Complete Guide to Start a Jeans Manufacturing Business

Jeans manufacturing business is one of the preeminent textile businesses in Indian and even in the international market. In recent times, ready made garments are catching up huge popularity over the tailor-made clothes. Naturally, the business of ready made garments is experiencing a huge growth because of the huge middle class population and change in fashion trends .Teens and young people prefer to wear jeans with shirts and t-shirts. They even match jeans with Punjabis and blazers. In fact, denim jeans are one of the favorite choices in casual wears among all age group, genders and classes. Thus, initiating a small scale jeans manufacturing business is a great idea for people who wants to step into the shoes of entrepreneurship.

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Market Potentiality of the Jeans Manufacturing Business

There is no doubt that jeans have a great market demand throughout the country and even in the international market. Several branded jeans manufacturing units are present in our country but, if you look at the overall market share in India, it is highly dominated by the non-branded jeans products. The rest of the market is captured by most of the international brands.

The non-branded jeans products are the products from the different small scale jeans manufacturing business unit in India. The demand is always higher for these products due to a reasonable price and quality product. As investment is done very less for the marketing and the promotion purpose, customers can get the products at a very low price.

The market of the jeans manufacturing business in India has a growth trend of 8 to 12 % every annul, which attracts a lot of new manufacturing units in every now and then. The easy availability of raw materials, state-of-art infrastructure, high skilled labors, and reliable working conditions makes India one of the best places for starting a textile business.

Pros and Cons of Jeans Manufacturing Business

Every business opportunity comes with its own strengths and weaknesses. Likewise, in this business also, there are some crucial factors that you need to think over before diving in to this venture.


  1. Huge demand of non-branded jeans in domestic and international market.
  2. Easy availability of raw materials
  3. Plenty of work force available
  4. Low wages for skilled labor
  5. Reliable infrastructure facilities


  1. Lack of skilled mechanics and technicians
  2. Credit and the delay of payments are the two common problems from the end of retail customers and it hampers the normal cash cycles.
  1. Required Skills to Start a Jeans Manufacturing Business

To operate this business in a successful way; you need to have adequate knowledge about textile designing and the current fashion trend in the market. The manufacturing process will completely depend on the high skilled labors, but as an owner of the business, you need to have the complete knowledge of the same also.

Joining fashion designing courses will help to bring innovative ideas in the business. However, if you want to start the business in a small scale, then focusing of the basic will help to survive well in the market.

Jeans Manufacturing Process

You will need to hire highly skilled labors for the manufacturing process of the jeans. The count of workers will depend on the size of the business. You can begin with 3 skilled and 2 unskilled labors along with one supervisor. The supervision of the work can be done by you only at the beginning.

For the manufacturing process there are three aspects to check: –

  • Jeans Manufacturing Machines: In jeans manufacturing business, you will need a number of machines for the manufacturing process. The list of equipment includes: –
  • Stitching Machine
  • Folding machine
  • Stain removing machine
  • Machine for washing
  • Cutting machine
  • Embroidery machine
  • Ironing machine
  • Lapping trolley
  • Printing machine
  • Overlock machine
  • Logo making machine
  • Computer
  • Printer and others

Raw Materials:

The dyed cotton fabrics finished with different colors is the basic raw material for the jeans manufacturing business. The fabric can be purchased from the local market or can also be imported depending on the quality specifications of the business. Other materials include threads, buttons, rivet, zippers, logos etc.

Manufacturing Process Flow:

The manufacturing process of the jeans consist of different steps and responsibility of different departments like: –

  • Checking of raw material
  • Embroidery work
  • Masking and lapping of fabric
  • Cutting and laying
  • Stitching
  • Final step includes washing, ironing, folding and packaging.

Denim jeans are the most demanded product of the jeans manufacturing business. So, the maximum of the focus should be given to this part. However, other colors and products also have demand in the market. This can be easily found with the proper market research.

Steps to Successfully Run the Jeans Manufacturing Business

There are few major steps that you need to consider to operate the business in a profitable and successful way. Below are the few of them: –

1. Research:

A thorough research helps to know about the business in details. A research helps to make necessary plannings to run the business in a successful way. It also helps to find out different market to sale the product.

2. Standard of Quality:

Maintaining a standard quality of the product will always attract more and more customers. It will also help to build a brand reputation and increase the brand awareness in the market. A standard logo of the brand also helps to build the brand reorganization.

3. Reasonable Price:

To capture the market and have a long run, you need to provide quality product in the best possible price. You need to have a great management skill to determine the best reasonable price along with making profit too.

4. Promotion:

There is very less promotion of non-branded or locally made jeans. A strategically prepared promotional campaign can help to spread the brand name along with the economic promotion.

Contact your local administrator to know the detailed process of the registration of jeans manufacturing business. A proper business plan will also help you to get financial assistance from banks to arrange capital for the business.

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Complete Guide to Start a Jeans Manufacturing Business
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Complete Guide to Start a Jeans Manufacturing Business
Starting a small-scale jeans manufacturing business is a great idea if you have interest in modern ready-made garments. Find out the steps for starting.
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