Make Impressive Bucks Starting a Smartphone Repair Business

smartphone repair businessThink to start your own smartphone repair business? The idea is not bad at all… fact it is too good to consider. Actually we live in an ever-changing world where new technological advancements are introduced to us almost every day. Smartphone is such an item that made us crazy. From youthful teens to matured adults, all and sundry is fond of his/her smartphone. In 2010, 62.6 million people were using smartphones in the United States. In 2016, the number has increased to 207.2 million and it is expected to reach the number of users to 236.8 million in 2019. As technology advances and becomes more affordable, more people have the ability to get access to a smartphone. It is also true that smartphone is just an electronic device that breaks or often gets damaged and needs to repair. Research shows that 30% of users crack the screen of their smartphones every year. This also presents a potential business opportunity for entrepreneurs interested in starting a smartphone repair business.

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Phase 1: Planning

Starting a smartphone repair business takes several steps in order to give it a proper shape. The steps can be divided into different phases, with planning being one of the most essential parts. Planning how you want to structure your cell phone repair business is a very important step that should not taken lightly, even when you simply want to offer a repair service from home.

1. Build up your skill-set or hire someone for smartphone repairing

The first important decision that you will have to make is how you are going to repair phones. Do you have the necessary skills to fix a faulty phone? If not, then you need to decide whether you are going to join training course on smartphone repairing, or rather hire a technician with experience to do the repairs. Whether you want to start the business right away or have a few months to wait before starting out will have an impact on this decision.

2. Specialize or generalize

The next decision is whether you want to specialize in specific repairs or focus on offering multiple types of repair services. Specializing in repairs might be a better option if you want to do things yourself, but you should have a certain set of skills. With the raising numbers of skills, you can gradually extend the area and the amount of services you are offered. You could start by providing software based repairs, which is usually considered easier than hardware repairs. An alternative option would be to offer your own software repair skills and hire a hardware technician so you can offer the best of both worlds to your customers.

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3. Do you want to set up shop?

Would you want to set up a storefront? It is another important decision you should take at the first stage as a storefront helps you in creating a brand image of your business. Though it increases the legitimacy of your business but needs huge start-up capital. If you can’t afford to set up a store, you may conduct the entire operation from home or offer the services at your client’s home. Here customer convenience is a plus. Moreover you can develop a good relationship with them leading to more referrals. But it lowers the profit margin as it won’t allow you to attend various clients at the same time. So, take the decision carefully because any of the two will affect either startup capital or profit margin your smartphone repair business.

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4. Compile a business plan

A business plan acts as the base or foundation for a new business. This “tool” can be used to make the process of starting out your business much easier and much more organized. The complexity of the business plan will depend on the type and size of business you want to start. There are some essential parts that should be included in any kind of business plan, such as the name of the business, whether you will be doing repairs yourself or hiring someone, the structure of the business, whether you are going to specialize in certain types of repairs and whether you are going to be conducting business from home or from business premises.

5. Competitor Analysis

smartphone repairAnalyzing your competition is important for this kind of business venture. This will also give you more insight into the opportunity you face, as well as ways you can attract loyal customers and continuously grow your business. You can start by searching for other smartphone repair shops and analyze how they do business. If you have a broken phone, you can even go in to one of the repair shops and get your phone fixed. Focus on learning from the experience. Once you see how they deal with customers and how they conduct their business procedure, you can determine how you can improve in order to offer a more attractive service to your customers.

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Phase 2: Taking Action

Once you have completed a thorough planning phase for your business, it is time to start taking action. It includes several vital steps that are related with the future success of your repair service business.

The first step is to get trained in smartphone repairing. You need not to be a tech guru or don’t need to complete any formal education on this subject. You can learn the techniques by completing a short-term training course on smartphone repair. You have the other option of appointing an experienced technician if you do not want to conduct the repairs yourself.

You will also need to purchase various tools that are used during the smartphone repair process, including a smart phone tool kit, an anti-static brush, tweezers, digitizer separator and other essential tools. The tools you need to purchase will depend on the type of services you will be offering. Buying tools that are used for hardware repairs when you only want to focus on software repairs will be a waste of money.

You will also need to find premises to lease if you want to open a cell phone repair shop or fixing phones from a remote location. If you intend on working from home, then you should prepare a room in your house where you can work from. Since you are likely to work with very small phone parts, it is important that you separate your work-space from the rest of the house and ensure there will not be external activity in your work-space.

Now you should be ready to launch your business. Be sure to treat every customer with respect and don’t be shy to ask for referrals from happy customers, especially when you are only starting out. When you build up trust, customers will be likely to refer your services to their friends, family and other contacts.

Phase 3: Promotion

After starting your business, you need to promote your services in order to gain customers Smartphones break all the time, which means there ought to be potential customers all around you. All you need to do is promote your services in an effective manner in order to notify customers of your existence.

There are several ways that you can effectively promote your smartphone repair business. Since you are offering services that many people require, it also means that there is a huge competition in the area. By offering competitive prices and an effective repair service, you will be able to build a solid base of customers.

You can promote your business via flyers, posters, brochures and even informational products. Offer your clients some tips on how to care for their smartphones and then promote your repair services on the same medium. This will help you gain authority by showing off your expertise, thus attracting potential customers to your business. Advertisements in local newspapers and magazines can also be useful in promoting your services and gaining new customers.


Starting a smartphone repair business holds a lucrative opportunity for interested individuals. While there are some essential steps, such as equipping yourself with the necessary technical skills, that needs to be taken before you can start the business, alternative solutions can be utilized to speed up the process. This can be a lucrative opportunity for both the tech-savvy individual and the business-focused entrepreneur.

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