Slipper Making Business – Profitable Small Business Opportunity

Slipper making business is a great idea as slippers in India is a regular use item in every household. Urban or rural, you will definitely find a pair of slipper for every member of a household. Slippers are usually made up of rubbers and the rubber slipper manufacturing process is a simple one and can be easily started on a small scale unit.

Market Potentiality of Slipper Making Business

One or one hundred, how many be the count of family members, a pair of slippers is mandatory to have for each. Men, women or children everyone uses slippers. It is usually used inside the house. Thus according to the volume of the Indian population, the potentiality of the slipper making business is very high.

After China, India is the largest producer of footwear globally. Thus this business has the potentiality in international market too. The slippers have been through many makeovers and it has become a fashion accessory too.

Manufacturing Process of Slippers

The manufacturing process of slippers is a simple one as most of the work is done by the machinery and operation of the machine also doesn’t need any particular specialization. Below is the required list of slipper making machine: –

  • Flat Bed Sewing Machine with Motor, Stand & Table Clutch Type
  • Drilling machine
  • Combined Finishing Machine
  • Stapling Machine
  • Plastic Last
  • Cutting dies of different sizes and shapes
  • Hand operated tools & equipment

You will also need few raw materials for the manufacturing process like rubber sheet and straps. You will also need packaging materials.

After the machinery and the raw materials are procured, here comes the manufacturing process. As mentioned earlier the manufacturing process in the slipper making business is a simple one. You need to put the rubber sheet in the slipper making machine along with the dies and the sheets will be cut into the shape of slippers. Now to fit the straps, you need to use the drill machine to make a hole and the slippers are ready for the packaging. You will need ½ horsepower motor and 220 volts to operate the machinery.

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Complete Setup of Slipper Making Business

Now as you now about the demand of the slippers in the market and the manufacturing process, let’s discuss on the setup of the slipper making business. Below are the points that you need to consider before starting the business: –

Craft a Business Plan: –

A business plan is a must to create before commencing any business. A business plan contains the complete details about the operation of the business. It will contain all your planning’s about starting the business and steps to grow the business. A well crafted business plan also helps t get financial assistance from banks.

Research: –

Before starting the slipper making business or any other business setup, it is a must to do a thorough analysis of the same. Find out about the competition of the business idea in your location and check the operating procedure of the same. Get details about the market where to sell your products and from where to purchase the raw materials.

Arrangement of Finance: –

The slipper making business is a small scale business and thus don’t need a huge investment. But you will need money for the purchase of machinery and for the regular operation of the business. With the new regulation from the Government of India, you can easily get loans to start your business even without any collateral. You just need a well crafted business plan for the same.


The location for starting the slipper making business is not an important factor as you will not be dealing with direct customers. So, it is suggested to rent or lease or buy a place in cheaper location. If you have place in your house, you can also utilize the same.

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Registration of the Business:

For starting and operating the slipper making business, you will need to take legal license for the same. It will not be an issue to get the same; you can contact your local administrator to get information about the same.


To capture the market, you need to do extensive marketing about your slipper making business. Take all necessary steps to get maximum exposure in the market and get the best clients for the selling your products.

Quality Control:

At the present day, people don’t bother much about a difference of Rs 10 to 50 if they get a high-quality product. In India, there is no quality specification set, but if you want to export your product, the quality specification will be given by the clients only.

Quality and price are the two important and decisive factors behind the success of any business. So, if you want to start slipper making business or any other, never compromise with the quality of the product and fix the best reasonable price of the same.

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Slipper Making Business-Profitable Small Business Opportunity
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Slipper Making Business-Profitable Small Business Opportunity
Slipper making business can be initiated on a small scale basis with little investment. Find out the essential info to start this business and make it profitable.
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