Start Your Home Based Business with a Pursuing Career in Aromatherapy

Aromatherapy- an Introduction

Aromatherapy is a limb of Alternative Medicine. It offers treatment of the body, mind and soul using the essential oils. The term ‘aromatherapy’ was coined by a French chemist Rene Maurice Gattefosse in 1928. He found lavender oil useful in skin burns after he burnt his hand in a lab explosion. In ancient Egypt, India, China, Roma and Greece the essential oils were used as fragrance and cosmetics, mainly for spiritual healing. The use of essential oils was first introduced during the World War II by French surgeon Jean Valnet., Although aromatherapy is a widely accepted throughout the world as a complementary medical system, there is a lack of good medical evidence and careful research in modern days.

What is an Aromatherapist?

An aromatherapist is an alternative health care practitioner. It is his duty to look after the mental and psychological well-being of a person with the help of essential oils. These oils are actually extracted from herbs. The aromatherapist applies these oils through inhalation or topical massage. Different type of oils and separate sets of blends are used for different patients. The patient’s condition and his fondness determine the use of oils. The aromatherapist has the knowledge and experience of both the things.

The Job of an Aromatherapist:

Aromatherapy directly stimulates the sensations of a person. That is why the job of an aromatherapist is complex and difficult to execute. The therapist must have good knowledge of human anatomy and great communication skill. The work of an aromatherapist can be divided into three parts. Namely-

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  • Analyze- At first, the practitioner analyzes the psychological and physiological trend of the patient.
  • A-List- Secondly, he selects the required oils, blends and the therapies.
  • Apply- Lastly, he applies the oils through inhalation or topical massage.

The therapist has to be gentle and flexible while choosing the oils and treatments. Sometimes, special cases need extra care.

Income and Working Hour:

The income of an aromatherapist varies in terms of his intelligence and work history. A highly recommended aromatherapist can easily charge up to $ 80 for an hour. For a newbie, the rate could vary from $25 to $35 as per target customer. The opportunities for an aromatherapist are growing in the USA. The rate of an aromatherapist is likely to increase in near future.

The popular aroma therapists support the weekly 40 hours work structure. In the case of a fresher, the work-hour could differ as the rate is lower. The business generates more revenue if the therapist provides massage center and a product store along with the aroma-service. However, anyone can start this business even at home.

Required Skill Set:

Start Your Home Based Business with a Pursuing Career in Aromatherapy

Start Your Home Based Business with a Pursuing Career in Aromatherapy

The business of aromatherapy is directly connected to the emotional and mental well-being of a person. The therapist must sympathies his customers. He must listen to his clients with patience and ask specific questions to know their requirements.

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He has to have-

  1. Awareness of human anatomy and related problems that cause distress,
  2. Education of the chemistry of essential oils,
  3. Understanding of massaging and its adaptations in deference problems,
  4. Good communication skill to interact with the clients,
  5. Power of questioning to know the predicaments of his customers,
  6. Ability to keep up the records,
  7. Basic knowledge of the business.


There are several institutions offering aromatherapy courses in the USA. But, institutions approved by National Association for Holistic Aromatherapy provides the best aromatherapy courses. The course includes topics like- Human anatomy, Botany, Organic chemistry, Extraction and blending of essential oils.

To get registered as a professional aromatherapist an individual must complete the followings-

  • Attain 200 hours of second level training and practical course,
  • Submit a 5-10 page research paper,
  • Study at least 30 essential oil profile,
  • Complete 10 case histories,
  • Appear and pass the school examination.

Entry Requirements:

An individual must be 18 years old to get admission in an aromatherapy course. A background of health, massaging or spa would be beneficial to the participant. To obtain a degree in aromatherapy an individual must possess a high school certificate with a science background.

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