20 Small Business Ideas for Men – Low Investment

Are you looking for profitable as well as low-cost small business ideas for men? If you are a young and energetic person planning to start your own business, then your search ends here.  I have collated 20 small business ideas for men that can be easily started with least investment and some of them can be done from home also. These days, with the developing economic condition and demand of different kind of services and products due to high population, people now prefer to start their own business and be their own boss. So, to make your fortune or switch to a different career option, the list of 20 small business ideas for men may help you to try out.

20 Proven Small Business Ideas for Men:

1. Paper Bag Making Business:

With the increasing awareness among the people, the use of plastic bags has been restricted to a huge volume due to their irreversible effect on the environment. Thus, the need of paper bags arises. They come in different designs and shapes making it more attractive to use. It is one of the best small business ideas for men that needs low investment but has great market potential. Read More: Paper Bag Making Business

2. Start Liquid Phenyl Manufacturing Unit:

Be it a hospital, any institution or our personal residence, we all love to stay clean and disease free. That is where the liquid phenyl comes to use as a disinfectant. The raw black phenyls are used mainly in the hospitals and medical units and others prefer to use the white phenyl due to its light and soothing fragrance. You can start this business from your home with limited finance. Read More: Liquid Phenyl Manufacturing

3. Cashew Processing Business:

This is another lucrative business idea for men who have interest in agriculture and related sectors. You just need to purchase the raw cashews from the market and sell them at over double the price after processing. It also requires very low investment and can easily be done from home. Read More: Cashew Processing Business

4. Ball Pen Refill Making Business:

If India has 125 cr populations than around the same number of ball pen and refills are sold every day. So, just imagine the demand of ball pen refills in the market. The ball pen refill manufacturing process is very simple and can be started in a small place with few machinery, even at home.

5. Paper Plate Making Business:

Celebration, parties, gathering are the places which increase the demand of plates to distribute food. Paper plates are eco-friendly in nature and also come at a very reasonable price resulting in a high demand of the same. Read More: Paper Plate Making Business

6. Start School Bag Making Business:

Every kid and adults requires a bag to carry their books and other items like laptops while going to schools and other places. Nowadays, adults also use bags to carry items to the office or working place. Thus, it gives a great market opportunity to manufacture school bags.

7. Detergent Powder Manufacturing

: We all wash our clothes and utensils on daily basis. So, the need of detergent powder is there every day. Starting detergent powder making business gives you a great opportunity to have a successful and profitable career opportunity.

8. Jute Bag Making Business:

From daily usages to international trade fairs, jute bags have their demand everywhere. India being the largest producers of jute allows you to get the raw material at a very reasonable price. The jute bags have got a huge demand in the international market too. Read More: Jute Bag Making Business

9. Tissue Paper Making Business:

Usual toilet tissue or wet tissues, both has got a steady demand in the market and therefore tissue paper manufacturing business is one of the lucrative small business ideas for men which can be easily established with a very less investment and at your home also.

10. Make Money Selling Snacks:

Don’t you like eating snacks and namkeen? In fact, we all love to have snacks especially when we watch TV in the evening or sit idly. Snacks are our favorite as these are mouth-watering and cost-effective also. Do you know it can also open up a new avenue to earn some extra cash? You can easily make different kinds of snacks at your home with your special recipe and sell them for profit. You may set up a little stand or open a shop to sell them directly to the customers. Read More: Make Money Selling Snacks

11. Plastic Products Manufacturing Business:

Just look around the house while reading this article, you will find minimum 5 things in your room which is made up of plastics like the bottle, medicine container, mugs, tubs etc. The manufacturing of the same is also simple as most of the work will be done by the machine. It may require a bit of investment to purchase the equipment but has got a huge potentiality in the market. The profit margin is also high. Read More: Plastic Products Manufacturing Business

12. Paper Cup Making Business:

Due to health awareness, nowadays, we try to avoid drinking anything from the plastic cups or glasses. That is why; there is a sudden increase in the demand for paper cups. Millions of paper cups are used on daily basis to drink tea, coffee, cold drink and others. These make paper cup making business one of the most successful small business ideas for men.

13. Become a Real Estate Agent:

With a minimum investment in infrastructure and promotion, you can start a real estate agency. You just need to be an intermediate between the seller and buyer of any property and get the percentage of commission on the successful completion of the deal. So, there is nothing that you need to produce, just get the perfect buyer and the seller.

14. Start a Driving Training School:

One or two specially modified car, permission from the local administration and few thousand of rupees for the promotion of the business is all that you need to start a driving training school. Just use your expertise skill of driving to teach students and take the fees for the same. It is one of the simplest, easiest and profitable small business ideas for men.

15. Start Computer Training Institute:

You can start a computer training institute if you are skilled at different computer programs and also have good teaching skills. It is needless to mention that computers are using everywhere and there is huge demand of learning computers among the students, job seekers and employees also.

16. Start a Computer Repair Business:

Who doesn’t have a computer or a laptop nowadays? Even every official place is equipped with the modern system of computers and thus the need of computer repairing is also very high. The high demand of the same makes it among the best profitable home businesses. Read More: Computer Repair Business

17. Fruits Vegetables Export Business:

are you residing in a district where fruits and vegetables are produced in excess? The demand for vegetables and fruits are huge in all over the world and if you can export some best varieties in foreign countries, you can earn a lucrative amount. Though vegetable export business is highly organized, you need to have a clear idea about foreign markets, licensing requirements, food safety and quality measurements.

18. Smartphone Repair Business:

Can you imagine the number of Smartphone users in the world? Well, it reaches to 2.1 billion in 2016. It’s a multi-billion dollar industry expanding by leaps and bounds. With a little bit of training, you can easily start a Smartphone repair business at your home. Moreover, it’s a low investment business with great income potential. You know, Smartphone are trendy and latest but they are fragile too and need repeated updating and repairing.

19. Grow a Poultry Farm Business:

Breeding chicken or quail for egg or meat is one of the most profitable small business ideas for men. Poultry farming can be done at a very small place and requires minimum capital to establish. The demand for meat and egg is high across the country and thus makes it a lucrative career option. Read More: Poultry Farm Business

20. Slipper Making Business:

Slippers are used on daily basis, some use it inside the house and many use the designer slippers even to go outside. So, it has got a steady demand in the market. The manufacturing process of the same is also very easy as the most of the work can be done with the help of the machine. Read More: Slipper Making Business

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20 Small Business Ideas for Men – Low Investment
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20 Small Business Ideas for Men – Low Investment
This post includes 20 lucrative small business ideas for men that can be easily started with least investment and some of them can be done from home also.
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