Complete Guide to Start a Dairy Farm Business

In earlier days dairy farm business was basically a family run business but since the modernization and an invention of modern technology the dairy business has gone through a lot of technological modernization and become a huge business prospect to venture into. Now with the help of modern farming process, it has become easier to manage many dairy cows together and induce higher production.

But still, now there are many dairy farms in villages that are running their business in the traditional ways. So if you want to start your business in livestock farming, then dairy farm business is a great way to make your investment count.

Scope of Dairy Farm Business

India is having the largest population of livestock and produces over 128 million tons of milk per annum and it is expected to reach to over 180 million tons by 2020. Indian climate is also an ideal one for the rearing of the cows and milk production. There are a lot of farm businesses who are completely based on meat and some are in milk production.

With the high rate of increasing population, the demand of the dairy products is on a high rise in India which makes the dairy farm business a great opportunity to start a business and have a great livelihood.

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How to Start a Cow Dairy Farm

For starting any kind of business, you need to have specific skills and expertise in the area of the operation. So to begin your dairy business you need to acquire skills in maintaining the livestock which is especially cows and buffalos in the dairy farm business.  But along with the skills, there are many other things that you need to have experience and knowledge to start your own dairy farm business.

Experience in the Field: –

As your business of farming is completely dependent on livestock, so you need to have proper experience and knowledge about maintaining livestock. As the dairy farm business is completely based on cow and animals can sometimes become sick or aggressive without any reason.So you need to have a good experience in learning of animal behaviors and symptoms to avoid any kind of disasters. Many of the dairy farming business owners inherit the business from their family and due to this they also inherit the management skills along with it, but if you are new to the business, it is a better idea to learn some skills by working in any other farming business as you may want to avoid trial and error method with your own venture.

Learn About the technical specifications: –

As mentioned earlier, the new technology has brought a huge boost in the dairy farm business and now it has become easier to control hundreds and thousands of cows at the same time. So get updated about all kind of technical process if you want to use modern process in the business.

Choose the best breeds: –

There are many different breeds of cow and buffalo available in India, some are best for producing meat and some have special features for producing dairy products. So, you need to use your skills and knowledge to choose the best breeds which will suit your business. There are few breeds which are imported from other countries like Australian Jersey cows and others which also have high production capacity.

Infrastructure: –

To get proper yield from your dairy farm business you need to provide proper shelter for your livestock and provide them with as much of comfort as possible. Animals need high protection from natural threats like from other harmful animals and climatic conditions like excessive heat or cold or rain.

With your experience or study, you will be aware of the best climatic condition in which the animals will have the much comfort.

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Arrangement of Capital: –

Buying of livestock, the arrangement of fodder, medicine and setting up the infrastructure will need a good amount of capital investment to start your dairy farm business. However, you can get financial assistance from banks and other financial institutions. There are many schemes made by the government to provide financial assistance to small scale business to start a dairy farm business.

Management: –

Starting a dairy farm business requires high management skills as from the animals to the final products, you need to control and manage the complete system. Need to hire staffs also and find a proper market to sell the products. If you have the proper experience about the business, then you will have an edge or else you need to take proper courses about the business.

If you want to start a dairy farm business, you can contact NABARD for any kind of financial assistance and there are many public and private institutions which provide proper training on livestock management.

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Dairy Farm Business - Profitable Small Home Business Idea
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Dairy Farm Business - Profitable Small Home Business Idea
If you want to start your business in livestock farming, then dairy farm business is a great way to make your investment count.
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