25 Profitable Small Investment Business Ideas in USA

The United States of America or the USA has got a population of over 325 million people and is one of the most developed countries in the world. However, even with having the strongest economy in the world, it also faces issues like recession and job crisis which has resulted in the increasing amount of small scale business setups. That is why; here I have come with the best small investment business ideas in USA.

Small Investment Business Ideas in USA: Why USA is Suitable for this?

There are many factors of a country which makes the place suitable to start any kind of manufacturing business and USA is the best place for making the small investment business ideas successful. The factors which make it the best destination are: –

  • It has got a plenty of natural resources.
  • The per capita GDP of the USA is the world’s ninth highest.
  • It has got a huge population which brings more opportunity to the business to flourish.
  • It is the world’s major fabricator of the oil and natural gas.
  • There are over 50 states in the America that makes a huge market opportunity for the business.

So, here is my list of the best small investment business ideas in USA which you can start to have your own career opportunities: –

1. Paper bag making: –

Paper bags are the best alternative option of plastic bags as they are eco-friendly and recycled papers can be easily used for the manufacturing of the paper bag. They have got a sleek looks and fashionable and can be easily disposed. Operating this business is easy as the manufacturing process is simple and the product has got huge demand in the market.

2. Paper cup making: –

Millions of paper cups are used in the USA on a daily basis. It is required to serve different kind of drinks like coffee, tea, and others. Being eco-friendly in nature, it has got a huge demand and thus paper cup making business is one of the best small investment business ideas in USA.

3. Candy making: –

Kids or adult, we all love candies. The candy making business gets a huge demand in throughout the year due to different kind of occasions like Halloween, Birthday Parties, and others. The manufacturing process is very simple and this business can be easily started with least capital investment.

4. Cashew nut production: –

Starting of this business will depend on the climatic and soil condition you are in. The USA is not among the major producing countries of cashew nuts, so if you are located in a place which is suitable for the cashew nut production, then it can be very profitable business ideas.

5. Herbal hair oil making: –

Herbal products are much safer to use in comparison to the different cosmetic products available in the market. They have got many advantages and have least side effects like other cosmetics. It is among the very attractive small investment business ideas in USA due to its high demand and easy to start and operate. Read More about Herbal hair oil making business

6. Leather belt making: –

Belts are the essentials to wear in most of the kinds of attire you are wearing. The leather belt adds up to the style statement due to its brilliant look and quality. Leather belts are very durable too, that is why has got a huge demand.

7. Leather bag making: –

Leathers are one of the best materials which are very cost effective. The leathers bags may be a bit expensive than others, but they have got a huge demand as they are very durable and lasts for a long time along with providing the best style.

8. Soft toy manufacturing: –

Adult or kids, we all love soft toys. The USA being one of the leading producers of the cotton provides a great opportunity for this business to prosper. Now with the advancement of the technology, it has become easy to produce huge volume of soft toys in a quick time and in a cost effective way.

9. Plastic goods manufacturing: –

In our daily life, we use different kind of plastic goods. There is a huge demand of plastic goods in our life as they are very durable and cheap. This makes this one among the best small investment business ideas in USA. The process of manufacturing plastic goods has also become easier with the new and innovative machinery.

10. Furniture Upcycling: –

Instead of selling the old furniture’s at a lower cost, you can sell the same items at a higher price, even higher than the price you paid to purchase by using your creativity and starting a furniture upcycling business.

11. Snacks food making: –

The snacks have got a huge demand in the market as they are cheap and very effective to kill the hunger. Snacks like chips and others are fast moving goods which has got a million dollar business in all over the world. You can also start a home based handmade snacks making business as they are healthy and free of harmful chemicals

12. Biscuit making: –

Biscuits are the most common food item found in every residence in all over the world. It is one of the most common snacks found in the house which is most commonly used along with tea or coffee.

13. Drinking straw making: –

Straws are used to drink different kind of liquid drinks like soda, cold-drinks and others. It is a one time use material as needs to be disposed after the 1st use only. The manufacturing process is very simple as with the machine, you can manufacture a huge volume of straws at a very quick time.

14. Chalk making: –

With the inception of modern stationery items, there are very less chalk making business available in the market. The demand of this product has dipped in last few decades but you can still start this as a small scale business setup or include the same with any other business options.

15. Packaging Box making: –

Whatever product is produced in the market needs a box for packaging and delivering.  So, just imagine the demand of the box making business in the market. There are the different kinds of boxes which you can select as per the market demand or your individual choice.

16. Liquid soap making: –

Liquid soaps are used as hand wash, bathing soaps or even to wash clothes. The liquid soap can even be manufactured at home and has got a great demand in the market.

17. Detergent powder making: –

Detergent soaps are required to wash clothes and linens. It is again a product which is used by every household in the world which makes it one of the most attractive small investment business ideas in USA.

18. Fruit pulp manufacturing: –

The fruit pulp business allows you to sell the fruits in all kind of season. Most of the fruits are seasonal, but with the fruit pulp business, you can store the pulp in the containers with the required preservatives and these can be kept for a long time. These fruit pulps can be sold at a high profit margin during other season when it is not available in the trees.

19. Salted cashew nut making: –

Salted cashews tastes great as the salts adds extra taste to the cashew. Along with these, the salted cashews are also sold at a very higher price in comparison to the usual cashews. It is one of the small investment business ideas in USA as the required investment is very less and there is a return of profit of around 150%.

Please Check this Powerpoint Presentation

20. Non Woven bag manufacturing: –

Among the plastic bags and paper bags, the non-woven bags are the best options as they are completely eco-friendly and available in the market at a very reasonable price. The manufacturing process of the non woven bag is also very simple.

21. Bread Making Business: –

Breads are very nutritious and are available in a very low price. It is available at an average cost of $2 per loaf in the USA. As per studies, each American eats around 53 pounds of breads in a year. Thus, you can understand the demand of the bread making business in the market. The production of the same is also very simple and due to its huge demand, it is among the best small investment business ideas in USA.

22. Jeans making business: –

Jeans are one of the most demanded attire in the whole world. They are fashionable, highly durable and very cost –effective too. The American jeans brands like Levis, Flying Machine etc has got a huge demand in the world market. So, if you can produce good quality jeans, you can even import the same in the international market,

23. Hair band making: –

Nowadays, all the genders likes to grow their hairs. That is why the need and demand for the product is very high in the market.

24. Cotton ear buds making: –

The cotton ear buds are used in worldwide to clean the ears of the kids and even the adults. The USA is the third major cotton producing countries, thus, you will get the best raw materials at the most reasonable price, thus making cotton ear buds among the best small investment business ideas in USA.

25. Tomato sauce making: –

Tomato sauces are a mandatory along with many items like the noodles and many other fast foods. It helps to enhance the taste of the food as they are easy to make also. Other than manufacturing tomato sauces, you can also go for chili sauce or soya sauce as they also have got a steady demand.

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25 Profitable Small Investment Business Ideas in USA
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25 Profitable Small Investment Business Ideas in USA
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