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Holi, the festival of colors brings lots of love and happiness in our life. It also gives you a money making opportunity by starting organic holi color business. Holi is just around the clock and it is celebrated gracefully in all over India and even in the world. This is the period when the organic holi color comes in a great demand. The market is full of chemical colors which are available in cheap price. Not only that, those synthetic dye-based holi powders contain heavy metals, dolomite, chalk, sand and soil. As you know heavy metals are very harmful for human health and also cause a great threat to environment. The toxic and harmful chemicals present in these colors also leave various side effects including skin irritation, skin damage and eye damage. That is the reason why the demand of herbal holi color is in rising since last few decades.

Market Potentiality of Organic Holi Color

With the increasing awareness, people now know how harmful are the synthetic colors sold in the market. They contain many dangerous chemicals which affects the human skin very much. There are many delicate parts of the body which get exposed and affected by the chemicals. Hairs, skin, eyes are mostly exposed directly to the chemicals. Due to this more and more people are now going for the organic holi color, which gives a great boost to the business. Furthermore, holi colors are also used in other festivities like pujas, marriage, home decorations, religious processions and victory processions also. If you are serious, you can invest in to organic holi color business as the market is growing fast with an increment in annual sale of 10-15% every year.

Pros and Cons of Organic Holi Color Business

Being the safest holi color, organic color business has its own advantages and disadvantages. Let’s find out the different pros and cons of the business.

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Pros: –

  • Safe: The herbal holi color is manufactured completely with organic and natural materials. Thus it doesn’t have any kind of side effects to the skin and body parts.
  • Healthy: The organic holi color has many good effects on our body. As it is completely natural, it nourishes our skin and acts as a cleanser. There is a big scientific reason behind the occasion holi. It is played to get rid of many skin related issues which may occur in the period. Thus herbal gulal is a great way to give care to the skin.

Cons: –

  • Competition: The Indian market is overflowed with cheap and unhealthy colors. Over that due to lack of awareness and backwards society, the organic colors is still not much in demand like the others.
  • Cost: Being naturally made, these colors are a bit more expensive than the others. That is the reason why more people avoid buying organic colors and prefers the other options.

Still, India has a great market for selling organic colors and with the increasing awareness. Within no time safe organic colors will become a trend. That is why it is a great business perspective to opt for.

Steps to Start an Organic Holi Color Business

Taking the decision of starting an organic holi color manufacturing unit is a wise one and profitable too. The days are not far that herbal colors will capture the whole market. It also has a great demand in the international market as they have set standards of quality of products. But in India it is yet to be started. So let’s find out the steps to start the business.

Step 1 Research:

Every business needs a complete research before commencing. You need to find out every aspect of the business and about how to operate the same. You also need to procure knowledge about the manufacturing process and learn the skill of the same.

Step 2 Learn the Skills:

You need to have a complete knowledge about the procedure of manufacturing organic colors. The details procedure about the manufacturing will be discussed later. But you need to have the all the required skills about the same.

Step 3 Business Plan:

A business plan has all the required details of how you are going to operate the business. It will also contain about the steps that you are planning to run and grow the business in a profitable way.

Step 4 Promotion:

Promoting the business is a must for the success of the same. You need to spread the word about your business set up so that every potential customer knows about your offerings.

Step 5 Registration:

As per the Indian Government act, you need to register your business as per the given guidelines. Taking license will not be an issue if you can show follow the rules and complete the guidelines accordingly.

Step 6 Capital: –

Arrangement of capital will not be an issue for starting small scale business. Government of India has started various policies to encourage small business. With the help of a well crafted business plan, you can even get loan from banks without any kind of collateral.

So, these are the basic steps to start with your herbal gulal business. Now let’s find out the manufacturing procedure of the same.

Manufacturing Process of Organic Holi Color

You need to take training from professionals to get the skills about the manufacturing process of organic color. The process follows:-

  • Raw Materials: – Turmeric, beet roots and various flowers like khakkra, palash, dhakh for the colour base along with grain or starch powder.
  • Process: – The flowers are boiled in a pot along with continuous stirring. The process is continued still a dark color is produced. After that the solution is put into a flat pot after filtration.

After the solution is cooled, flour or starch powder is mixed thoroughly. Then the paste is kept for at least 2 days. After that the paste is passed through the Pulverize machine and some natural fragrance is mixed and it gets ready for the packing.

You just need to learn the basic of the manufacturing as it can easily be found that the manufacturing procedure is very simple. So, get ready to begin your own career with the organic holi color business.

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