How to Start an Amazon Delivery Franchise from Home

Amazon is one of the leading m-Commerce/e-Commerce platforms which is based in Seattle, Washington and has its wings spread across all over the world. From just an online book store in the year 1994, it has expanded to almost every kind of service. Now you will face a shortage of fingers to count the services like Amazon Kindle, Amazon Prime, Alexa, Amazon Music, and App store and many more. So, if you want to build a career with this giant brand then you can Start an Amazon Delivery Franchise.

Steps to Start an Amazon Delivery Franchise

The increasing demand for the home-delivery service has opened a huge business opportunity for many. And as being such a huge brand, Amazon needs logistics partners the different parts of the world for a smoother and quicker delivery.

So, if you want to take the delivery franchise of Amazon, then there are a few simple steps that you need to follow.

1. Submit your information: –

At first, you need to submit your information to Amazon about your interest to become a delivery service partner along with your credentials. After reviewing they will approve the same or suggest what needs to be done.

2. Complete training: –

Amazon will provide you with 3-weeks of hands-on training. It will include a one-week introduction to the market where you will be working. It will be followed by in the field working along with the exiting delivery service partners so that you can understand the process clearly.

3. Set up your business: –

After completion of the training, you need to finalize the setting up of your business. You need to acquire the required assets and continuously be in contact with Amazon to keep the business rolling.

4. Build your team: –

To operate the business smoothly, the most important factor will be to recruit the best drivers and to retain them to succeed in the business.

5. Grow your business: –

The growth of the business will depend on the kind and quality of the service that you will be providing. As you grow, you can hire more drivers and increase the team to cater to more deliveries.

Is There Any Opportunity for You to become Amazon Delivery Service Partner?

As the area of operation of Amazon is vast, thus, there are opportunities to become the delivery service partner throughout the year. So, you don’t have to worry about the scope, it will be handled by Amazon.

What is the Required Investment to Start an Amazon Delivery Franchise?

In the beginning, the required investment will be around USD 5,000 to USD 10,000. It will depend on the area that you will be operating and the size of the business. However, the annual potential revenue will be around USD 1 Million to USD 4.5 Million and your annual profit out of that will be approx USD 75,000 to USD 300K.

The major part of the investment is required for the vehicles. So, if you have restricted capital, you can take vehicles on lease or on installments. This will reduce your one-time investment. However, you shouldn’t calculate the money as the only investment as you also need to consider the time that you have to invest in the business. Along with profit, you also need to take into consideration your amount of time that needs to be spent in the business.

So, you can easily understand how lucrative this business opportunity is and

Start an Amazon Delivery Franchise Business Suit You?

If you love challenges and have leadership qualities, this is a great opportunity to bank on. In this business, you have to manage 20 to 40 delivery vans along with around 60 to 100 employees. You will also have the responsibility to train and coach your staff and need to operate 365 days a year.

So, if you are ready to take this kind of challenges then, this is a highly lucrative business opportunity.

Assistance Provided by Amazon

The best part of becoming an Amazon delivery service partner is that you will continue to get all kinds of support and assistance form Amazon. And with their experience and expertise in the field, the path to success will become easier for you.

Here are some examples of the different types of assistance that you will get from Amazon: –

1. Training: –

Amazon will provide you with 3-week training along with practical experience of the fieldwork. This will allow operating your business smoothly.

2. Comprehensive Toolkit: –

Amazon will provide you with all kinds of necessary tools and technology to run the business.

3. On-demand Support: –

You will also get all kinds of support whenever you need like a comprehensive operation manual, driver assistance for on-road issues along with a dedicated accounts manager.

4. Experience: –

There are many other assistance that you will receive from Amazon, however, the most important is the over 20 years of experience in the market of the company.

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How to Start an Amazon Delivery Franchise from Home
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How to Start an Amazon Delivery Franchise from Home
Amazon needs logistics partners for a smoother and quicker delivery. So Start an Amazon Delivery Franchise is a very good business option for you.
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