How to Start Tissue Paper Making Business

The tissue paper making business is a great idea to start a profitable small scale business since it is highly consumable item. Tissue papers are used in a huge volume on daily basis. Its usage is not only restricted to homes, restaurants and hotels but almost every places where health and hygiene conscious people are present or gathered round. This business idea can give huge return with moderate investment provided you have a well-researched business plan, suitable business place and skilled labor and most importantly the sourcing of raw materials. According to your investment capacity, you can start the tissue paper making business in either small or large scale. Here I am going to talk about regarding the tissue paper manufacturing process along with the steps to start this business and other facts about this lucrative business idea.

Market Potentiality of Tissue Paper Making Business

With the increasing awareness among the people about hygiene, the demand and use of tissue papers are also increasing at a huge rate. Over that, being a biodegradable product and recyclable, it also has environmental benefits too.

Tissue papers are widely used in hotels, restaurants, clubs, hospitals, beauty salons and even in the home. Due to the rapid urbanization and development, the growth rate of tissue paper market is near to 13 per cent per annum in India. You can easily start a small scale tissue paper making business and make a good profit in short term. Due to this, you can grow your business from small scale to medium or large with ease. The tissue paper business also has a great potentiality in the international market if you can produce standard quality products.

Required Skills for Starting a Tissue Paper Making Business

Before venturing into any manufacturing business, it is very important that you have the complete and thorough knowledge and skill about the same. If it is required, take necessary training to get the expertise in the field of the business.

For running any business, along with the technical knowledge of the business type, you also need to have some managerial skills. In a small scale business, you cannot appoint staffs for every department like accounts, marketing, supervising and others. You may need to take the responsibilities of different jobs. So make sure that you have the adequate knowledge along with the will to work hard to enjoy the success of the business.

Tissue Paper Manufacturing Process

The process of the production of tissue paper is not a complicated one as most of the work will be done in the tissue paper making machine. Below is the different equipment that you will need for the manufacturing process: –

  • Band saw cutter
  • Jumbo Reel Winding Machine
  • Core Gluing Machine
  • Cutting Machine
  • Perforating unit
  • Embossing unit

Raw materials also play an important part of the successful running of this business. Core paper and jumbo reels are main raw materials used in tissue papers manufacturing. The others materials are wrapping paper, glue, cellophane etc.

The manufacturing process contains four basic steps which are mentioned below: –

Pulp and Dye:

You need to make paper pulp which can be produced from recycled materials. The process includes mixing of fiber with the wood pulp and then you need to wash the same after bleaching. Then the ingredients like dye are added to the fiber in the mixing tank. You can add assortment of dye colors to get colored tissue papers.


After that you need to take steps to get rid of the moisture. The step of pressing helps to drain out all the moisture and make it completely dry and it also provides help for the next step.


It is also a drying process where the pulp is processed through dryer which is heated by steam. The pulp is dried with in roller with extreme heat and the tissue gets its desired thickness as it gets cut with fine blades.


This is the last stage of the manufacturing process. Here the long sheets of tissues are cut into different sizes as per order of the consignment or according to the standard size.

You will need packaging materials to pack the end product and send it for the distribution.

Steps to Start a Tissue Paper Making Business

Perform Extensive Research:

Before going to start any kind of business whether it is an online business or setting up a manufacturing unit, you need to do a thorough research about every aspect of the business. You should gather adequate information on manufacturing process, amount of working capital, cost of the required machinery and equipment, how to fund the business etc.

You may talk to other business owners who are already running a successful tissue paper making business. You will get the necessary information that you might need while setting up the unit. You can contact with the local chamber of commerce to find the details of the business owners in your locality. I advise you to check the webpage of MSME, the Government of India to have the details of the business registration and licensing option.

  • Choose Your Business Niche: – There are different types of tissue papers available in the market. The list includes: –
  • Toilet Tissue Paper
  • Facial Tissues
  • Tissue Napkins
  • Paper Towels

So, before starting your business, choose the type of product you want to produce. If you have a large scale business, you can include two or more types of products in your manufacturing list.

Prepare a Business Plan:

A good business plan is essential for tissue paper making business as it includes everything from market analysis to marketing strategy, mission and objectives to start-up cost. A business plan works as a road map for your entrepreneurial journey.

Get Training to Acquire Practical Skills:

To operate a tissue paper making unit, you should have practical knowledge and hands-on experience. It would be great if you can arrange for training by the experts in this field. Alternatively, you may visit the factories and study the actual working procedure.


The requirement of investment will depend on the scale of the business. It may vary between 5 lacs to even 1 crore. You can get financial assistance from bank by submitting a well-crafted business plan.

Do the Business Registration: –

You need register your business and get the other licenses in order to start a tissue paper making business. Below is the list of the basic formalities and documentation you need to complete: –

  • Registration of business
  • Trade License
  • NOC from pollution control board
  • License for the factory
  • Aadhar registration
  • Sales Tax Registration
  • If you want to export your products then you will need to take IEC number.

Get a Perfect Location:

The next important step is to select a perfect location for setting up the tissue paper manufacturing unit. The location needs to be in an industrial area where raw materials are easily available and manufactured goods can be arrived at the market.

So, this is all about the tissue paper making business. If you have the potentiality and the perfect skills then this business can be a perfect step towards your successful career as an entrepreneur.

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How to Start Tissue Paper Making Business
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How to Start Tissue Paper Making Business
Here I am going to talk about regarding the tissue paper making business along with the steps to start and other facts about this lucrative business idea.
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