Small-scale Livestock Farming – Profitable Home Based Business Idea

Do you have interest in livestock farming? Are you looking for the best suited small farming ideas for your backyard? Great…you have come to a right place. In this post, I will share a range of small-scale livestock farming business ideas…Hope this will end up your search. As you know animal husbandry is one of the ways to meet the increasing demand of food all over the world. If you have sufficient space in your backyard and can invest a moderate amount, you can get a good return by rearing animals.  Here are 17 ideas of livestock farming for you to consider. Choose any one or more which seems to be the most effective one as per your expertise and skills.

Which small-scale livestock farming is suitable for you? Please check our list

1. Farm pet birds

Pet birds like parrot, pigeons, love birds etc have a huge demand in the world market. Just with a little research find out the species which can easily be breed in the climate of your location and start breeding them. Again farming pet birds don’t need a huge space as they will be in the cage only. Read More About Bird Farming Business

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2. Breed Dogs: –

Breeding dogs is one of the most popular and profitable Small-scale livestock farming. You will need a good amount of space for their proper rearing but can expect a huge return of profit from this. A bitch can give birth to an average count of 6 puppies and that is also twice a year. Labrador, pug, German shepherd, Doberman etc are the most common dog breed which have the highest amount of demand in the market. It is easy to breed some dogs, but few types of them like pug need extra care for breeding. Read More About Dog Breeding Business

3. Dairy farming: –

It has been found in studies that the Small-scale livestock farming in India ranks first and has an average production of milk over 78 million ton every year. Still, the demand for milk is very high which gives a great boost to the dairy farming business. Milk and milk products have worldwide demand but managing a dairy farm is not an easy job. You need a much wider space for the rearing of the cattle and managing them. Make a proper business plan and arrange for finances and start on a small scale. The best part is that you can even sell the wastage like the cow dung as a fertilizer.

4. Sheep farming: –

You need not to invest a huge capital for sheep farming. Sheep are useful for both meat and wool. It can be reared in any kind of climate condition but to make it a profitable venture you need to raise them in good numbers.  So do a proper research about the same before starting a sheep farming business.

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5. Duck farming: –

You will need a sufficient water source like the pond for starting duck farming. Duck products like eggs and meat have a great demand in the market, but the supply is very less as the maximum market shared is consumed by chicken and its products. But you can still earn huge with livestock farming of duck and can even export the product outside. Over that, you can easily breed other animals like chicken or others along with ducks. Read More About duck farming

6. Goat farming: –

Goat is useful for its milk, meat and the skin, but the highest demand is for the meat. So do a thorough research about the breeds which grows faster and has the highest demand in the market. The maintenance cost and effort of goat farming is also very low, so it’s a nice choice to give a try.

7. Rabbit farming: –

Rabbits have the demand as a pet animal and also for medical test purposes. The demand for the later reason has reduced due to animal welfare activities, but still breeding rabbit is a profitable Small-scale livestock farming business. You can easily breed other farm animals along with rabbit to keep the cash register flowing. Read More About Rabbit Farming Business

8. Fish farming: –

You can easily start a small scale fish farming business with a less capital, but to earn a good amount of profit, you need to start it on a huge scale and for that, you need to have a huge source of water like a pond. Fish is a daily moving item and has immense demand in the world market, but fish farming is not an easy task. You need to have a complete and detailed knowledge of the science behind the same to avoid massive loss. Read More About Fish Farming Business

9. Ostrich farming: –

Ostrich is popular for its meat as it has a lower amount of calories, fat and cholesterol than the other alternatives like chicken, red meats etc. All the products of ostrich like eggs, meat, skin and even the feathers have a high demand in the international market.

10. Poultry farming: –

The huge competition is the only drawback in poultry farming, but the way the market is growing, it is one of the most profitable small-scale livestock farming ideas. The best part of poultry farming is that nothing gets wasted, you can even make money by selling the wastage like excretes. Read More About Poultry Farm Business

11. Quail bird farming: –

The hidden fact of quail bird is that its meat is tastier than the chicken and commercial farming of these birds are highly successful, special in the Asian territory. These birds take less amount of space for breeding and can start laying eggs within 6 to 7 weeks. The difficult task is to get the license for quail bird farming as they are protected species. Read More About Quail Farming Business

12. Snail farming: –

Snail farming is not an easy idea, but a definitely profitable livestock farming option as you can export the snail meat outside your country. Get proper information about the same from the local agricultural and fishing department and you should also possess the knowledge and skill in snail farming.

13. Shrimp farming: –

Don’t confuse shrimp farming with fish farming; it is different in many ways. First of all shrimp farming can bring you a fortune as there is a huge return of profit. But for the big fortune you need to work way hard all else it’s a great chance of misfortune too. Shrimps are very delicate, so for farming them you need to have all kind of required knowledge and skills along with a legal license. Read More About Shrimp Farming Business

14. Lobster farming: –

Livestock farming of lobster yields on an average of over 15 million US Dollar every year through exports. So, if you have the required infrastructure and skill, there is no other better option than lobster and shrimp farming.

15. Guinea pig farming: –

The demand of guinea pigs is basically as a pet, but in foreign countries, the demand is also for the meat. The best part guinea pig farming is that you can begin with small-scale livestock farming business and rearing and mating of guinea pigs are very easy and requires very less maintenance cost and effort.

16. Raise worms: –

You can start raising worms along with any of your other farming options. Worms have a great demand in the fishing industry and also for producing vermicompost organic fertilizers. So you can raise worms along with producing organic fertilizers. It is a two-way idea to earn the profit.

17. Beekeeping:

Beekeeping is a nice small farming business idea to produce and sell the bi-product that is honey. Honey has a high demand in all over the world for both medicinal use and household purposes. Honeybees are a good source of earning business and the best part is that it doesn’t require a lot of spaces for the beehive, that means aside of beekeeping you can do other livestock farming also. Read More About Beekeeping Business

Above are the few best ideas for livestock farming in worldwide. A proper research before commencing any business is strongly suggested as all kind of breeds can’t be reared in every climate conditions.

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Top 17 Ways to Make Money from Small-scale Livestock Farming
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Top 17 Ways to Make Money from Small-scale Livestock Farming
Are you looking for the small-scale livestock farming business ideas? Here are 17 ideas for you to consider for making a good money by rearing animals.
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