25 Profitable Small Business Ideas in South Africa

If you are not engaged in any kind of work, service or profession in South Africa, then it is the best time to invest in a small scale business. South Africa is the second largest economy in Africa. This means it provides a lot of opportunities to prosper as a business. Today I bring you with 25 small business ideas in South Africa which you can select and start according to your convenience.

Small Business Ideas in South Africa: Why is South Africa the Best Place?

There are many unique features of South Africa. It is very less known that over 9,600 recorded species of plant available here and 70% of these are not found elsewhere in the world. It has got an abundance of natural resources.

However, still, there is a huge number of population in South Africa is unemployed. Below is the list of small business opportunities in South Africa which you can start with minimum or no capital and make huge profits out of them.

Farming Business Opportunities in South Africa

1. Livestock Feed Production: –

Livestock farming is everywhere in the world. But the basic necessity of keeping and growing livestock is food for the animals. Starting a livestock feed production provides you with a great opportunity to cash on the demand of the same.

2. Goat Farming: –

Goat gives you milk, meat and the skin of the same have also got a huge demand in the leather industries. Goats are not much vulnerable and have got less mortality rate in comparison to other livestock’s. You can start the goat farming in a small place also.

3. Pig Farming: –

Pig is mostly used for meat. The reason for including this business idea in the list of small business ideas in South Africa is the pig’s reproduction rate. A pig, in general, produces over 20 piglets once in 4 months in a year. Thus, with 2 to 3 pigs, you can have over 60 pigs in a year. Isn’t it amazing?

4. Egg Supplier Business: –

Egg is an item which has got more or less same demand in the all over the world and that is also very high. Being very fragile, the business of egg supplying does involve risk but also has got huge profit margin.

5. Poultry Farming: –

Different types of poultry’s like chicken, duck, turkey, geese have got a commendable demand in the market for meat and eggs. Along with this, it neither requires huge investment or space to start a poultry farming thus making it one of the best small business ideas in South Africa.

6. Fruits & Vegetable export business: –

As mentioned in the beginning, South Africa has got over 70% of unique species of plants and herbs. That means you have something that the whole world is craving for. This makes a great idea to start a fruits and vegetable export business. You can also include exotic herbs.

7. Start a Dairy Farm Business: –

Dairy products like milk, butter, cheese etc are required in huge volume in our daily life. Starting a dairy farm may need some investment in the beginning, but it is among the highly profitable small business ideas in South Africa.

8. Egg Tray Making Business: –

Being very delicate and fragile, the eggs require proper packaging and the egg tray’s are a must for its packaging and transportation. Thus, along with eggs, the trays for the same have also got a huge demand in the market.

9. Sheep Farming: –

Sheep is again a very useful animal. Sheep are used to produce wool, meat and even the milk has got a huge demand. The milk, however, is less consumed as raw but has got a huge demand for producing cheese as they have very high nutrition value. So, whatever the purpose may be, sheep farming is very profitable one.

Food Production Business Ideas

10. Potato Chips Making Business: –

South Africa produces over 45 million tons of potatoes every year. Thus, it is a great place to start a potato chips business. Potato chips are among the top-selling snacks around the world and manufacturing process of the same is also very easy.

11. Tomato Sauce Making Business: –

We need tomato sauce regularly in our daily food. It is a great taste enhancer and a must to have along with many foods like snacks, noodles etc. That is why the demand for the same is very high and it is among the most profitable small business ideas in South Africa.

12. Banana Wafer Making: –

Banana wafers are very luscious and easy to make. It has a steady demand in the market and banana wafer business can be easily started and operated from your home. With the need for the least investment, this business idea can be a great career opportunity.

13. Candy Making Business: –

Kids or grown up’s, we all love candies. Good quality candies have good huge demand and you can even export the same. Candies can be produced easily at home with a very little investment.

14. Start Cookie Business from Home: –

If you like to bake, you can use the skill in starting a cookie business from home. It requires minimum investment and can provide you with a great opportunity to start a successful business.

15. Fruit pulp processing business: –

This business provides the opportunity to the people to enjoy a different kind of fruits even in the off seasons. In this business, with the use of proper technique, you need to preserve the fruit pulps and sell them with a huge margin of profit.

16. Bread Making Business: –

Millions of tones of bread or loaves are consumed on daily basis around the world. It is one of the most nutritional foods which are available at a very reasonable price. Wheat is the basic required raw material for producing bread and the price of the same is also very reasonable in the market.

17. Ginger Garlic Paste making Business: –

The pastes are the most convenient option to cook. In this busy life, it is very difficult to dedicate more time to cooking and thus the ginger garlic paste suffices your need. Starting this business is easy and thus it is on the list of best small business ideas in South Africa.

18. Peanut Butter Making Business: –

Peanut butter has got a great nutritional value and it is very tasty too. Due to its high nutrition value, it has got a huge demand in the market as a lot of parents prefers peanut butter over the usual ones.

Leather Business Idea

19. Leather Bag Making Business: –

Bags are essential and different kind of materials is used to manufacture them. But the leather bags are the best as they are highly durable and very stylish. As South Africa has got a huge leather market, the leather bag making is a great opportunity for a lucrative career.

20. Leather Belt Making Business: –

Among the world most widely traded commodities, leather is among the tops contenders. The leather market in South Africa is also very huge and this provides an ideal opportunity to start a leather belt making business.

Other Manufacturing Business Ideas

21. Rubber band making business: –

Billions of rubber bands are used on a regular basis. It has got demand for packaging, daily usages and others. The manufacturing of rubber band is simple and with a machine, you can produce thousands of rubber bands in a minute.

22. Rubber stamp making business: –

Business, companies, shops and other commercial units require rubber stamps on a regular basis. Thus, this gives a great opportunity for the business to prosper.

23. Basket Weaving Business: –

Baskets can be used for different purposes like for gift wrapping or others. Designer baskets have got a huge demand in the market and thus, the basket weaving business is among the best small business ideas in South Africa. You just need to properly market and promote the business to get success.

24. Sewing Business: –

We need sewing in our daily life, either to make new clothes or to repair the old ones. If you have the skills of sewing, you can start a profitable sewing business from your home with the need for minimum investment.

25. Leaf Plate Making Business: –

With the increasing awareness to save the environment, more and more people have stopped using items made from plastics and others which can’t be easily disposed of. That is why the demand of the leaf plate has increased a lot in the last few decades. The manufacturing process of leaf plate is very simple and this business requires a minimum investment to start.

With such a huge economy and infrastructure along with vast natural resources, South Africa is one of the best places in the world to start any kind of business. You can select from the above profitable small business ideas in South Africa to get a lucrative career.

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25 Profitable Small Business Ideas in South Africa
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25 Profitable Small Business Ideas in South Africa
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