50 Small Scale Manufacturing Business Ideas with Low-Cost

Small scale manufacturing business ideas are always attractive as they are easy to start and operate in limited space and with little machinery. You can use any vacant space of your home for manufacturing goods. Most of the small scale businesses can be started with minimum investment and if operated in a proper way can give a high return of profit. That is why; in this article I have collected a list of 50 low investment manufacturing business ideas.

Have a look at the 50 profitable Small scale manufacturing business ideas:

1. Latkan Making Business:

Latkans have become a fashion trend to be used in sarees, blouse, churidars and other attires of girls. Naturally it has a great demand in the market. Latkan making doesn’t require a high investment as the raw materials are easily available at a very cheap cost. Production process is also very simple. If you have interest in making craft items like this, you can opt it out to enjoy financial freedom.

2. Rakhi Making Business:

Billions of Rakhi’s are sold across the country and in the world during the eve of Raksha Bandhan. The rakhi making process is also simple and can be started with a minimum investment. You can create your own market by selling your product in your own Kiosk or sell them to the wholesalers or in the online market.

3. Basket Weaving Business:

Quality basket has a great demand like for wrapping gifts, for transportation and many others. For starting basket weaving business, you need to have the skill in the handicrafts. Along with the local market, you can also sell your products through the online marketing.

4. Non Woven Bag Manufacturing:

This is the future of lightweight carrying bags as they are cheap, durable and more importantly eco-friendly in comparison to the plastic bags those are in use nowadays. With the increasing awareness of the people, the demand of the non woven bag is increasing rapidly and making it one of the most profitable Small scale manufacturing business ideas. Read more about non woven bag manufacturing

5. Umbrella Manufacturing:

Umbrellas are required in both summer and rainy season. India being a tropical country, gets long summers and thus the demand of the umbrellas are also very high. The demand will increase up to 10% in the coming five years. The umbrella making is a hand-assembly process and need a few machinery and equipments. With a minimum capital investment, you can enjoy a good profit.

6. Bread Making Business:

Bread is the most common food on the breakfast table in around the world. It is ready to eat and delicious too along with the rare combination of good for health. So, due to this the bread making business is a very attractive and profitable low investment manufacturing business.

7. Designer Lace Making:

Designer laces have a great demand in the fashion market. It has demand in both national and international market. Along with low cost operating, you can also start your fully computerized business with automatic designer lace making machine. This will need a bit more investment but will give a higher production and profit margin.

8. Ginger Garlic Paste Manufacturing :

In today’s life style, we get very less time to make our own masalas and pastes for cooking. That is why; ready-made pastes have a huge demand in the market. This makes the ginger garlic paste manufacturing idea an attractive Small scale manufacturing business ideas.

9. Small-Scale Paneer Manufacturing Business:

Vegetarians or Non-vegetarians, paneer is loved by both. They are luscious and being a dairy product, paneer is very healthy too. The business of paneer is yet to get brand reorganization as most of the local shops sell self-made paneer. This is a great opportunity to grab and start your own low investment manufacturing business of paneer.

10. Tomato Sauce Manufacturing :

Tomato sauces are one of the basic food items to eat fried snacks and other food like noodles or pasta. It is used in a huge quantity by the street vendors selling fast foods. Thus, this business has a great demand in the Indian market and one of the most profitable Small scale manufacturing business ideas.

11. Leather Belt Manufacturing Business :

Leather belts are one of the basic fashion accessory used by both male and females in around the world. The manufacturing process of leather belt is very easy and the business can be started with a very less investment.

12. School Chalk Making Business :

In this age of digital class room, the demand of school chalks are still high due to the higher number of government schools in our country. This gives a great market potentiality to the school chalk making business.

13. Jeans Manufacturing Business :

Jeans is one of the most common, trendy and highly demanded fashion attire across the world. In India, the medium quality of jeans has a great demand as they come at a reasonable price. Thus, this can be one of the most profitable Small scale manufacturing business ideas. Read more about Jeans manufacturing business

14. Blouse Hook Making :

Blouse hooks are used in ladies blouse and different other dresses of girls like the churidar and ever the school dresses. Blouse hooks are the basic item I every tailor and garment shops. You can manufacture a different quality of blouse hooks according to the demand of the market.

