10 Small Real Estate Business Ideas can start from Home

The real estate is a vast aspect. It has got a huge scope to make an unlimited profit. However, it has also got its risk factors. That is why; today I am bringing you with the list of 10 small real estate business ideas which can be easily started with minimum investment and has got a huge scope to make a lucrative career.

Below is the list of 10 Small Real Estate Business Ideas

1. Become a real estate agent: –

As a real estate agent, you need to play the role of an intermediary between the buyer and the seller of the property. For each successful transaction, you can earn a percentage of the amount the deal is made. A real estate agent can successfully work with a real estate bird dog to increase the income probability.

2. Flipping Property: –

The value of a property never stays the same. Mostly it is on an upward trend. Thus, you can make easy money by purchasing properties at a lower cost and selling them with a margin of profit.

Although for this business you need to have a good amount of capital and sometimes you may need to wait for a long time to get the best price to purchase or sell. But the business has got a huge potential to make a profit.

3. Real Estate bird-dogging: –

The big giants in the real estate don’t have the time to hit the road and search for the lucrative properties. That is why; the demand for the real estate bird dog is so high in the market.

As a real estate bird dog, you just need to find the best property and pass on the information to the giants. If they are interested, you can earn huge amount of commission for the successful transaction.

4. Real Estate photography Business: –

It is not possible for the buyers or the real estate agency to physically visit a property every time. Along with these, the real estate agencies also require the best pictures of the properties to upload in their websites and for that, they completely rely on the real estate photographers.

This is one of the small real estate business ideas which can provide you with the opportunity to earn a lucrative margin of profit.

5. Home Inspection business: –

From the list of small real estate business ideas, this business requires the least investment. You just need to have the required skills in the area to inspect any property. The service of a home inspection is usually required during purchasing and selling of any property to inspect the property and suggest the required maintenance and servicing which can help in increasing the value of the same.

6. Real Estate blogging: –

In today’s live bloggers are making millions by just sitting at home. To become a real estate blogger, you just need 3 simple things: –

  •         A computer with the internet connectivity
  •         Skill in the language
  •         Knowledge about Real Estate

With these simple 3 things, you can easily be a real estate blogger and have a successful career. Don’t expect success in the beginning only, you just need to wait for a while and learn to hit the bull’s eye. If you are looking for the simplest small real estate business ideas with the least investment, this one is the best option for you.

7. Become an Interior Designer: –

Everyone loves to decorate their house or office in the best possible way and the interior designers are the best person for the job. They have got the eye which no one else has got. If it is for office, they can turn a small area into a huge workspace and make a dull looking room as lively as a blooming flower.

That is why the demand for an interior designer is so high and they get paid very well for their services. It is one of the best small real estate business ideas.

8. Window Cleaning Business: –

Window cleaning service is usually required for the skyscrapers. As a service provider, you don’t need to climb the rope to clean the window, you just need to hire professional staffs and need to have the required equipment. The investment is low and the earning capacity is huge. This business is very much popular in metro and urban cities.

9. Real Estate Appraisal Business: –

It is an easy home-based business option with an unlimited scope of earning. You need to have specialization is estimating the value of land or property. During buying or selling of properties or renewal of mortgage, the role of a Real Estate Appraiser comes to play. Thus with the booming Real Estate business, this career option is very attractive.

10. Property Management Business: –

This business is most suited to the urban market. Now people have got very less time to spent or worry about renting their properties, thus they take the assistance from the Property Management Business. As an owner of the business, you will be responsible for the dealings with prospective tenants or existing tenants regarding different aspects like payment of rent, maintenance and repair concerns, resolving the tenant’s complaints and even the eviction of tenants.

For the given services, you will be paid a percentage of the rent or a fixed charge. You can even provide customized services and make a good earning with a huge number or client base.

So, you can select from any of the above small real estate business ideas according to your investment capacity and skills.

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10 Small Real Estate Business Ideas can start from Home
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10 Small Real Estate Business Ideas can start from Home
Why choose real estate? Because it has got a huge scope. Here is the list of 10 small real estate business ideas which can be easily started from home.
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