Why and How to Start an Adult Day Care Business

If you have a plenty of free time on a regular basis and also have some empty place at your home, then you can give a thought on starting an adult day care business. This is a great way to do some social work along with making some money. The business of adult day care is similar to child day care; here you need to take care of the elderly person during the day time.

What is the Need of Adult Day Care Center?

When the children or other family members go out for doing their daily chores or jobs, they are left alone at the home. Sometimes it becomes risky to leave your parents alone at home due to their illness or other issues, in that cases an adult day care center is the best choice to keep them during the day time.

In other cases, elderly people don’t have too much to do at their house. They get a good company and lot of things to do in an adult day care. Then can meet with different people of their age along with many other entertainments. In a day care, there are specialized people to provide all kind of require assistance and care to the elderly people.

More about Adult Daycare Business

The objective of the adult day care business is to provide respite day time care for the adults or seniors. Different types of activities are going on in these centers. They are like counseling, education, evening care, exercise, health screening, meals, medical care, physical therapy, medication management, transportation, supervision, respite care, recreation etc. Almost all adult daycare centers provide the opportunity of transportation facility to come in or to go from that place. It can be located in anywhere of the country. Most of these types of daycare centers are situated at the churches or synagogues, hospitals or places like these. With a better nursing facility, this place sometime becomes the most secure and safe place for adults. There is a clear difference in between the adult daycare and adult day health care. The adult daycares include the health care with something more for seniors.

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Steps to Start an Adult Day Care Business


The first step of the business is to do a proper research on the same. Like is there any other adult day care center operating nearby or is there a proper demand for the business.

Selection of location:

This business will not succeed if started in any location. This business is definitely for urban areas and where the standard of living is high as nowadays, there are very few people who think out of the way for their parents.


You need to have a good and state-of-art infrastructure to succeed in the business. The people who will be coming will not be babies who you can put in the cradle for the whole day.

They will need the modes of entertainment, a good ambience, and sports facility, place to spend some quality and peaceful time and others.


Your business infrastructure will require the major part of the investment. You can apply for a loan from the different financial institutions. There are different NGO’s also, as it is also a kind of social service, you can seek assistance from their too.


You will need specialized staffs for this job. They must be well behaved and gentle towards your customers. Elderly people are known to have their mood swings, so it is important to have the patience to handle them.

Medical facility:

It is a very important aspect of the adult day care business. Elderly people may require medical assistance at any point of time. So, you need to have medical staffs in your team and an option of a quick doctor consultation.

You should have a ready transportation facility to visit any nearby medical centers during emergency. You also need to keep emergency medicines in your business like oxygen, nebulizers, first aid medicines and others.


Visit your nearby administrative office for the complete details on the registration formalities.

Business Plan:

A business plan is the basic step to operate a successful business. It also helps you to get financial assistance as loans from the banks. Contact a professional to prepare the business plan for you. Include all the information that you have collected through your research.


As your target audiences will be older people, you need to make plan to promote your business considering those factors.

Market Potentiality of the Adult Day Care Business

Most of the elderly people had their saving and own income source like pension and others. So, if you can provide them something extra and interesting in their daily lives, they will definitely get attracted towards your business as everyone loves to spend some quality time rather spending them alone inside a house.

Over that, it is quite expensive to hire someone to take care of the elderly person during the time when their children or the family members are away. So, if you can deliver the best service, a success in this business is not a difficult to achieve.

Tips to Have a Successful Adult Day Care Business

At the beginning, you can start in a low scale with least investment. When you find the increasing demand, you can then operate it in a larger way.

How about little grandchildren and grandparents staying together? If you have the infrastructure and manpower, you can operate both adult day care and child day care together.

Maintain the quality of the service and need to provide feelings and care for the success of the same.

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Why and How to Start an Adult Day Care Business
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Why and How to Start an Adult Day Care Business
Starting an adult daycare business is a great way to make money in terms of social work. Learn essential info & tips to run a successful day care center.
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