Staple Pin Making Business – Small but Comes with a Great Opportunity

If you are looking for a profitable small scale business idea which can also be operated from home with the minimum requirement of investment, then the staple pin making business is the most suitable option as staple pins have a great demand in the market along with a great option to start an individual business.

Market of Staple Pin Making Business

The staple pins were usually copper-plated which resulted in quick rusting and were not of great quality and due to that most of the staple pins were imported from Japan which used to be of higher quality. This is because of the unavailability of performed galvanized wire and good galvanized quality of adhesive in our country.

But, now the situation has changed as the raw material for manufacturing the white staple pin is available in everywhere and thus your staple pin making business can produce pins of international quality.

Staple-pins are widely used as stationary in school, colleges, government offices like post office or bank and others, court, private companies and in homes too. Many shops also use staple pins on daily basis for packing goods like laundry service and others.

Thus this factor determines the demand of staple pins in the market. Other than the wide domestic market, staple pin making business also has a huge market potentiality in the international market too.

Another factor which makes the staple pin making business a good business is the price of the product, as the price of the staple pin manufactured the costs less than the one which is imported from the outside with the same standard of quality.

Staple Pin Making Procedure

The production procedure of staple pin making is quite an easy one as the maximum of the work will be done by the machine. So anyone can start producing staple pin, just need to know how to operate the machine.

Below are the four important things that are required for the manufacturing:

Staple pin manufacturing machine: – Mostly all of the work will be done by this machinery, so it is important to get it from a trusted supplier of branded machines. It will cost you around 1 lakh 20 thousand.

Raw Materials: –

  • Performed Wire: – There are different qualities of wire available in the market for the manufacturing of staple pin like the copper wire which will cost you around Rs 500 to 600 per Kg and there are iron wires too which will cost you like Rs 30 to 35 Kg. You need to choose the quality of wire as per the demand from the client and in the market.
  • Adhesive Materials
  • Other Consumables

Packaging Materials

Process: – At the beginning, the round wires need to be put in the machine, the wires will be flattened in the machine is cut into staple pins of the defined size and length. The staple pin making machine can produce 20 to 25 pins at a time.

After that, you need to pack the pins in the desired quantities in the boxes.

Best Suitable People to start Staple Pin Making Business

As mentioned earlier, the manufacturing process of staple pin is quite a simple one, so you don’t need to have high level of qualification to start a staple pin making business and over that it can easily be started at your home only, so anyone who wants to work from home or housewives or retired personals can also think of commencing this business idea as you also need a least capital investment of starting this business.

The market demand of staple pins is huge, so it is a great opportunity to have a good source of income and that is also from your home.

Required Steps to Start the Staple Pin Making Business

This is a small scale business option and thus doesn’t require much of difficulties to set up. Below are the simple steps which can be followed to start the business: –

  • Registration of Business: – Get your business registered by taking trade license and Vat license from your local authority. You may also need to take permission to start the business at your home as you will need a separate power supply for using the machine and others.
  • Brand Name: – Give a small and attractive name to your brand of products and it should be easy to remember so that customers can ask for your product directly from the shops.
  • Capital: – A maximum capital of Rs 1, 50,000 is good to start the staple pin making business. If your individual savings is not enough then you can get loans from financial institutions by submitting an attractive business plan.

The most important way of having a successful business is maintaining a good quality production along with reasonable rate. Get the raw materials and machine for your staple making business from reputed suppliers or distributors for an uncompromised quality.

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Staple Pin Making Business- Small but Comes with a Great Opportunity
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Staple Pin Making Business- Small but Comes with a Great Opportunity
profitable business idea which can be operated from home with minimum requirement of investment, then staple pin making business is the most suitable option
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