15. Vermicelli Making Business :

Vermicelli is a very tasty and healthy food item available in the market. The vermicelli gets a huge demand during the festive seasons like Eid and others. You can find a wide range of qualities of vermicelli in the market. The manufacturing process is also very simple and this business can give you a great return on your investment.

16. Banana Wafer Making :

If you are looking for profitable Small scale manufacturing business ideas which can be easily operated from home, then this is the best option for you, Banana wafer has got a huge demand in the market and can be easily manufactured as the roof of your house.

17. Iodized Salt Production Business :

Salt is the basic need of cooking and thus iodized salt has a massive demand in the market. With the quality production, you can have a great and successful iodized salt production business.

18. Balloon Manufacturing Business :

Be it a party, festival or for normal decoration, balloons are the most common item to be used. You can manufacture balloon with balloon making machines and have a successful low investment manufacturing business.

19. Hair Band Making :

Girls and women use hair bands to tie their hairs and thus, fashionable and decorated hair bands have a great demand in the market which you can use as your business idea. With little start-up cost, you can make colorful hair bands at your home and sell them in local market.

20. Cotton Ear Buds Manufacturing

Ear buds are used to clean the ear hole and are used for both adults and children. You can start this business from your home as Small scale manufacturing business ideas.

21. Egg Tray Making Business

Egg trays are specially designed trays for the packaging and transportation of the eggs. It helps to avoid breakage of eggs during the transportation. There is a constantly higher demand for egg trays in every poultry layer farms. Moreover, the manufacturing process is simple and raw material i.e. waste paper pulp is easily available at cheapest price.

22. Disposable Plastic Cups Making

Plastic cups are the most common ways of serving tea and coffee in the roadside shops and vendors in India. These are also used in a high volume in public gathering or by the event organizers. The plastic cup making machine can produce thousands of cup in a day. This is one of the most lucrative Small scale manufacturing business ideas.

23. Tissue Paper Making Business

Tissue papers are the most common item to be used in toilets and washrooms. There are various types of tissue papers available in the market and you can choose and of the business niche as per your market demand. Read more about tissue paper making business

24. School Bag Making Business

Kids love to use fashionable and trendy school bags. So, you can have a range of school bag in your business like trendy, durable, high-quality, bags with reasonable price, fashionable and others. It has a constant demand among the college students and office goers.

25. Herbal Hair Oil Manufacturing Business

Herbal products have a great demand due to its high-quality performance and zero side effects. However, to start this business, you need to have specialized knowledge in the sector of herbal cosmetic products manufacturing.

26. Plastic Products Manufacturing Business

Plastic products like a bucket, mug, soap case and other daily usable items have a great demand in the market. The manufacturing process of these is also very simple and is one of the most profitable Small scale manufacturing business ideas which can also be operated from home.

27. Leaf Plate Making Business

Specific types of leafs like the Sal leafs are used for manufacturing leaf plates. The leaf’s are sewed together either with a machine or manually and are also available in various designs. Being an eco-friendly and light-weight product, Leaf plate is a perfect alternative of plastic and glass items. You can easily start this business and target local as well as international markets.

28. Eco-Friendly Toys

Also known as the green toys, they are made up of material which does less harm to the environment in comparison to the other materials like plastics and others. Read more about Eco-friendly toys making business.

29. Guar Gum Manufacturing

Guar gum is produced from the guar beans and India is the highest producer of this in the world. It is used in the food and beverages ass a thickening agent. It also has stabilizing and suspending properties along with binding. Read more about Guar gum manufacturing business.

30. Broom Making Business

In India, you will find a broom in almost each and every house. This is used for the cleaning purpose and with the count of the population in India, you can easily determine the demand that the broom making business will have in the market. Thus, with this, you can start a profitable low investment manufacturing business.

31. Drinking Straw Making Business

Drinking straws are used widely around the country to consume liquid foods like cold-drink, lassi, cold-coffee and others. As it is for one-time use, the demand for the same is very high in the market. Read more about drinking straw making business.

32. Slipper Making Business

Slippers are usually used to wear inside the house to keep your feet safe from the dirt and cold of the floor. A pair of a sleeper is very usual for every resident in a house in India. Thus, this makes it a highly demanded Small scale manufacturing business ideas. Read more about slipper manufacturing business.

