25 + Small Business Ideas for Women – Low Investment

Do you find small business ideas for women? If you are a woman interested in starting your own business from home, then I really appreciate your thoughts and wish you a good luck for your business career. Since you know, women are not only preparing themselves for doing gender-specific jobs but have immense interest in every professional field including business.

The small business ideas for women give the opportunities to get a good source of income and engage in some productive works along with managing their household tasks. A great number of women spend their whole life in managing the houses, taking care of their kids and never get the chance to use their skills and knowledge to have a steady source of income. That is why in this post, I have collected a list of 25 small business ideas for women.

A list of Profitable Small Business Ideas for Women

1. Babysitting Business at Home:

Do you love kids and want to spend time with them? You may start babysitting business at your home. It is the right option to enjoy flexibility and monetary freedom with the work that you like the most.

2. Start Beauty Salon Business

Starting a beauty salon business at your home is a profitable endeavor if you have proper training and required skills. Hopefully, you have sufficient space that can be renovated to beauty salon. With proper planning and marketing strategies, you can become a successful woman entrepreneur. Read More: Start Beauty Salon Business

3. Body Piercing Business

Nowadays, both girls and boys love to pierce their body. However, you need to have the skills to do the piercing in safe and hygenic way and have the proper material and tools for the same. Read More: Body Piercing Business

4. Adult Day Care Business

Taking care of the elderly people is definitely a charitable task to do, but also a profitable one. You just need a place and some staffs to manage them. It is a great option to spend some quality time with the senior citizens and get the teachings of the life along with making money. Read More: Adult Day Care Business

5. Basket Weaving Business:

The usual baskets don’t require a high level of creativity or planning, however, if you want to make a good profit, then you definitely need to have a high level of creativity and planning for starting a business from home in basket weaving.

6. Start Tailoring Business from Home:

Tailoring is an art which is required in the everyday task. We, specially the women love to wear trendy as well as fitted clothes. To make a dress from a piece of fabric and also to alternate them, you often visit tailor shop. If you have learnt pattern drafting and proficient in fabrics cutting and sewing, you too can start tailoring business from your home and earn a good deal of money..

7. Start a Language School

You can use your proficiency in any language to teach others by starting a language school. It is one of the great small business ideas for women who have got the talent and skill in particular languages. Having knowledge in foreign languages is an additional advantage.

8. Make Money with Oriflame

Oriflame is one of the largest companies providing a range of cosmetic, personal care and accessories. It operates in over 60 countries across the world. By selling Oriflame products, you can earn over 25 % in sales. Read More: Make Money with Oriflame

9. Designer Lace Making

The designer laces have become the latest trend which is used in the girl’s dresses. The manufacturing of designer laces is very easy and the raw materials are also available at a very reasonable cost. However, you need good creativity to design attractive laces. Read More: Designer Lace Making

10. Start a Sewing School

Sewing is a skill that most of the women inherit from childhood. However, having skills is important to have expertise hold in sewing. Thus Start a Sewing School is a very good idea and one of the most profitable small business ideas for women to start from home.

11. Imitation Jewelry Business:

With the sky scraping price of the gold and diamond jewelry, the demand for the imitation jewelry has got a huge demand in the market. It is available at a very reasonable price and can be found in various designs. So imitation jewelry business is a great small business ideas for women.

12. Become a Usability Tester:

In this job, you need to test different products on yourself by using them and share the required feedback and reviews. You just need to find the appropriate companies who are paying well for the usability tester.

13. Become a Search Engine Evaluator

The responsibility of a search engine evaluator is the check whether a given keyword in the search engine is showing appropriate result or not. Become a search engine evaluator, you need to have the skill and knowledge on SEO.

14. Make Money Reviewing Products: –

It is one of the easiest home based business opportunities you can avail to gain financial freedom. The difficulty is only to find the legitimate websites from where you can make money reviewing the products.

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15. Start a Knitting Business:

The handmade woolen items have got a great demand due to the high-quality. So, if you have the skills of knitting along with creativity, you can use it to knit various items to have a successful knitting business.

16. Starting a Tour Guide Business

People around the world love to travel in their leisure time. A tour guide can enhance the traveling experience with their expertise and knowledge about the particular place. Read More: Starting a Tour Guide Business

17. Coffee Shop Business: –

Drinking coffee is one of the favorite pass times of many. It is a great way to spend some time with friends and family, thus it has a coffee shop business has got a huge demand in the market.

18. Affiliate Programs to Make Money: –

Indirect marketing is the new trend of promotional and marketing strategy and thus affiliate program is getting a great demand in the market as it is the new process of indirect marketing where you need to promote products or services to others and get the commission from the successful sales.

19. Plant Nursery Business –

A lot of people love gardening and if you have the same hobby then you can use the same to monetize and make some cash out of it. Plant Nursery Business is a great home based business opportunities which don’t require much place or investment.

20. Start a Greeting Card Business: –

Greetings card is required to wish people on different festivals and occasions. Manufacturing greeting card is not a complex process; you just need to have the idea to give the attractive quotes.

21. Build an Online Store –

M-Commerce and e-Commerce is a booming at a great pace in today’s business world. You can get a great scope of business by starting an online store and sell a different kind of product from there. You can get access to a huge customer base.

22. Social Media Consulting Business –

The responsibility of a social media consultant is to raise the awareness regarding the brand and attract more traffic to the business website. With the implementation of new and modern ways of marketing, the demand for social media consultant is increasing with every passing day.

23. Home Based Baking Business –

High-quality baked foods have got a huge demand in the market. So, if you like to bake different types of goods than this business is best suited for you. You’ll need to abide by the local laws and fulfill all the license and registration requirements before going to start such a food business.

24. Becoming a Weight Loss Consultant –

In today’s life, the demand of weight loss consultant is very high. However, you need to have the knowledge and skills along with the required degree to be a weight loss consultant.

25. Nanny Placement Agency –

In this business, you just need to manage your staff. You just need to have a team of well-trained nannies. Read More: Nanny Placement Agency

26. Tutoring Center at Home: –

It is one of the easiest small business ideas for women to start with the lowest investment. You just need to have the expertise on any particular subject. You can easily start your coaching classes from your home.

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25 + Small Business Ideas for Women - Low Investment
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25 + Small Business Ideas for Women - Low Investment
Find a list of 25 small business ideas for women that need little investment but bring a good profit by using the skills and knowledge in specific fields.
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