Simple Way to Your Own Liquid Phenyl Manufacturing Unit

Starting a business is a great opportunity to be you own boss. Start with small scale business is the best way to experience the real world of entrepreneurship. There are many business options which need very small investment but if done with dedication can fetch good margin of profit and starting a business of liquid phenyl is one of them. In this post, we will discuss white phenyl manufacturing procedure and requirements.

Market Potential of Phenyl Manufacturing Business

The awareness of hygiene has increased a lot in last few decades in both rural and urban areas. The phenyl is used as a germicide for disinfecting areas. It is widely used in hospitals, public places like stations, airport or laboratories. You will also find a bottle of phenyl in every household.

The demand of liquid phenyl is rapidly increasing whereas there are very few phenyl manufacturing units to cater to the demand. So it’s is a good option to start your own liquid phenyl manufacturing business. However, there are various legal procedures that need to be followed strictly for running a phenyl manufacturing unit.

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Legal Procedures

As the liquid phenyl manufacturing process requires usage of harmful chemicals, that’s why the licensing and legal procedures are the critical part of the business. The steps required for the legal procedures are mentioned below: –

  • Give a name to the manufacturing company.
  • Open a current account in any government registered bank.
  • Register your company with ROC.
  • Apply for the trade license.
  • Apply for the vat registration.
  • Get a “Consent to Establish” and “Consent to Operate” from the Pollution Control Board.
  • As per Drug Act, liquid phenyl is considered as a drug so you need to take permission and license from the Drug Control Authority prior to production

Keep your entire document in a safe and systematic manner. Renew the required documents prior to expiry to avoid interruption in the phenyl manufacturing process.

Raw Materials Required for Liquid Phenyl Manufacturing

Earlier the black phenyl was the only option as a germicide, but it was not preferred much as it used to leave a strong fragrance and due to the heavy concentrated solution, it was not suitable to use for household cleaning. Since the introduction of white phenyl, it has become more convenient to use anywhere as it leaves a soothing fragrance and also works as a good disinfectant. The required raw materials are mentioned below for manufacturing liquid phenyl:

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  • Pine Oil
  • Emulsifier OP-95 or Pine Oil Emulsifier.

Amazed, yes it is amazing. With just these two materials you can manufacture liquid phenyl. The pine oil works as a disinfecting agent and the emulsifier helps to mix and stable the pine oil with the water. It is the simplest way of manufacturing liquid phenyl, although there are also other procedures available for phenyl manufacturing. This one is the simple way from the lot.

Production Procedure of Liquid Phenyl

The procedure that is been discussed in this post in one of the easiest one but with uncompromised quality. This type of phenyls is also as effective as others and a perfect way to start your liquid phenyl business in small scale. The procedure details: –

For producing concentrated white phenyl, you will need to make a solution of 70 % pine oil and 30 % emulsifier. You will need:-

  • Concentrated pine oil (the concentration should be between 22 % to 26 %)
  • An emulsifier like emulsifier OP-95 or pine oil emulsifier.
  • A container or bottle to keep the finished product.

The solution will be 70 % of pine oil and 30 % of emulsifier.

Process: – For making one liter of liquid phenyl

Step 1-

  • Take 700 milliliters of pine oil (i.e. 70 % of 1 liter)
  • 300 milliliters of an emulsifier.

You can use a measuring cup to get the exact volume. It is suggested to sterilize or clean the measuring cup and the container or bottle properly before using.

Step 2 –

Combine the pine oil and emulsifier in a container with enough capacity to hold both the solutions as the above mentioned ratio and stir properly. Once the stirring is completed, it will appear like a concentrated white phenyl.

Step 3 –

Now you need to mix the concentrated white phenyl with water. The ratio can be 1:20 or 1:40 as required. You will need to mix the concentrated white phenyl with the water in a container and can use machine or spoon or any other thing to mix and stir.

With one liter of concentrated white phenyl you can produce 40 liters of liquid phenyl, i.e. with the ratio of 1:40.

Finance and Profitability: –

You will not need to invest a huge capital for starting your liquid phenyl manufacturing unit. Start from small scale and gradually increase the production by implementing advanced procedure with the use of different types of machineries etc.

The margin of profit in phenyl manufacturing is very high, even with a small scare business you can earn a profit around 3 to 4 lacks per annum.

Promotion is also an important part of the business. Hospitals, nursing homes, public places, local retailers or wholesalers are the big customers of liquid phenyl. Promote your business effectively like giving free samples or in discounted rates and you will find how quickly your business grows.

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Simple Way to Your Own Liquid Phenyl Manufacturing Unit
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Simple Way to Your Own Liquid Phenyl Manufacturing Unit
Starting a Phenyl Manufacturing business is a great opportunity to be you own boss. Start with small scale business & experience the real entrepreneurship.
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