materials to start your own nail polish line. Thus, you will also need suppliers for the same. You can select from two approaches here, one is to go with one supplier or do business with different suppliers.

Option 1, One Supplier: –

This is a best option to select at the beginning of your business. There are many suppliers which provide a complete solution to your needs like the colors, mixtures, nail polish bottles, caps, etc. This will help you to reduce your expenses and operate smoothly.

Option 2, Different Suppliers: –

You can select this option if you are ready to experiment. Different suppliers have expertise in different areas, so you can select the best ones and do business accordingly. However, it is suggest that you try this out after you have gained a bit of experience and expertise in the field.

Select location: –

You can start your own nail polish line business at a small place, but it needs to be well-ventilated. You can also use your empty room at your house for the same. However, it is suggested to take suggestion from the concerned authority on the same.

Promotion and Marketing: –

It is the step to attract customer to your products. There are many existing brands of nail polishes in the market. So, you need to take extensive promotional steps to make hype about your product. You can also go for e-commerce business as it gives you exposure to a huge customer base. Doing business from eBay, Amazon, Flipkart, etc is also a great way of doing online business.

This is the complete guideline to start your own nail polish line and operate in a profitable way.

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How to Start Your Own Nail Polish Line - Low Cost Manufacturing
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How to Start Your Own Nail Polish Line - Low Cost Manufacturing
Planning to start your own nail polish line but lack of information? Learn the market potentiality and steps of starting a nail polish manufacturing business.
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