Start a Business of Guar Gum Manufacturing

The guar gum has numerous usages in the daily life. Thus the idea of guar gum manufacturing is a great way to start a small scale business. From textiles to confectioneries, guar gum powder has all the qualities to make the end product more attractive. Rajasthan, Gujarat, Haryana, Punjab and Uttar Pradesh are the major producer of the guar seeds. Out of the total production, over 90 % is contributed by the small scale industries. Thus the business of guar gum powder is a great profitable opportunity to explore into.

What is Guar Gum Powder and What are its Usage

It is the flour taken from the guar seeds which is a convenient source of gum and is dispersible in hot and cold water giving a high quality of viscosities. You will find a wide range of grades of guar gum powder. Over that it has numerous properties which are used in a wide range of industries. The main industries are printing, finishing of textiles, paper industries and confectionery. It is used as thickening agent in textile industry which aids in decoration. In food industry, it is used as thickening, stabilizing and binding agent.

Market Potentiality of Guar Gum Manufacturing

India has the share of 80 % production of guar in the whole world. From the complete production about 75 % is exported to USA and European countries. So, with the high demand in both international and domestic market, the business of guar gum manufacturing is a great way to start a business.

Guar Gum Manufacturing Process

The endosperm is mechanically extracted from the from the guar seed which has around 80 % Galactomannan. The value of the product is decided on it viscosity. Higher the viscosity, the higher you will get price for the product.

It is a complete mechanical process of getting the guar gum. The seeds are first split into two halves and the hull of the germ is scrapped off mechanically to obtain endosperm. Again the refined guar splits are obtained by splitting the guar seed into two halves and by dehusking and polishing the grains.

A state of the art plants are capable of producing several guar gram ranging from very low and high-quality viscosity and from coarse to fine granulation.

Basic Machines Use in the Guar Gum Manufacturing Process

Cleaner, splitter, elevator, pneumatic conveyor, centrifugal roaster, dehusking, cone mixer, bagging, rotary siever, cooler, flaker machine, pneumatic dryer line, conical blender and others are the basic machineries required for the guar gum manufacturing.

Steps to Start the Guar Gum Manufacturing Unit

If you are now convinced that the guar gum manufacturing business is a great business opportunity, then you should follow the below mentioned steps to start the same: –

Business Plan: –

A business plan is an important aspect of any business; it includes the complete details for the operation of the same. It will also have details regarding the steps and planning for the future of the business like how you are going to operate the business and what are the planned steps to grow the same along with the process for arrangement of the capital.

Arrangement of Capital: –

You will need a good amount of capital for the purchase of different machinery and for the operation of the business. With the new regulations of the Indian Government, with a proper business plan you can easily get financial assistant from banks even without any collateral.

Location: –

The location doesn’t play a big role here. But it should be spacious enough to set up different machinery and equipment. It should also be well connected with the transport system.

Market Research: –

Do a thorough research about the market condition and the competition around your location. If there is a huge competition in your location, then it is advised to select a different one. Find out the various customers who can buy your product in bulk.

Promotion: –

Don’t let a table upturned to promote your business. Everyone in the area should know about your entrance in the market. Give ads in news papers and posters around the city so that it attracts the eyes of the mass of clients.

The idea of guar gum manufacturing is a great way to start your own manufacturing unit and start your own business. Below is the list of application of guar gum: –

Paper Industry: –

It is used to improve the sheet formation, folding and gives a denser surface of printing.

Textile Industry: –

It aids in sizing, finishing and printing.

Pharmaceutical Industry: –

It is a main ingredient in the bulk-forming laxatives.

Cosmetic Industry: –

Used as thickener in toothpaste, shampoos and conditioners.

Explosive Industry: –

Used as waterproofing agent after mixing with ammonium nitrate and nitroglycerin etc.

These are just few from the wide range of usage of the guar gum powder. So if you are willing to start the business, it is the best time to invest in it. Else, you can also search in our website where you can find many other small scale and attractive business ideas which will suit your needs.

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Start a Business of Guar Gum Manufacturing
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Start a Business of Guar Gum Manufacturing
The idea of guar gum manufacturing is a great way to start your own manufacturing unit. if you are willing to start , it is the best time to invest in it.
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