School Chalk Making Business – In-depth Guide to Succeed

Have you ever thought of starting a school chalk making business? Sure, you have got whiteboard and markers but still chalk is an indispensable teaching tool almost in every primary and secondary schools in India. I can recall my own childhood days in this regard. When I had started going to school, I was introduced with the blackboards and white chalks for the first time. However, usage of chalks is not only restricted to educational institutes but it is widely used as markers on various materials for different types of jobs like tailoring, carpentry work, construction and survey jobs.

Starting a small business unit like chalk making is a great way to start an individual career with handsome income opportunity.  The school chalk making business can even be started from home. The required investment from starting this business is very low and the manufacturing process is also very easy. This business can yield a high profit in compare to the low invested capital. Chalks are the basic stationary required in every schools and colleges in our country which are still using blackboard for teaching purpose.

In this article, you will get all kind of necessary information about starting a school chalk making business. So, go through the same and hope this will help you to start your own business unit.

Why Choose School Chalk Making Business

Before selecting any business idea, it is important that proper and complete information is gathered about the business. If the different features of the business suits individual expectations then it can be started for a profitable venture. Below are the different advantages of starting a school chalk making business.

Market Potentiality:

Almost over 70 % of educational institutes in India still uses blackboard for teaching purpose. This makes chalk a compulsory stationary items in this institutes. Over this, chalks are quite cheaper than the modern equipment thus it has a greater demand. School chalks also have a great demand in private coaching classes.

Home-Based Business:

The school chalk making business can be started on a small scale business unit and the production can be done at your home also. If you have an adequate empty place at your residence, then it can save a lot of investment required for taking a different place on rent. In home-based business, you can also take assistance from your family for the operation of the business.

Low Investment:

The required investment for starting the business is very low. It can be easily started with a minimum capital of around Rs 30,000 to Rs 50,000.

So, these are the few basic reasons for starting a chalk making business. But along with the different advantages, every business has their own disadvantages too and in the school chalk making business the biggest disadvantage is the economical development of the country.

Yes, due to rapid economic growth, educational institutes are approaching towards the modern ways of education. The whiteboards are taking the place of the blackboard, thus markers are used in the place of chalks. But in India, there are still a lot of educational institutes who still uses blackboards and there is a lot of market opportunity for the chalk making business.

Manufacturing Process of School Chalk Making

The manufacturing process of chalk can be easily done from home. You don’t need a factory to start the manufacturing process. The chalk mould is the primary chalk making machine required in the manufacturing process. The basic function of the chalk mould is to give size, shape and length of the chalk. The machine is made up of either metal or rubber with wooden frame.

  • Required Materials in the chalk making process:
  • Clean Water: It is required for mixing the ingredients.
  • Plaster of Paris (POP): This one is the major raw material required in the manufacturing process.
  • Calcium Carbonate: This chemical is mixed in the POP to increase the quality of the same.
  • Required Equipment:
  • Chalk Mould: This machine comes with number of holes from which the chalks are manufactured. The number of holes determines the number of chalks the machine can produce in a single time.
  • Scarper: This a flat metal used for scraping the surface of the chalk mould.
  • Production Process:
  • Step 1: At first the required quantity of POP needs to be poured in a bucket and calcium carbonate is mixed in the same.
  • Step 2: After that, perfect amount of water needs to be mixed thoroughly. The mixture should not be very watery or either very thick.
  • Step 3: Pour the solution into the chalk mould machine.
  • Precautions:
  • The holes in the mould should be cleaned properly every time before using.
  • It is highly recommended to use good quality rubber hand gloves during the entire process of the production.
  • The final mixture should be poured into the machine immediately after preparation or else the complete solution will be of no use.

After the manufacturing of the chalk, the same needs to be sun dried for 2 to 3 days. After that, the same needs to be packaged in nylon or paper packaging as per the customer requirement.

Registration of the Business

For starting the business, you need to register your business as per the stated government policies. You need to register for VAT and open a current account for the business along with a business PAN card. You may also need to take NOC from the Pollution Control Board.

The other important aspect is to obtain the BIS license for your production unit. The BIS specification for molded white school chalks and molded colored chalks are IS: 2694-1963 and IS: 4222-14967 respectively.

Promotion of the School Chalk Making Business

After the registration of the business is done and all kind of arrangements are in proceeding for starting the business, you have to find a proper market and customers to sell your produced items. Your probable market is various educational institutes like pre primary, primary and secondary schools, tutorial houses, stationary items’ shop etc. Promote your business from the day one you have decided to start the same.

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School Chalk Making Business - In-depth Guide to Succeed
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School Chalk Making Business - In-depth Guide to Succeed
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