Start a Drinking Straw Making Business

The drinking straws have been used since a long time for drinking soft drinks, lassi, fruit juices or any other beverages. Previously, wax-coated paper straws were in use but with the advent of the plastic technology, it was largely replaced by the polypropylene drinking straw. It rapidly got the popularity due of its superior performance, low-cost and sophisticated nature. This makes the business of drinking straw making an excellent idea for starting a small scale business unit. Moreover, you can set up and run this business from your home with little investment. India has a hot climate mostly throughout the year and all over the places. This gives drinking straw making business a great boost to prosper.

Market Potentiality of Drinking Straw Making Business

As mentioned earlier, being a tropical country India mostly have hot climate throughout the year. That is why the demand for cold drinks and other beverages like juices, lassi, and lemonade remains high. It is expected to increase in the demand of drinking straws with the growth of soft-drink industry as well as the juice bars, coffee shops, food joints etc.

The drinking straws are used in a huge volume in our day-today life. From street vendors of lemonade or coconut waters to hotels and restaurants who serve different beverages are the main consumer of these straws. It clearly reflects the potential market of the drinking straws. So, if you are looking for a perfect small scale business idea, then drinking straw making business is a great option to choose.

Manufacturing Process of Drinking Straws

The procedure of making drinking straws is very simple. Anyone with a little knowledge of operating the machine can start with this business as you don’t need expertise talent for the manufacturing of the straws.

Required Machinery:

  • Plastic straw making machine.
  • Cutting machine

Raw Materials: –

Plastic beads are the basic raw material that is required in the complete process. You will also need packaging materials for packing the end product and sell them.

Manufacturing Process: –

You need to put the plastic beads into the straw making machine and the plastic straws will automatically get manufactured. After that you need to cut the straws in the desired size with the help of the cutting machine.

There are different types of straws are available in the market now. For that reason you need to choose the machine accordingly. After the straws are manufactured, you need to pack the items with the packaging materials.

How to Start the Drinking Straw Making Business

As you now know how easy it is to manufacture drinking straws and how much great potentiality does this business idea has. Let’s move on to the steps to setup the business.

Step 1 Do a Thorough Research: –

A business is very easy to start. With some individual capital and financial assistance, you can easily set up a business. But the issue comes in to maintain the business and operate in a profitable way. That is the reason why a thorough research about the business is mandatory before commencing any business. It is a better option to know about the pros and cons of the business before starting the same rather than facing those issues while operating. Find out the different aspect of the business like the market potentiality, competition, profitability, customer base etc.

Step 2 Craft a Business Plan: –

After doing the research, if you find that the drinking straw making business is a suitable business opportunity for you, then you need to start preparing for the business setup. The business plan is seldom neglected by the business owners, but it has a great contribution towards the success of any business. It contains details steps and procedure about how will you run the business and your plans to grow the same. A well crafted business plan is also helpful for getting financial assistance from banks.

Step 3 Choose a location: –

If you have the required space, you can start your drinking straw making business at your home only. It will save a lot of investment. Your location just needs to have electrical supply and a good connectivity for transportation. So don’t go for an expensive location as you will not be dealing with direct customers, it will not be a huge factor.

Step 4 Arrange Capital: –

The drinking straw making business is a small scale business opportunity, thus don’t need a huge investment in the same. You can begin with the business idea with a minimum capital of 1 to 1.5 lacs. With the help of the new regulations from Indian Government, you can easily get financial assistance from the banks even without any kind of collateral. You just need to submit a well crafted business plan to apply for the loan.

Step 5 Promotion: –

The profit margin is relatively low in compare to the units sold. So you need to have good clients to sell a bulk amount of your products. Promote your business in such a way that your involvement in the drinking straw making business is been known by every potential customers in your area.

So, these are the simple steps to begin with the drinking straw making business. Quality and price is a big factor behind the success of any business setup. So always maintain your standard of production and fix a reasonable price as per the prices set by your competitors.

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Start a Drinking Straw Making Business
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Start a Drinking Straw Making Business
Drinking straw making is a small scale business option with huge growth potential. This article takes you step-by-step from set up to business promotion.
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