Make Big from the Small Scale Papad Making Business

Papad can be called as the Indian version of wafers which is usually round in shape and comes in various different tastes and mainly salty one. Papad is consumed in all over the India and has a great demand and papad making business is a great option for those who are planning to start a small scale business. You can also start making papad at home and run the business with the least involvement of capital.

The papad making business is generally a women-centric business in India and mostly done in the rural areas. As per tradition men usually goes out for work and women does the house jobs and in the free time, they make do the business of papad making at home. But the situation is rapidly changing now; men are now also showing much increasing interest in doing business as you can dedicate your valuable time to work for yourself rather doing the job under other’s supervision.

Steps to Start Papad Making Business

Starting your own business may look as a lucrative option, but it is much difficult than doing job as in job you get a fixed amount of salary at a fixed time but that doesn’t happen in the case of business. If a business is managed properly then you can earn way above the normal salary and if it is not done in the correct way, you may incur a huge amount of loss. So before starting any kind of business you need to do a check on few things which are mentioned below: –

Check the Market Potentiality: –

Before commencing for any business, it is very important that there is a good amount of opportunity for your chosen niche. Papad making business has a good market potentiality as the papad manufacturing process as also evolved a lot in last few decades, earlier it was complete a handmade process, but now there are various machine’s which can easily produce papad at a very high rate and in good quality and over that it is widely consumed in all over India as it also costs less.

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Market Research: –

A through market research is essential for starting any business. You need to find out few important things in your research like: –

Competition: –

Find out about other business related to commercial papad making. Do a thorough research about the business like how it is running, what kind of product they are manufacturing, what kind of strategies they are making and what kind of faults they have in the system. You can use the good output for the benefit of the business and take precautionary steps about the negative ones.

Market to Sell: –

You need to find a proper market to sell your product at the most profitable rate. It will be late to search for the market after you have stocks of production. So having information about the market is an added advantage so that you can start selling soon after your production.

Feedback: –

Papad is found in various flavors and quality. Find out which one has the maximum demand, you can start with that option then and slowly increase your option as you grow your business.

So above were the steps that you need to find out first then you have to proceed with others like: –

Skill: –

As mentioned earlier that papad making business is now not dependent on manual labour as there is various machinery available in the market, so you need to have the skills of using the machine along with the most important knowledge of papad manufacturing process. You need to have the knowledge of perfect mixing of ingredients to manufacture the best quality product. You can take courses about the same if you want to enhance your skills.

Legal Procedure: –

Check out with your local administrator about the various required legal formalities like the standard procedure of starting a business, quality of product, location used for the business and others.

Location: –

As papad making business is a small scale business, you can easily set up this at your home to save on your capital investment for renting or buying a place. It will be a great option if the location is easily accessible to transport and near to the market.

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Quality and Price: –

Varieties of pulses are used for the papad making along with other ingredients like salt, water and different spices. So it is very important that you maintain a higher quality standard to build brand goodwill in the market. Price and quality are the two major factor of success behind papad making business. As it is a food business, a single unsatisfied customer can do a great damage to the goodwill of the company so ensure high-quality production with reasonable rate and always purchase your raw materials from trusted and reputed dealer.

With the modern machinery, you can produce 40 to 50 kilograms of papad in an hour. So if you have the patience and endurance along with hardworking intentions, then you can easily make big with the papad making business.

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Papad Making Business - Small Scale Business Idea
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Papad Making Business - Small Scale Business Idea
Papad making business is a great option for those who are planning to start a small scale business. You can also start making papad at home easily.
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