25 Profitable and Easy-To-Start Small Business Ideas in Nigeria

Nigeria has got a booming economy, but still the employment is a great concern in the area as the job opportunities are very less and are not attractive. That is why, I am bringing you with the list of 25 best small business ideas in Nigeria which you can start with minimum investment and have a lucrative career.

Here is a list of 25 fast-growing small business ideas in Nigeria.

1. Mushroom Farming Business: –

You can make easy and serious money with mushroom farming in Nigeria. The demand of mushroom is very high and there are very few commercial producer of Mushroom in Nigeria. So, if you are looking for the best small business ideas in Nigeria, mushroom farming is a very lucrative option.

2. Recycling Business: –

A lot of stuffs are thrown to the garbage which can be again used after recycling. Items like aluminum used in making cans are the most commonly found item for recycling. With this business, you can not only make profit but will also help the environment by recycling.

3. Quail Farming: –

Quail birds are small in size and are used in farming for producing eggs and meat. Due to their size, a huge number of quail birds can be easily accommodated in a small place. The demand for the quail is also very high as their meat are very delicious.

4. Poultry Farm business: –

Nigeria has got over 200 million consumers who uses poultry products every day. However, there are not enough poultry farms in the country. If you can manage a poultry farm properly, this can be one of the best small business ideas in Nigeria to start which offers you a great opportunity of an attractive career.

5. Spice Processing and Packaging: –

Spices are required in everyday life in making the cooked foods delicious. Thus, you can make huge profit out of the same. You just need to collect the best spices available in and pack them in attractive packages and sell them with a huge margin of profit.

6. Detergent Powder Manufacturing: –

Detergent has got a huge demand in every residence to clean linens. It has got the cleaning agent to make the linens look clean and make it germ free. Many business industries also uses detergents in a huge volume and thus, it is in the list of the most lucrative small business ideas in Nigeria.

7. Dog Breeding Business: –

We all love to have pets at our house, especially dogs as they are very cute and loyal too. Some also prefer dogs for security of the family and that is why starting a dog breeding business can be very profitable.

8. Opening a Hair Salon: –

We all need to have haircut or once in two months or sometimes before that and for that we need good salons. We all like to look good and have an attractive presence which makes the hair salon business a great opportunity to have a profitable business.

9. Freelance Journalism: –

If you like to make or report news, freelance journalism is a best option to select. In this, you will not be working under any company or channel, you just will be recording news and sell them at a price to the existing news channels.

10. Freelance Writing: –

Nowadays, people likes to be their own boss and prefer working for their own. As a freelance writer, you can make huge money by working at home by using your skills in writing. There are plenty of websites which offers attractive payout to the freelance writers and it requires very less or no investment to start the business also.

11. Cattle Food Production: –

Cattle’s are one of the most common animals in farming. They produce meat, milk and many other bi-products like butter, cheese etc. Thus, it is very important to provide them with the best food and thus, the demand for the cattle food production arises and making it one of the best small business ideas in Nigeria.

12. Domain Flipping Business: –

With the daily increasing amount of rise in the websites, the demand for the attractive domain names are also very high. In the domain flipping business, you can purchase domain names and sell them again with a margin of profit.

13. Flour Milling Business: –

We need flours in our daily basis to make bread and others. That is why; the flour milling business is a very lucrative and profitable business opportunity. It requires a bit of investment in the beginning to purchase machinery but is one of best small best ideas in Nigeria.

14. Computer Training School: –

Nowadays, we need computers in every step of our life. Even if you are highly qualified, if you don’t have knowledge about computers you may not get any kind of job, whereas an average qualified person with great skills in computer can get easily employed.

15. Computer Repair Business: –

Personal or commercial, computers are in the use everywhere. As there is a huge requirement of computers, the demand for the repairing services is also high. Thus, starting a computer repairing business can be very profitable if you have the correct skills.

16. Bicycle Repair Business: –

Millions of people use bicycle everyday and due to the regular uses, it goes to rigorous wear and tear. Thus, the bicycle requires repairing service from the experts and thus, the bicycle repair business can be an attractive business opportunity.

17. Starting a Small Moving Business: –

People needs the service of movers on regular basis, either to change the houses or to transport business items from one place to another. Like manufacturing businesses will need the service of a moving business on regular to transport either raw materials or finished goods from one place to another.

18. Potato Chips Making Business: –

If you wish to have a profitable business, then this is one of the best small business ideas in Nigeria. Potato chips manufacturing requires minimum investment and infrastructure but has got huge demand in the market.

19. Car Wash Business: –

A regular run in the street can make your gorgeous car look ugly due to the dirt. A car washing center has got high demand in the market as people most of the people loves their car and wants them to be clean and beautiful.

20. Pest Control Business: –

Pests like rodents and others can make the life difficult as they not only damages household goods but also cause health-related concerns. That is why; people seek the service of pest control to make the place pest free. This business has got huge demand from both individual and business customers and thus a very profitable business option.

21. Liquid Phenyl Manufacturing: –

Phenyls are use to clean and as disinfectant. It is used in huge volume on regular basis in both residential and commercial usages. Germs and virus are the main reason of making people ill and that is why we use phenyl to clean the floors. It has got use demand in health centers.

22. Noodles manufacturing: –

It is again one of the best and profitable small business ideas in Nigeria. Noodles are the most demanded fast food product in all over the world and the manufacturing process of the same is also very simple and requires very less capital to begin the same.

23. Build an Online Store: –

With the booming mCommerce and eCommerce business, people now prefer purchasing from online stores over visiting markets. Thus, you can easily build an online store of your own and sell different kind of products which has got high demands in the market. The initial investment may be a bit high, but in the wrong run, it is a great option.

24. Internet Gaming Cafe: –

Computer games are very addictive and people spend hours in the gaming cafes to play the same. Thus, you can use the opportunity to make money by starting an internet gaming cafe. You can also include the business of cyber cafe along with other small jobs like the photocopy, mobile recharges and others along with this business.

25. Web Hosting Affiliate Programs: –

With your blogs or websites, you can make additional money. In the web hosting affiliate programs, you can earn huge commission with the sales generated by your referral. You can also use your social media sites for them. Companies pay huge commission for successful referrals.

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25 Profitable and Easy-To-Start Small Business Ideas in Nigeria
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25 Profitable and Easy-To-Start Small Business Ideas in Nigeria
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