33. Perfume Making Business

With the use of few chemicals and natural substances, you can also create your own perfume at your studio. However, you should have the skill and knowledge of blending various essential oils. Some distinctive perfume making formulas can reach your business to a great height.

34. Peanut Butter Business

Peanut butter is a very healthy and luscious food item which can be eaten with breads loafs and others. Due to its healthy benefits, it has a huge demand in the market. Read more about making peanut butter.

35. Handmade Paper Making Business

These are usually made from recycled papers and vegetables. It is 100 % free from wood and eco-friendly. Along with this, it also looks fashionable and classy. Read more about Handmade paper making.

36. Paper Jewelry Making

Due to its reasonable price and great designs, the paper jewelry is gaining a huge popularity in the market. This is a low investment manufacturing business idea which can easily be started at your home. You will need to have skills in the handicraft for operating this business successfully.

37. Making Paper Flowers

You can create exotic designs of paper flowers which will last way longer than the original ones Paper flowers has a great demand in the event organizing business as they can be repeatedly used.

38. Ice Block Making Business

Different sizes of ice blocks have demand from a different sector of the market. So, decide on your business niche after doing a detailed research on the demand in the market.

39. Paper Plate Making Business

Paper plates are used to serve food to people in parties, picnics or any kind occasion. Being eco-friendly in nature, paper plates have a huge demand in the market.

40. Packaging Box Manufacturing Business

Whatever is manufactured in the world required packaging box to distribute from one place to another. Different items also have a specific demand of packaging box thus making it an attractive low investment manufacturing business.

41. Exercise Book Manufacturing Business

Exercise books are among the basic need of school and college students and thus has a huge demand in the market. Raw materials are easily available and the price of the exercise book making machine is not so high. So, with moderate capital investment, you can expect a good return.

42. Ice Cream Cone Making Business

Ice-cream cones are made up of edible wafers and thus have a great demand in the market. Even most of the branded ice-cream companies only manufacture the ice-cream and purchases the cone from the third party. This gives a great market opportunity to capture.

43. Paper Clip Making Business

It is one of the basic stationery requirements with a high demand in the market. With the help of paper clip making machine, you can produce a huge volume of paper clips on daily basis.

44. Staple Pin Making

You just need to put the wire in the machine and the rest will be done automatically by the machine only. With the modern staple pin making machine and availability of high-quality raw materials, you can easily set up a low investment manufacturing business of staple pins.

45. Jute Bag Making

Jute bags are usually highly durable and fashionable too. They have a great demand in the international market too. India being the largest producer of jute is the best place for starting a jute bag making business.

46. Paper Cup Making

Being eco-friendly, paper cups are the best alternative for plastic cups. Paper cups are widely used by street vendors to serve tea, coffee, cold drinks, soups and other food items. Read more about paper cup making business.

47. Bindi Making Business

Bindi’s are the most common fashion accessory for the women and even for the young girls in India. Bindi making process is very simple and can easily be started with least amount of investment and thus making it a profitable and low investment manufacturing business idea.

48. Ball Pen Refill Making Business

Ball pens are the basic need of our life. Billions of pens are used every day around the world. Thus, this business has a great demand in the market.

49. Envelope Making Business

You can make hundreds of envelope in few seconds with the envelope making machine. This business requires the least amount of investment and can be easily incorporated with any other business options.

50. Pickle Making Business

This one is another profitable, home-based and low investment manufacturing business idea. Homemade pickles have a great demand in the market due to its high-quality taste even with the higher MRP.

These are the 50 Small scale manufacturing business ideas which can be easily started with the least investment. For the success of the business, you can make some investment for the promotion of the same. An effective promotion can play a major role in the success of any business.

With the availability of the internet service, you can easily sell your products in the online market. In small scale, low investment business ideas, creativity, quality and price plays a major role in the success of the same and an effective promotion works as the required push to reaches the ultimate goal.

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50 Small Scale Manufacturing Business Ideas with Low-Cost
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50 Small Scale Manufacturing Business Ideas with Low-Cost
Looking for small scale manufacturing business ideas with low cost? Explore 50 ideas which require reasonable investment to start but fetch good returns.
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